Is Naruto being hinted to become a bird as well?


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A lot of people have said Sasuke was hinted with birds in part 1 and I was just wandering what you guys think about this pic from part 1

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Another one

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Sasuke as Naruto's loyal pet Bird...........I like it!!

But seriously! I don't see it! Just a nice bit of art!
I don't really think so. Not every chapter and panel and coverart hints at something.

Well you would think we should have known that Sasuke was going to use snakes from this picture

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I am starting to wonder how much hint we've had
Enough with the birds already,unless Kishi has some sort of a strange bird fetish i dont see it hapen :notrust
I don't think that was the same kind of parellelism. You show why yourself. Why would Kishimoto be trying to connect Naruto with birds and then show the same creature in a picture with all three of the other Team 7 members? I'm thinking that bird has something more to do with the fact that they're ninja.
Yeah when he goes KN6 the kyuubi tails will turn into wings and he'll become a flying fox.

With wings that come out of his ass.
Here I thought he was gonna be a super jinchuuruki or a kitsune sennin he already has his marks you know whisker cheeks.
They look like Eagles.
Unlikely though. The animal he's shown with most was a frog, but you never hear Pain saying: "I look forward to watching you develope Naruto... Will you shake your oily frog skin, or change into an eagle?" :laugh.

What powerful bird is blond? hmm... :huh

HAHAHA, more like a chick....
No I don't think there are any blond/yellow powerful birds.
Naruto's better off being expected to turn into a Leopard or something. They're yellowish...

EDIT: Actually I found one: Peregrine Falcon the fastest animal on Earth.
Peregrine Falcons are in fact the fastest, most agile and most skilled in aerial maneuvers.
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