Itachi plucks out Sasuke's eyes...


I mean what then.?

He'd inevitably die right there a second later. Would he have time to stuff Sasuke's sharingamz into his own sockets?

I think Itachi realized this... "shit i don't have enough energy to pluck out the eyes and implant them as my own" so he gave up ...

Is my analysis correct? or wut?

Itachi killed himself, the sexy fool did not need to use tsukyomi. Kishi killed his character and tomorrow i will be sending a virus through his email...
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I don't think he meant to kill himself, but from what it looks, he didn't want to use susanoo unless it was his last option, which it was. He just pushed himself too hard. At that point he was so focused on the eyes that I don't think he realized that he would probably just die seconds later. :sweat
It would be pointless. I think the internal damage went already too far. A new pairs of eyes wouldn't save his life at this point.

I doubt Itachi died from accumulative use of MS through the years. I think he died from physical and mental stress after using MS 4 times in a brief period of time. Eye damage can't kill you. I think these are the accumulative bad side effects of MS beside blindness.
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