Itachi Wallpaper by me

More can be done in terms of effects. Looks liek a bunch of Itachi pictures put together. :oh
It looks too cluttered, and not very well blended.

what do you mean by "blended"? Im new to wallpaper making, i only made 4 so far and they all suck. I know i put too much stuff on it, I didnt know why i masked all those itachis. :facepalm It took a long time to cut them out nicely too.
Thanks people for the feedback. Now i know my problem, i make too much cutouts and place them, and it seems too cramped up and dull. My next one will be different, it will have a nice effect, and look alot better. Thanks for letting me know the mistakes. :)
Can you at least give me some advice then? What kind of effects should i do for my next wallpaper?

I think what he means is, instead of pasting a bunch of different renders on your background, try to develop just a few. Try to make them blend into the background. Add various filters, play with the opacity, maybe try some photo filters. Basically just adjust settings until you find something you like. That way, it looks sleeker, cooler. It is a wallpaper though, so don't try to make these people happy, you are the one who has to look at it every time you turn on your computer:amuse
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