Itachi suffers from a Corneal Edema (Scientific Essay)


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(This essay is a scientific essay I created to possibly answer why Itachi's eyes have changed color. I know that Kishi probably doesn't know this much about the eyes, but I need an explanation to everything:p)

Lately a lot of people have been questioning the strange appearance of Itachi's eyes. They have gone white (or a lighter color than black) with the pupil still being in tact. Most people say that this is because he is blind, but someone who is blind does not gain this strange appearance that Itachi's eyes have taken. I have taken the time to look into this matter and I think I may have found out what has happened to Itachi's eyes.

To make it plain, Itachi suffers from something called a Corneal Edema. Since I'm not great at explaining things I'll just give you the basic definition of it and go from there...

Corneal Edema:
Swelling of the eye's cornea; causes include intraocular surgery, corneal dystrophies, high intraocular pressure and contact lens complications. Symptoms include vision loss, halos around lights, a white or cloudy spot on the eye, photophobia, eye pain and foreign body sensation.

Okay, now look at the underlined information above. To start off with I'm guessing that none of you have an idea what the underlined term 'High Intraocular Pressure' is. That's okay, I'll explain it to you. High Intraoculer Pressure is a condition that occurs when there is too much liquid in the eye which causes nerves in your eyes to be damaged and also leads to vision loss. It is often caused by trauma, nutritional deficiencies and environmental situations. For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet; in this case the 'trauma' for Itachi would be the Mangekyou Sharingan, which has been known to cause incredible amounts of stress to the eye.

Now onto the bizarre appearance of Itachi's eyes. If you look at the second underlined sentence in the definition of Corneal Edema then you will already have your answer. Corneal Edema's cause a white or cloudy spot on your eyes. Basically what happened was that Itachi used his MS to the point that his eyes were damaged. A Corneal Edema formed giving his eyes that light appearence and that also explains the vision loss he suffered.

Take a look at this drawn picture of a Corneal Edema:

Although it isn't as severe as Itachi's case you can definatley see the white starting to spread through the eye.

Now look at this picture of a real Corneal Edema:
In this picture you can easily see that it looks a lot like Itachi's eyes.

Well, if you actually read all of that then good job. Anyway, by creating this thread I hope that I cleared up some confusion about Itachi's eyes. If anyone has any questions I would love to answer them and if anyone has any arguments that I'd like to hear them as well.


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Science and Naruto?! But I'll bite, it is interesting, the milky appearence of the eye certainly looks like what could be happening with Itachi's eyes. I was under the impression such an appearance would obscure the center as well, leaving byukagan-like eyes, not eyes with that pupil in the center showing like in Itachi's case. The explanation of trauma to the eye as caused by the MS I suppose is possible. The pain is there, as is the vision loss.

But, I don't know much about eyes either, yet I doubt Kishimoto would ever go into explaining it. Not like it would be cured by plucking out someone else's eye in real life.
I think you're scaring people away with all the big words. :oh But a good observation, I wasn't even aware what was happening to his eyes was an actual eye problem in real life.
Yeah, I should narrow down the words in the essay a little... Most people around here don't even read posts with words with more than six letter.
I normally dont like reading long threads like this but I actually was drawn to what you had to say. Though your thread does explain alot, I dont think kishi would go into things that deep when it comes to Itachi's declining vision knowing that it will confuse alot of readers including myself.

For kishi to properly explain the unusualness of Itachi's eye from your point of view would take up a whole chapter. And not only would've kishi's attempt to get his readers to understand be in vain, he would dissatisfy millions of readers for releasing the most boring chapter ever in the history of the manga.

All in all though nice thread and definite +reps when I get a chance.
Initially i proposed Itachi's eyes with an Hyuuga connection, with the susano supposedly being a taijutsu move, however it is still pure speculation.
I think you are right. Kishi would never explain it like that, but that doesn't make it less true. :noworry
And don't touch the big words! I like them, they remind me of the ones I use at breakfast discussions with my mum.
Wow so... it wouldn't be the MS directly deteriorating his eyesight, but a side effect from it's overuse? :headscrat
I think you're scaring people away with all the big words. :oh But a good observation, I wasn't even aware what was happening to his eyes was an actual eye problem in real life.

It took me the biggest dictionary in my language to find such word ^^
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