Itachi....Good Guy?


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No question about it, he isn't a good guy. That man is insane....

Itachi--> "Your eyes belong to me now. I'll take them slowly...i want to savor this."


More importantly, i was wrong. Susanoo is completely invincible, and with Itachi's death, invincible it will remain.
We could only truly determine whether Itachi was "good" or not after we learn what he said to Naruto, and what he said to Sasuke in 393 (the part where Itachi muttered something to Sasuke).
He said he wanted to savor the victory by pulling Sasukes eyes out slowly. How does he seem good in any way shape or form? Just because he happened to do something he used to do to Sasuke as a child. Where a few chapters ago he already came clean with the fact that he was only doing that as a front.

That double page spread was just for artistic value. And just to play with some of your heads.
I think he's both good and evil

meaning the sharingan drove him insane but there's been a part of Itachi that is good,thats the part that didn't go after naruto,tried to talk with him and cried in the rain....

I blame Itachi's evil on the sharingan
Maybe Itachi was acknowledging that Sasuke won the battle between the brothers. I don't know that for sure, but it could be an honor thing between them. Perhaps Itachi was saying something like "You have finally overcome your greatest obstacle." That was what it seemed like to me.
Good and evil are so relative terms.
Until they show me what happend in the uchiha massacre, i'll never know for sure.

Being disturbed by going blind, is not the same as being evil.
lol epic.
I think he could have it least poked his eye if he wanted to. The fact that he didn't probably signifies that he knew he was done. Even if hes not good, it was a nice touch for Kishi to add in there
Not to mention that smile
There's no clear good and bad in this manga. We'll have to wait for the next chapter, but I'm pretty sure, Itachi will shock/surprise us one last time with a big revelation :wtf At least I hope so :pek
Maybe he wanted to "savor" it because he was stalling? Or maybe he wanted to savour his last moments before he told Sasuke some crazy secret? Hmmm....


Although, I do agree, that smile seemed very important, as it led to his lowering his hand.
The only way I see Itachi as being "good", well originally, if he is made out to be a victim of Madara and the curse. Of course, from that point on, from whatever happened that fateful day since Shisui, he commited himself that to that path. We better get some more flashbacks of that day and his first encounter with Madara. Who knows what happened down by the river.
i dont know about good guy but i think it was nice how he did the same poke thing he did to sasuke when he was little maybe it was to mess with him :)
No question about it, he isn't a good guy. That man is insane....

Itachi--> "Your eyes belong to me now. I'll take them slowly...i want to savor this."


More importantly, i was wrong. Susanoo is completely invincible, and with Itachi's death, invincible it will remain.

in my eyes, there is nothing itachi could say to sasuke to redeem himself into a good guy after all he has done with killing his clan, torturing sasuke, and filling him with hatred, etc.
He smiled and poked Sasuke's forehead and hit a wall.
Sasuke is now mindraped because that forehead poke was always playful.
And possibly still is.

When you put it that way, it makes me feel sorry for Sasuke :(
I guess we wont know it for sure til 394 but I think Itachi is not as evil as people make him to be. He does care about his little brother :mad
I don't think Itachi is a good guy. I think he's a crazy bastard. And I have no clue what his motivation was behind that forehead poke. The mushy girly side of me wants it to be his last little bit of affection towards his brother.

The sadistic side of me wants it to be a mind-fuck for Sasuke.
Well this is actually from a post I made over here back in August. Although it is yet to be determined I like to think that it was a fairly good prediction / analysis.

Except there never was a bloodied sword. All we see is Itachi standing over his dead parent's body. It's very possible he returned to his clan's home only to see all of the dead bodies then went straight to find out his families condition.

Honestly I have just about always believed that there was more to Itachi's story of the clan slaughterer than revealed. Actually from the introduction of his character and his interactions with the Leaf it appeared to me that he might not be the cold blood killer he is portrayed to be. At the very start much of his actions have been contradictory to his reputation. To me it seemed that he would do enough to protect his Leaf opponents while at the same time maintaining his visage of loyal Akatsuki operative.

Anyway the reason I don't take Kishi's narrative efforts as a conviction of Itachi's character is simply because nearly all of those narratives are from Sasuke's perspective. It's not that Sasuke's perspective is unreliable it's just that his perspective is colored to see Itachi in a guilty light. Perhaps just as Itachi intended to ensure that he lives a life full of hatred, just to make him stronger. As for Sasuke reliving that day over and over again I can't except that as solid evidence of guilt since we witnessed just before that Kakashi experience 72 hours worth of something that never really happened.

Also I wouldn't characterize the evidence as flimsy when you take it on the whole. There are a number of hints, questions and suggestions that have yet to be answered.

It might not mean much to other people, but just who was it that was concerned with Sasuke not seeing the gruesome scene on the other side of the door. Could it actually have been Itachi who initially wanted to protect his brother from what he was to witness or the dying plea of one of his parents.

I find this significant when I take it into consideration with some of the information given in the databook. First, how is it that a former Anbu member, a Captain even, only had 1 S rank mission during his entire two - three year tour.

Perhaps it was that that 1 S rank mission was a continuous tour of duty. Itachi may have just been like the main character in the movies Infernal Affairs (or The Departed). A character so deep under cover that the only one aware of his true allegiance is the Hokage himself. Interestingly enough Itachi reenters the picture just after that very peron is already dead. I'm not suggesting that Sandaime endorsed all of Itachi's methods, in particular taking the blame for the clan's slaughter, but he wouldn't have much choice but to collude that story for the sake of the mission.

A glimps into Itachi's philosophy is given here just before his turbulent relationship with the clan begins. "In order to overcome your barriers, you and I have to continue living together......Even if that means hating each other....... That's what being an elder brother means." Right here the reasoning for Itachi's actions toward Sasuke can be understood in this exchange between brothers.

And here Itachi shows delight in failing to achieve his / Akatsuki's goals. Rather than being defeated it seems as if there is a quiet triumph in his loss to the growing Naruto.

Maybe I shouldn't have wrote all of this but, it goes toward the reasoning for my prediction. I believe that Itachi already revealed to Naruto the truth and what his intentions are however slightly cryptic. Naruto won't come to understand the significance of what Itachi told him until he relays that info back to Kakashi and the rest of the team. Kakashi, understanding the special conditions to gain MS, will come to the conclusion that Itachi intends to end things there with Sasuke by allowing him to have his revenge, the truth, and therefore the MS.

It will be a race against time for the Konoha team, team Kakashi to stop Sasuke from achieving his goal. I believe that if they don't save Sasuke from himself Kakashi's words of admonishment will reveal themselves to be true.

The tragedy would be that in gaining his revenge he would have killed the only family he had left who, however twisted it be, was trying to prepare, protect, and care for him.

To be honest, i had accepted he was evil when i saw that page of him wanting to savour taking sasuke's eyes. and then that whole cryptic message and smile + forehead poke came to play and now i'm not so sure anymore :zaru

i secretly want good itachi :LOS
No question about it, he isn't a good guy. That man is insane....

Itachi--> "Your eyes belong to me now. I'll take them slowly...i want to savor this."


More importantly, i was wrong. Susanoo is completely invincible, and with Itachi's death, invincible it will remain.


Akatsuki members know that Zetsu's their scout.

Thus, Itachi would know that there was a chance that Zetsu was watching. Thus, if he really WAS a good guy, of-freakin'-course he would say things that came off as evil/despicable/indicative of a power-trip.

My belief in this is even FURTHER cemented by the fact that Itachi WHISPERS something, quite possibly addressed to Sasuke. WHISPERS!

Why whisper? Why mumble?

2 possibilities:

1. You're having trouble speaking.
2. You want to divulge information only to its intended recipient.

In other words, if the incoherent mumbling WAS a whisper to Sasuke, then it's quite plausible that Itachi whispered to keep Zetsu from overhearing and running back to Madara/Pein with the info.

I'm sorry, but there's too many coincidences regarding Itachi. First: he openly declares his desire to surpass Madara, knowing full well that Zetsu might be within hearing range. Second: he spoke in private with both Naruto and Itachi (Naruto off-screen, Sasuke with this whisper). Third: he winds up poking his brother on the forehead, which Sasuke had always taken as a sign of love/care/whatever. Fourth: despite his number of encounters with Naruto, he's not once made a serious effort to abduct the boy, always seemingly in favor of putting it off (he even told Kisame that there was no rush, that it would be better to seal the Kyuubi last...stalling much?).

This seems like the classic "villain-turned-out-to-be-a-good-guy-from-the-get-go" set-up. There are simply too many factors involved to rule out the possibility. Kishimoto has left himself a LOT of room to decide which way he wants to take Itachi in terms of moral standing (good vs. bad).
i have to say that he was good all that scene of his words and smile and that the poking .also the sidetext at the end suggest that somthing big was revealed
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