Itachi 393 p07 By Ghost


mine is a Blindconcept jutsu
So Im not too happy with my results here...but then again I didnt put much time on it either...i Just had to do the pannel xD
Anyway here it is, so you guys tell me what you think about it.
OMG!! IT'S REALLY GOOD! The colors are unique. Great job.
Whoa, that's sweet. I really like the texture of the shading and how you brought out the flare in his glare. Nice job. :thumbs

Of course, that speech bubble looks a little lonely.
I would also love if u guys tell me what you think about this one if you havent. tell me mostly what you guys dislike so i can get better
Super sexy. I want a piece of that. :hehee

I like the yellow glow of Susano. Plus, good clean up on the face. I like it a lot! <3
Wow, the yellow lighting loks very good. I like the way that you've darkened Itachi's face and given his Sharingan a red glint, it definitely adds an element of danger to the coloring.
I love your choice of color for Susano, and Itachi's face looks very gritty. Awesome stuff!
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