Is it okay?

First off, allow me to say that these images are huge full sized. Maybe you might want to shrink them a little bit? Second, not too much of a fan of binder paper. I don't know if you got a choice in the matter, but I think that you should try and get a sketch book if you can.

Well, personally I do like the chibi look of the characters and the coloring job you did for the first one is pretty nice (though it seems like the boy's hair is showing through his jacket). After that though, these pics get lighter and lighter. It really is difficult to see much in them.

Overall, I'd say that they are pretty good. I do love the chibi looks they have.
They looks good, but try better paper next time:)
(If your mom or dad works at an office or has an office at home, ask him/her to save the paper they don't use anymore for you.(Granted, oneside has to be unprinted.) If they're not not, try to get a simple notebook, unlined)
Thanks for the advice..i dont have my i ask my fwen to scan it..hehe
About the home.. its already puff* dissappear.. my sis took a lot of paper before..well..i try to do on thr better one..
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