Is Orochimaru like Mr Smith from "The Matrix?"

no Jutsu

no Jutsu
I might be treading on familiar territory here, but I'm honestly wondering...

I hope I'm not spoiling the plot of The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions for anyone, but in that Mr. Smith basically becomes an entity that exists separately among many different beings, while there exists a "core consciousness" that dictates the actions of the many.

Like one and many at the same time essentially. Almost a "hive-mind" like an anthill or the Zerg or something.

So my question for all of you is, do you believe that Orochimaru might carry some of the same characteristics? We have already seen Kabutomaru, despite the fact that Orochimaru apparently was absorbed by Sasuke. We have also seen the mysterious "white snake" escape (maybe even two white snakes?). We have also seen that Orochimaru can spread his influence on different people who have the Curse Seal.

So do you think that Orochimaru's essence is divided up in a "one of many" configuration? Or is there a "true" orochimaru, and what we have seen in Kabutomaru is simply just Kabuto with "oro DNA" implanted?
I dont think so, he's too selfish for that imo. Kabutomaru probably wont ever fully become orochimaru, as he's supposedly trying to surpass oro as his own character. If he doesn' it'll probably be a fusion with oro himself.

As for spreading influence to other nin, I see it as more as controlling/corrupting in a way that gives him an advantage. Apparently Sasuke's will casually tosses aside the whole mindless slave to orochimaru thing though.

Oro basically wants all things for himself, I doubt he'd want to share it with copies.
Oro basically wants all things for himself, I doubt he'd want to share it with copies.

But that's the thing about Mr. Smith... there wasn't just copies of Mr. Smith, each one of them WAS Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith was each on of them individually as well as the entire group of them. It is kind of confusing to put into words, so I hope I'm expressing it in a way that makes sense.

That's what I'm getting at with Orochimaru. Maybe there aren't just "copies" of Orochimaru, but every one of them IS Orochimaru in one form or another.

Bleh, this is probably too far fetched, but it would be kind of interesting.
Well that could pretty be kinda cool if that happened. Plus, Naruto is suppose to be the "destine child". Just like Neo was the "one". It would be kinda cool to see that.

6.5 billion Orochimarus vs 1(plus clones) Naruto. Do it Kishimoto!!!
I'm gonna say no. Anyway Mr. Smith is more like Pain. Shit, it even rains in his final battle with da One. Multiple people that can operate as a single mind = Rinn'egan. Plus remember when Smith beat up da One's teacher? The agents were also undefeated until da One came along. Plus he used to take over your body by stabbing it, possibly like Pain. Lol, Kishi bites more than Jay. Good thing they're my favorite writers. Smith = Pain ftw.
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