Is Sasuke still a 'good' character


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Before all your Itachi or Sasuke fans react to fast, here me out.

My opinion over the last chapter is that Sasuke is still in the clear for the death of Itachi. This is because Sasuke did not technically kill Itachi. Itachi died becuase he pushed himself to the limit. Sasuke never exacted the finishing blow to Itachi. In all the series Sasuke has yet to kill someone. This is even the same with Deidara. He blew himself up before Sasuke could kill him. Orochimaru was consumed by Sasuke, not killed, as we know he came back later. Technically he is still pure.

I wonder if this is symbolic in Kisk'is plan. Perhaps the only people that need to be killed are Pein and Madara. They are the trye threats that plague the Narutoverse. Im still not sure the symbolism of the head tap by Itachi. Perhaps it was the realization that he was going to die, and becasue of that he sent a small image through genjutsu to Sasuke about his purpose. Dodnt ask me what that is, that is another thread i might put on later.

Tell me what you guys think.
In the context of the manga, killing is not evil. If it were, then all the Konoha ninja would be evil.

Nor, even though it was his brother, would killing Itachi be considered evil in this manga world. [However you choose to view the conclusion of this battle, Sasuke did set out to kill his brother, and succeeded in at least pushing him beyond the limits of survival.]

Itachi murdered his family.
Itachi is part of a murderous organisation.
Itachi (according to Kisame) is a ruthless, cold-hearted bastard.
Itachi has repeatedly brutalised his little brother, apparently for the sole reason of spare parts.

Now, even if you buy into the theory that Itachi has all this time been under Madara's control and is in his heart 'good', that would not make Sasuke evil. Tragic, yes. Very upset, yes.

Evil, no.

[Any statements made by Sasuke about being totally cold-hearted and quite willing to kill his former friends can be easily dismissed due to the simple fact that Orochimaru was watching. His behaviour post-skip outside that scene indicates that he's changed very little at the core.]
sasuke's getting all his fights handed to him in a silver platter considering that all his opponents love suiciding; but it's all good :D

But I don't think Sasuke is pure because he harbors HATE and REVENGE!!! in his heart in a manga in which bonds and friendship are an important theme
He drove his fist trough Naruto (...what?) and tried to strangle him. Trying to kill the main character makes you evil.
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