Insulting or 'odd' compliments?


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Has anyone ever gotten these? Like a compliment that was meant in all thoughtfulness, but was, when you break it down, just insulting?

I've gotten a few of these. :oh Two of my favorites, to date, are/were:

"You know, none of my friends think you're cute, but I do." - from a guy I 'dated' for about a week. Guess why. :zaru

"Wow, Nikki, you gained weight!" - coming from one of my grandmother's friends. I hadn't seen the woman for like, three years, and even so, she meant it as a compliment, but afterward I was like, '..:('.

On the flipside, though, have you ever gotten a compliment that was just sorta.. out there? Regardless of whether you liked it or not, heh.

One of the best, and probably my favorite, compliments I've ever been given was by an extremely nice gentleman who complimented my genetics, heh. I'm Irish (Anglo) and Cuban (Hispanic), and he'd never seen anyone with a genetic structure like mine, and that he liked it. I dunno, it was just really cute, heh. :3 Very.. unassumingly gentlemanly. I had never heard anything like it, but it was just extremely sweet.

Anyway, what about you guys?
I hate when you think its a nice comment, then you think about it, and it drives you crazy
I don't recall receiving any 'insulting' compliments, but my younger bro came up with one and told me to use it on the girls that I dislike. It goes like "You're pretty...ugly." I haven't used it of course, don't intend to either haha.
In high school, after giving someone directions to the local community college, I was told, "You have a very big imagination." :oh They may have been calling me spacy, but that's cool. Just found it to be rather unique... And then more recently, something along the lines of "You're mean. Fake mean, but we all know you're really nice."

As for the opposite of compliments, I get insults/death threats from my 16 year old sister on a daily basis, so no biggie there. :awesome
I've probably gotten some, but I forgot.

... Actually, I remember giving one to someone else, last week. :sag It wasn't meant that way, but after I said it we both realized that it was pretty...insulting.

At least we had a good laugh about that, since later that day she unknowingly did the same. She didn't realize it until after I was laughing. It's a good thing we don't take each other seriously. :awesome
I can not remember any like that, but I get the, "OH MY GOD YOY LOST WEIGHT!" A lot and it starts to really annoy me 1/2 the time ">>
"you're so cute! i love your hair! kinda like a guido, but you're spanish! :wtf"

me: :oh
lol gotta remember... there were a few probably...

Oh yeah, when I was right after a serious illness (I was in bed for 2 weeks and barely mooved or ate anything) my close friend said: "Omg you're such an awesome pale and skinny vampire, I'd totaly not love to see ya sleeping next to me. :iria"
Yeah, that sounds like a joke, but fuck, I hate vampires and my friends know it. :facepalm

Then recently one blonde asked me: "Hey, how did you manage to make your hair so coarse?" :awesome
well, it is wiry but wtf o.0
Then recently one blonde asked me: "Hey, how did you manage to make your hair so coarse?" :awesome
well, it is wiry but wtf o.0

:lmao :rotfl:rotfl:rotfl

I can't remember any off the top of my head, but there have been a few where I thought, "umm thanks...I think"
I got one recently actually- my dad was having a go at me for this assignment I hadn?t done well in and I was pissed off because I do well 99% of the time (meaning I don?t deserve to be lectured), and then he went ?well, just because you?re pretty doesn?t mean you can get away with anything- you have to work hard in this world to achieve things- you can?t ever stop working hard??- he rarely gives compliments so on one hand I was flattered, and on the other I wanted to continue arguing with him.
i haven't got much experience in this department but i remember seeing an old lady talking to a young girl she knew and said, "WOW, you used to be an ugly duckling! but not anymore!" :facepalm
I have gotten a weird compliment like that once a few years ago. A guy told me that even though I had a nice body, other girls had better looking faces, or something like that. Yeah, it was an odd compliment . . . :laugh
Old girlfriend: "Your penis is Mickey Mouse cute."

Our relationship ended abruptly. I still don't know what that means... I just found it really weird.
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