Is Orihime really useless at this point????

Is Ohime-chan really useless to Aizen now?

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Or is Aizen bluffing and will require her "services" later on in a surprising OMG plot twist. :omg

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I want stats :wtf
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It'd be ironic if she snaps or something and suddenly develops an actually strong power

But it's kubo and it's orihime, so not gonna happen lol

Thus: Nah, she's useless.
I actually think Aizen was a genius with that plan of making them think she was important. But i dont think he really needs her.

So yea I say she is useless
According to Aizen she is useless to him, but she could play a part in rejecting the hyogoku although if she does that it would be also part of Aizen's plan :sag

so yeah at this point her usefulness extends to her being an unwilling tool of Aizen
pretty sure aizen still has a use for her, regardless of what he's saying to the people who appear to be his opponents.
pretty sure aizen still has a use for her, regardless of what he's saying to the people who appear to be his opponents.

I thought we had an agreement senorita >_<

To be honest, I really think Aizen has no central use for her anymore. I don't think she'll end up reawakening the hougyoku, that would be too obvious at this point.

To me, Aizen's speech in 314 sounded exactly like his exposition at the end of the SS arc where he explained how he slaughtered the council, arranged Rukia's execution, and caused dissent in the Gotei 13 so that he would be able to attain the hougyoku. And as far as we know, he was completely honest and open about that.

The way he structured his speech really looked as though he was doing the classic villain revealing his whole plan in front of the audience and the hero, a la James Bond movies. And this case, everyone's already played their roles and acted as they were supposed to so it's harmless to reveal his plan.

But, it is possible that he could still have other uses for her :LOS
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I don't think she's completely useless. I mean doesn't Aizen say something about SS knowing about her powers and that they were kinda concerned about her... I mean I guess that wouldn't really make her useful anyway...:awesome
To the story she is useless, but to Azien as a plot point she may have some use. Wait, what am I talking about. She is useless.
When was she ever useful? :zaru

I think Aizen just did it for the lulz. As if he needs to worry about Ichigo? Yeah... Ichigo is slightly stronger than a one-handed unreleased Ulquiorra.
i think aizen meant it that she no longer serves any purpose for him. but as for the rest of the manga, she could still do something i guess.

but really my thoughts on her right now is, who cares just go away. :zaru
she can heal the enemies, and then we can have the same battles over and over again.

i can't wait :zaru
Yeah cuz if Hime wasn't there to heal them, well, they'd be fucked ... I mean, it's not like they've got an entire DIVISION of healers, right?

Oh wait ....
she is perhaps one of the most important characters in the entire story, and probably ichigo's sister. and probably daughter of the spirit king

she might become the only one to stop aizen too
Nah, there's still uses for her, like buying bear and porn, her boobs make her look old enough.
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