Itachi/Sasuke_Honour & pain by Mrs Hatake

mrs hatake

Mrs. Hatake
Here are two little drawings... Done very quickly, just want to share them because of the new chapter...
First : done a week ago 'That's it ... Sasuke ?'

DA link :

Second one : Done two days ago 'An avenger path'

DA link :

I'm so sad by this kind of end ..but also very happy ^^
They both look pretty good. I like how you've drawn Sasuke's hair in such a way that it seems to be blowing in the wind.
I like your drawing style. Sasuke looks wonderful, his expression and his hair swaying in the breeze. Itachi's eyes look a little far apart, otherwise nice job.
Thanks a lot all of you !! But i don't think, i'll color it now .. maybe later ... Actually i don't have time, but if someone want to color it, go on ! I'll be pleased to see the result ^^
As you're Mrs Hatake, why don't you draw yourself.

Like wedding drawings of you and Kakashi of something, I'll rep you if you do.
Really good sketches. :amuse

Keep it up and if you ever do a Tsunade one, swing it by me. :ninja
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