Itachi chapter 393~ by Uzu


I'm with <b><font color="#ff6600">COCO</font></b>
I liked this picture a lot, and Mel shared the lines so I decided to color it.
It's not as good as Mel but I guess it's a start^^
Thanks to Mel for the lines^^

Your colours and shades are really good, but its too clean i think, why dont you try adding some scratches or blood. ^_^
Great job :amuse The color choice looks very nice and the shading is neat and sharp! Would like to see more!
Looks good, the coloring overall looks very sharp and the shading looks nice as well.
The coloring is very clean, and I like the shading, particularly of his hair on the back of his neck. Nice attention to detail!
If I didn't know better, I'd think you used polygonal lasso tool for the shading.
But I don't know better.

Nice job!
Very nice clean shading. Also like the bright lighting effect.
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