Ishida Uryu vs Lucci


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Ishida Uryu from Bleach vs Rob Lucci(sp?) from One Piece.
Speed is equal, they start 15 m from each other and the suroundings include lots of spirtrons.

First scenario:
Ishida in final form Quincy mode vs human form Lucci

Second Scenario:
Ishida in final form quincy mode vs transformed Lucci

Third Scenario:
Ishida as he is now vs Lucci in human form

Fourth scenario:
Ishida as he is now vs Lucci transformed
Rob Lucci without his DF vs Ishida? Ishida can probably take him if he stays far back and makes sure to have enough room to dodge his Rankicks.

Everything else...Lucci probably rapestomps the crappy heir to Ryuuken.
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