Itachi = Orochimaru's new body


Title says it all.

Zetsu won't get first dibs. White snake at the end = Orochimaru-oba-sama-ni-san-kun-chan getting itachi. Ku-ku-ku-ku.

Sasuke wet his pants and cried like he did in chapter 309 "oh my gawd, i nearly got my eyes plucked!"

Kabumaru will do fusion-hah with itachimaru and become UBAR

Edit: umm itachi is almost blind (not fully). And kakashi said itachi uses sharigan all the time instead of his regular eye to see. Therefore once orochimaru get the body he would use the sharigan instead of the regular eyes, duh.
And who knows, orochimaru might be the cause behind itachi's death. Itachi is in a weak stage with no sharingan while using Susanoo. Susanoo was deteriorating as well as itachi. Orochimaru could be doing nasty stuff inside him then.
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Itachi's eyes are toast and he's practically immobile. Why would Orochimaru choose him now?
If Sasuke spares Itachi, I think Oro could possibly comes back through Itachi to further mess with Sasuke's mind.
Oro could heal him. Sasuke even mentioned that Oro has a great healing ability, and lest not for get the multiple times he has been mutilated and returned unscaved
Well from the translation he just collapsed


Oro was supposed to take over Kimmimaro but Kimmmimaro was deemed to sick. So oro has to rush Sasuke's arrival.

And even if Oro took over, what then? Sasuke is still there. He would get owned again.
And even if Oro took over, what then? Sasuke is still there. He would get owned again.

Sasuke only owns when he got the sharingan. And both of the Uchiha brothers can't activate the sharingan anymore in their current state.

And Orochimaru might do damage to Itachi to make him collapse.... maybe not dead.
oro can always just go after kakashi and kill him and take his eye. i've always predicted oro would take itachi's body after he went down and now it looks like it may happen.
From the way Itachi was clutching his left side and from the blood coming from his mouth, along with him acting a little "out of it" and passing out (which could have been from lack of blood to his brain, possibly from malfunctions of the heart), I would say he has quite a bit of internal damage that would need fixing...
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