Irrational School Moments


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I usually neevveerr talk on here, but I had to complain about something(s) that I thought were completely stupid. At my brothers' elementary school, the people who work there there all seem to be really dense or something or they just don't like our family for some reason (even tho my brothers are prob at the top of their classes).

First time they were stupid: they sent one of my brothers home because he wasn't wearing the proper uniform (white shirt, navy pants yeah).....there have been a coupleee of times when I've passed by their school and a NUMBERRRR of kids didn't have on the right uniform. Like wtf?

Second time: they sent another one of my brothers home because (omfg this is just unbelievable) he didn't catch a ball. YESS. He didnt catch a fucking ball that went over the fence :zaru

Third time: This happened today and I was just...bewildered. My brother (youngest one attending this elementary school) got sent home because they all said that it was him who told this other kid to cut my teacher's hair (yes that's really bad). First of all, they have no proof my brother told him to do it, except that the kid that cut the teacher's hair said that my brother told him to do it. PFBTT buncha bull. We know how kids are when they get in trouble; they blame it on someone ELSE. I talked to my lil bro when he came home and he said that it was the NEW KID who cut the teacher's hair. He also told me that he doesn't even talk/play to the new kid. My lil bro isn't an angel or anything he knows who to respect at school (and at home, aka older sister, ME lol). Then he was probably so scared when they were questioning him that he said, 'Yes I told him.' He came home all teary eyed n stuff, I know he was scared-for something he most likely didn't do. I know my little brother and he doesn't lie about this kind of serious matter.

So yep. That's my random ranting. I just don't want my bros to get what they didn't deserve. Maybe they just like to send them home because we live just right across the street from the school :oh
That really sucks :(

Schools can be so irrational about everything, I swear there is favoritism that gones on in them ><
That sucks.

I know how that feels. Back during Halloween, I got in trouble for dressing as a goth (black lipstick, black eyeliner, etc.) Of course we just got a new principal and wouldnt let the fact of "Halloween school tradition" Come in. :mad
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