Itachi---I just felt like I had to do something^^

OK.. this isn't finished yet...
Just a scetch I had in mind now..for the last days.

I just drew this, but it will be coloured later--
I'll post the coloured one here too, soon.

Took about 15 minutes.
Pencil on paper

So what do you think?

------- just felt like I had to draw a tribute^^.

( pic taken with cam)

and this is the coloured one^^...
all paint doen with simple crayons..
So please bear with me:ano

i WILL ADD a Pc coloured version too later^^
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Looks very handsome - although his left eye (facing us) is farther apart than the right. Looking forward to seeing it colored.
Very nicely done for 15 minutes! Belle's right. His right eye (on the left side of the drawing) is a bit further to the side than the right but he's still hawt! :)
Looking good! I like his strong, striking features like his cheekbones and chin. They stand out well!
It's nice but you may want to add the outline to the other side of his neck, coz it looks a little wide.:)
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