Itachi is the Susanoo? Hydra potentially poisonous?

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I was thinking, since most of Oro's hydra was absorbed by the Totsuka, (a sword that Oro looked everywhere for) it would lead me to believe that Itachi's Susanoo is more of a giant-sized projection of himself, with the resemblance of his Uchiha-Tengu origins. I believe this could be the case after seeing the way Itachi coughed up blood immediately after absorbing the hydra. And since we know Oro is a serpent who is capable of using poison, it doesnt' sound too stupid to think the hydra were also poisonous. That would explain why Itachi collapsed.

Assuming Oro knew about the sword and its capabilities, you could think that the Totsuka is the same size as the Kusanagi if it were being held by Itachi physically; possibly the same for the yata no kagami (the mirror). If Orochimaru-sama has any hope of owning these weapons, they'd have to be considerably smaller. :zaru

Edit: Just read ackwell's thread. :facepalm

Second edit: But my 'theory' is still original :zaru
So Susano-o absorbing the snakes into the bottle poisoned Susano-o and therefore Itachi was also poisoned.

well the only thing it seems to be is that susanno is connected to itachis life force.
Zetsu commented that the jutsu had it's toll on Itachi. Plus everything else leading up to that.

The hydra being poisonous is a massive stretch at this point.
The Tengu have nothing to do with Susanoo (the God of Sea and Storms) and neither do the Uchiha. That theory is just that- a theory.

And I was thinking of the Paralysing Fumes Oro used on Sasuke whenhe tried to take his body; maybe they are back, thouhg that's would'nt explain the Blood.
I think he paralyzed by the same reason Sasuke got paralyzed when he tried to kill Oro. just the mere presence of the snake released a poison that paralyzed the body. I think that's what happened with Itachi.
well the only thing it seems to be is that susanno is connected to itachis life force.
Still, it was Itachi who felt ill-effects first rather than Susanoo. Susanoo didn't look bad off, and instead was disappearing in chorus with Itachi's weakening state.

That is to say, the order was Itachi hurt --> Susanoo starts disappear rather than Susanoo seems hurt --> Itachi seems hurt. If Susanoo was poisoned, you'd imagine it'd be the exact opposite of what we saw.
I agree OP, I think Orochimaru was eating Susano'o from the inside, leading to Itachi's death. The way Itachi grabbed his chest could show he was suffering from Orochimaru's venom.

Orochimaru actually killed Itachi. And now he will go for Sasuke.
sorry but the totsuka no tsurugi is the perfect counter to the 8 headed snake and the kusanagi no tsurugi as said by zetsu (kishimoto).

orochimaru is history but there is still kabuto to succeed him.
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