[Itachi] Power, Arrogance & Isolation.

It's important to look to the past, thus if we recall that past events concerning the Uchiha clan, and the heritage of the Sharingan and the MS...

Itachi states that in order to achieve MS the only option is to kill your closest friend. He said that a long time ago, and more or less confirmed it in one of the previous chapters.

I'm not much for asuming, but this one is pretty solid to me.

The only thing that brings some doubt to my mind is how Kakashi gained the MS. My own personal opinion is simply that Kakashi felt so much angst and regret towards Obito that he thought that he had instinctivly killed his best friend.

So, in order to gain MS you have to kill your best friend, period.

This also means that Sasuke does not have MS, and should not gain it till he kills his best friend, who ever it may be.

And, to gain the EMS, obviously, you have to rip out the eyes out of your brothers eyesocket, period.

That's it for the summary, now onto the topic.

Itachi and Madara killed of the Uchiha clan, so that they couldnt interfere with Sasuke's "way", and to boost Sasuke path to revenge. They spared Sasuke's life... Simply because that Sasuke would gain the MS and fight Itachi.

Geez, Itachi had to be very confident about his "capacity" even to the point that he would let Sasuke attain it and kill him for the EMS.

Here's where it gets confusing... For what reason did Itachi let Sasuke gain the MS? When appearntly Sasuke dosnt even have to have the MS for Itachi to gain the EMS by taking Sasuke's eyes.

If Itachi wanted, than he could've simply taken his eyes once Sasuke gained that Sharingan, 1 tomoe, 2 tomoe, or 3 tomoes, would it even matter? We'll prolly never no.

What's that all about? Is it simply because Itachi wants to test his "capacity"? That's also strange, because from what we've seen Sasuke aint his benchmark but... Madara is.

Itachi said that he acted like a good and caring brother in order to see if Sasuke could gain MS.

Why...? Sasuke obviously dosnt even need to have MS in order for Itachi to gain EMS.

Either it is because Itachi just wants to test his capactiy futher(Which would be fucking boring), or it's because of poor writing.

I personally believe that Fugaku wanted to break free from the past, wretched ways of the Uchiha clan.

They saw ninjas like Sarutobi, 'the white fang', Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade and Yondaime, gaining immense power without the Sharingan. It most have felt as if the Uchiha clan didnt progress at all.

They became impatient with the lack of progress in the clan. Thus they had a hard time producing ninja's with such huge power and talent like the previous tradition.

Needless to say, they had a hard time communicating and interacting with Konoha.

Finally, Itachi appeard, a genius that only appears once every few decade. Itachi would work as a branch, finally connecting the Uchiha clan with the great hidden tree, Konoha.

Fugaku saw the way out, thus they created a ninja with the sole reason to gain power and become a ninja of the new Uchiha way. Sadly, somewhere along the line, after entering the ANBU, he changed and started acting strange, most likely because of Madara's interaction.

As Itachi said; In the begining you only aim for what your dream for... But along that way, power and talent causes you to become isolated and arrogant.

In many ways Sasuke took his place.

Sasuke is quite close to the Uchiha ninja that the Uchiha clan needed. Sure, Sasuke has some moral issues which prolly Fugaku would protest about.

But at the end of the day, Sasuke is a Uchiha who gained power equal to the MS. The only reason that Sasuke hasnt gained MS is simply because he honors his father wishes and goals to not exploit other people to obtain power.

Ugh, got abit longer than I thought, mah evah.

What do you guys think about this confusing layout of Itachi's peronality? What is his motives?

That entire clan needs psychological help! They have superiority complexes, jealousy issues, homicidal tendencies, the list goes on. If we knew what goes on in those twisted minds we'd need therapy too.
That entire clan needs psychological help! They have superiority complexes, jealousy issues, homicidal tendencies, the list goes on. If we knew what goes on in those twisted minds we'd need therapy too.

And clearly the Hyuuga's are into i*c*st, Madara and Itachi are the one's fucked up.
I think Kakashi gained a new form of MS, one that is gained through the gift of the eyes and not through the taking of them. The reason it took so long for him to access the ability is that he's not an Uchiha so it was harder to unlock its power. :oh
You bring up some interesting points and I do think that Fugaku was trying to establish some "Way" for the Uchiha Clan to maintain its prominence and increase their abilities without relying on Madara's "Way." I would love to see a flashback or moment with Fugaku and Mikoto because, if we take Itachi at his word, then it's likely that Fugaku would have been among the first generation of Uchiha to NOT pursue their bloody heritage.

However, I think we need to look at Itachi's words on arrogance through a new light since we now know he was pretty much faking his sincerity that whole time (you know, until the next earth-shattering revelation by Kishimoto :wink ). Uchiha Itachi was five years old when the Kyuubi attacked, the same age as when Sarutobi took the Sannin under his wing. Likely of a similar age when the shinobi of Madara's generation took disciples. Becoming heralded as a genius, developing and mastering the Sharingan, even evolving it to its almost perfect form... these are things Itachi did at such unnervingly early ages that in hindsight the stamp of Madara is now quite evident upon him.

Itachi is still condemning the Uchiha Clan, there's no doubt about that. But rather than it being of the nature that the Uchiha Clan are arrogant and have isolated themselves by being so powerful, I think it now reads more that the Uchiha Clan are arrogant because they're isolated and think they're more powerful than they truly are. It is highly possible that 11 year-old ANBU Itachi had been under Madara's tutelage for a while. Itachi KNOWS what insane power the Sharingan can unleash at this time and is ridiculing the Uchiha Clan for daring to be arrogant for the crumbs of power he sees they really have.

I can't help but find it ironic and something of a theme of Kishimoto's that Fugaku, when you start putting the pieces together, is another victim of the "old" school of ninja thought. Fugaku, like Sakumo, like Obito, like Minato, is cut down while trying to establish a new "nindou" for his clan.
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