Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz - Where the hell do you buy it!?


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I've finally gotten around to building a new computer...but I've been having one major problem: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz is like..PERMA BACK ORDERED...

Newegg doesn't have it, Tigerdirect doesn't have it, Google doesn't have it...Amazon DOES have it...but its like..$75 MORE expsensive than everyone

I haven't really done the whole hardware thing in quite some I'm pretty unfamiliar with online part, if anyone knows where to find this (and if possible...somewhat cheap...~$230ish) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
Hate to say it but if you have to have it right now, then you will have to pay a premium. Just wait and the availability and prices will be more to your liking. Of course by that time the Quad-Cores will be out. Intel is rumored to have committed production to quad-cores to meet the projected demand.
i dont see what's so hard about finding this

Yeah...Ive already been there. If you click on "ADD to BAG" auto-links you to a page that says "The product you requested is no longer available."

Im going to call MicroCenter in a few minutes to ask about that...but Im almsot positive that message either means they dont carry it anymore...or its back-ordered.
i went to microcenter today, they said they didn't carry it! that it's defective, don't nkow if the guy was right, he's trying to push me into a quad core..
bull shit. i got an email saying they were on sale for 170. why would i even get the email if they were defective?

it does seem that a lot of ppl are pushing for quad-core. everyone's working on multi-threads now so i guess its not unwarranted.
I read that Microsoft didn't expect to Fabricate many 45nm processors inthe first half of 2008. It might be until June until the Wolfdale and Yorkfield processors are widely available. Hell the Yorkfields were supposed to have launched 2 weeks ago and no one is selling them. As to saying it is defective, my guess is that the Microcenter guy was thinking of the Yorkfields which had a bug and is why the were not launched at the same time as Wolfdale.
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