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The Fresh Prince of Konoha
It's been bandied about frequently that there are too many villainous factions running around. Between Madara, Pein, Orochimaru, Danzou, and Kabuto, there's a lot of confusion about how these seemingly disparate elements will weave together into a cohesive story.

The key to this is to start with the major factor most of the villains have in common.


Madara: The Immortal Uchiha

Madara was said by Itachi to be immortal. but it's interesting, because during the Madara flashback, the manga seems not to focus on that Madara gained the EMS, but that his brother's eyes "Had found an indistinguishable light".

Interesting that his brother gets the "rebirth" imagery and not Madara. With the "Moving bodies = rebirth" symbolism that Orochimaru and Madara's brother's eyes had, I believe that the EMS grants immortality by way of eye transfer. When Madara transfers his eyes to a new host, he transfers himself, too.

But what kind of host would give up their freedom to Madara?

A Sharingan user's biggest asset is their eyes. Take their eyes from them, and it would be like robbing an opera singer of her voice. To some, living on in Madara would be greater than trying to fight blind.

So. Do we know of any blind or near-blind Uchihas in the story?

Obito: Container of Madara

Now, some would argue that it's almost impossible that Obito could have been saved from those rocks. But if we assume Madara was searching for a willing host, and had, say, the ultimate scout and a medic who can restore dead parts back to life, is it still so far-fetched to assume he would have quickly saved Obito? Being such a young Uchiha on such a dangerous mission, Madara would have had him followed, especially if he was inside Konoha to know (More on that later).

None can deny the numerous coincidences in the design of Tobi and Obito. The goggles, the one eye, the hair, the goofiness - the Sharingan. Well, in literature, there are rarely coincidences. Tobi is Obito. Found by Zetsu, stitched back together from near-death by Kakuzu (More on that later). The name "Tobi" is to hide his true identity.

However... if Madara has already transferred into Tobi, then that leaves several questions. Why does Tobi still use only one eye? Why does Itachi call Madara a shell of his former self? No. It doesn't fit. Madara can't be in Tobi yet. When he refers to himself as being Madara, he is so impassioned about becoming the next container for Madara, he pre-emptively considers himself him. It's all audience misdirect, too.

But if Madara isn't Tobi, then who is he?

Danzou: Shadowy puppet master

Danzou. The man who rivaled Sarutobi. A vicious warhawk who demands Konoha be the most powerful village in the world. What proof do I have that he is Madara?

Well, Madara needs to be in the story somewhere, and that somewhere ain't Tobi. Danzou needs further plot ties to make him relevant. And we know of a blind Uchiha about his age... Madara's Brother. Yes, I believe Madara transmigrated his eyes back into his brother's head. This will serve as an example of what makes Obito so fervent to Madara and a demonstration of his body swapping. And note above the mention of Madara in the shadows of Akatsuki. Hearkens back to ROOT being in the shadows of Konoha, right?

So why ROOT? Well, as we can see, Madara clearly wants to destroy Konoha. Why's that? Because he lost favor. He wanted to steer Konoha into being the most powerful military nation, and subjugating all the other nations. When Shodai won over the people for peace, he tried to kill Shodai and take control. Years later, he tried to send the Kyuubi out to destroy it, and was met by the Yondaime Hokage. ROOT continues that goal, by being right there in Konoha, prepared to strike. Plus, Danzou's military views cut very closely to Madara's.

So what does Madara have to do with Akatsuki?

Akatsuki: The most powerful village of all

Akatsuki, as iterated to Hidan, is out to dominate the world via overtaking the war market. This concept of an organization being the mightiest and ruling everyone else sounds exactly like Madara's plan for Konoha. And look who founded it?

And this explains why some people like Kakuzu and Sasori joined. Akatsuki's goals will take a while, and immortal help was needed. They were the only people Madara had any hope of bringing to his side (Since no mortal woud live long enough to see when Madara became emperor of the world)

This also helps clear up how Hidan could have been part of Akatsuki and yet not known of their plans. That's because he joined up because of Madara. Not because he sympathized with Akatsuki's goals.

But doesn't what Pein tells Hidan about Akatsuki goals differ from what he tells Jiraiya later?

Pein: The ultimate enigma

I don't feel so. The part about using the Bijuu to build a giant nuke jutsu is consistant with him telling the Hidan they would use the Bijuu to dominate the war market. When the nations have bombed each other out, Akatsuki will "Dominate the war market" by being the only ones standing, not having a village to bomb.

Pein leads Akatsuki in harvesting the Bijuu, but all the Akatsuki were hand-picked by Madara. This explains what Akatsuki has been up to over the past couple decades if they only started Bijuu harvesting recently. They were all working for Madara first and Pein second. Pein's plan to end war is necessary for Madara's plan to rule the world, so they've entered into this agreement.

Overall, I feel like Pein, Jiraiya, the Rinnegan, and the Rikudou Sennin have a larger part to play. It might be tied into the Madara plot more heavily. It might simply parralel it again. I do think Pein is immortal by constantly taking new bodies. I do think perhaps Konan is further related into the story of Pein that you'd think at first brush. This analysis hasn't really given me a whole lot of insight into Pein's story.


Kakuzu, it is known, lived around the time of Madara. And it's known Tobi, the next container for Madara, was under Zetsu's care. And that he's a great scout. I think Madara kept them around for precisely that reason. I believe Zetsu and Kakuzu had the special task of seeking out a new container for Madara. And they ended up finding Obito.

On the subject of Kakuzu, I believe there's a solid chance he and Hidan will return. It would fit Kishi's theme of immortality and rebirth, and it will give more enemies for the former Rookies to fight. Plus, they went out with no development, no explanation for their powers, and Hidan with the plothook of "Theurgical Enlightenment" left dangling.

Hidan is a recent addition to the team, replacing one of Kakuzu's dead partners. Sasori seemed to be only interested in his own work, but I believe he was doing a task for Madara, as well (More on that later). Pein and Konan are onboard as the Akatsuki leaders and to accomplish their own ends. Tobi is fervently for Madara and is ensuring everything goes to according to plan. Itachi and Kisame I'll get to later, but it's pretty obvious they're doing something for Madara (Or were supposed to). Less obvious still is Orochimaru, but he, too, I think, was doing work for Madara.

And least obvious of all is...

Deidara: Tool of Madara

Yes, I believe Deidara was merely a tool of Madara's creation. He was meant to see whether Sasuke was strong enough yet - to see whether he had gained the Mangekyou Sharingan. In his death, Madara used it to try and cover up that Sasuke made it out alive (More on the cover-up later).

This is why Itachi torments Deidara with his Sharingan. Madara knew Deidara would, in his artsy way, become obsessed with defeating the Sharingan and thus be the greatest opponent for a Sharingan user outside of another Sharingan user. And Deidara played his part to a T.

This is the job Sasori was doing for Madara when Part II opens. He's watching over Deidara and making sure he progressed as Madara wanted. Though I firmly believe he was doing another job prior, once the Sasuke plan (Later, later!) got underway and Oro left, that became his assignment.

Okay, now to tie up some loose ends...
Sasuke: The source of new light

The final piece of Madara's plan rests with Sasuke. I believe that, outside of his desire to destroy Konoha and rule the world, he also wants to complete dome jutsu with the Kyuubi. And for that, he needs two EMS users. The need for two is reiterated in such imagery as the god who birthed the three MS jutsu gods having a twin, and the demon thing behind Itachi as he explains the eyes.

Itachi was to murder the clan to, A) Weaken Konoha, and B)Make Sasuke hate him. Sasuke was supposed to grow in his hate so much, he would acquire the Mangekyou Sharingan, so that when he faced Itachi, Itachi could take his eyes and wield the second EMS. The situation with two brothers having MS was required for EMS.

But Sasuke's actions at VOTE seemed to indicate that he would not walk down the MS path. And this was witnessed by Zetsu, who certainly relayed it back to Madara. Yes, this certainly presented a problem for Madara's plan. But... maybe not.

Maybe he has a different plan.

Itachi: The Redemption

Itachi started out working entirely for Madara. He'd slaughter the village, make Sasuke hate him and gain MS, and finally, take Sasuke's eyes and become the second EMS user Madara desperately needs.

However, I think Itachi was trying to play Madara. Itachi truly wants his light to live on in his brother, who he wants to use the power of the EMS to defeat the evil Madara. He thinks he's getting away with so much - that he's sneaking behind Madara's back, seeing through his fake pronouncement of Sasuke's death and fighting on. In reality, he's playing right into his hands. Itachi will try to play up the angle that he was always trying to make sure Sasuke grew, to play up that he was, indeed, his best friend all along - so that his death activates the MS within Sasuke, and so he can take the EMS.

Madara switched plans early to count on Itachi wanting to give Sasuke the EMS. His new plans are twofold. There's one for the Hawk - if Sasuke emerges with the EMS - and one for the Snake - if Orochimaru emerges with the EMS

Orochimaru: Right hand of Madara

Yes, you heard me right. Orochimaru is extremely relevant as the final villain, because he does indeed have ties to Madara. He has a similiar technique to him for immortality, and he was probably working on the Cursed Seal on his orders.

When Madara realised Itachi's treachery, he ordered Orochimaru to try and take Itachi's body, so that he could gain the EMS instead of Sasuke. That plan failed, and Oro was forced to run. Learning from this, Madara had Oro set himself up to take over Sasuke's body after the Itachi-Sasuke fight. If he manages it, he can join Madara in the double EMS jutsu. If he doesn't... well, Madara as a backup plan

I believe Orochimaru will emerge with the EMS at first, but will be defeated and forced into Kabuto's body. That's what Itachi wanted to talk to Naruto about - to make sure he would be able to save Sasuke from Orochimaru after the fight. And I believe that Oro will be excised, but not for a while.

As for his backup plan...

Sai: Backup Container

Sai is a geneticly treated, biological brother of Sasuke. Yamato forshadows this. Because he is his brother, if he takes Sasuke's eyes, he will gain EMS, should he gain MS. Madara plans that the Kyuubi extraction will trigger in Sai the feeling that he allowed Naruto to die - awakening MS. Naruto will survive this extraction, and Sai will have a dillema when Root goes to war with Konoha proper.

In the end, he won't take Sasuke's EMS. But the repition of bonds and such with him suggests he does have a part to play with the Uchiha. Sai's brother may or may not have anything to do with anything. But Sai is important to Madara's plan for a second EMS user. And he believes he has Sai indoctrinated, too.

Kakashi: Tobi's ripening as a container

"A big year for Kakashi"? Uh oh. There's many ways this story could go. Tobi doesn't have MS yet and needs to kill Kakashi for it (MS being required in a container for Madara). Tobi couldn't unlock MS after Kakashi did. If Yondaime knew as much of Madara's plans as Jiraiya thought, he may have had Rin put into hiding to prevent Tobi from gaining the MS.

I think that Danzou switching into Tobi is prerequisite, for him, to using the EMS. Perfect Immortality was only perfect in Tobi's body. I think, though, that Tobi is going to be turned. Whether it be because Kakashi restores his Sharingan to him and he no longer needs Madara, or the Will of Fire infecting him, or both

Madara will end up high and dry in Danzou's body, forced to fight as an old man.

This won't deter, however...

Kabuto: True power

Kabuto, once he takes Orochimaru into him, will eventually overcome him, and bend him under his will. He'll prove that Madara, trying to coerce containers, had a weaker method than Oro. Kabuto won't have CS. He'll prove hard work defeats genius, and defeat the aged Madara and take his eyes.

Since Kabuto won't have MS, Madara won't transfer. But Kabuto will have EMS. I believe that this - Kabuto using Oro's powers and EMS - will serve as the final villain, or one of them. Kabuto will be defeated by EMS Sasuke.

Kabuto may just die. Or he may turn good. All I know is, Kabuto is a final villain.


I know this theory has a high chance of being wrong. But I ask that if one part gets disproven, that the whole thing not be thrown out. I merely examined the plot of the manga keeping the theme of immortality at the forefront. Things may not go as presented, but I think I managed to weave the entire story of Naruto together.

Or seemingly so. There are still some loose threads. I believe Kisame, Suigetsu, and the Shinobi Gatana have a part to play. I believe the Tengu theory will have a part. The Rikudou, Pein, and the Rinnegan, but also the Byakugan and how the Sharingan came to be.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I admit it sounds farfetched, but i think this is the way we should be looking, at least.
Like the story, but there are many loose ends. Like what will happen to Naruto? Who will he fight? Why does everything have to revolve aroung the Uchiha? Who is Naruto, and his ancestors? How did the tailed beasts come to exist? etc.etc.
eeeh... most of this stuff is just something that your talking about... and some stuff has nothing to do with immortality...
well it was even longer than my PAIN IS RIKUDOU THEORY.
I think the theory is not very likely.
not everything turns around the uchiha.
hidan might come back.................................but kakuzu is not immortal.
kakuzu lived too much because he was not human anymore, because he had 5 hearts.
but if you kill all of kakuzu's hearts he dies.
also not only all of his hearts were destroyed, but the fuuton:ras destroyed all the cells in his body so kakuzu is dead.
also if madara wants to rule the world.......why would he try to join a bunch of immortals that could probably try to kill him?
the only thing I agree on is that madara founded akatsuki and searched for guys that due to their desires of becoming strong and immortal, were no longer humans.
the only immortal guys in akatsuki were hidan and sasori.
yet the only true immortal was hidan.why?
kakuzu was killed and his body was inutilized.
sasori was immortal in the sense he won't age since he was a puppet, but if you stabbed his heart he would die.(wait isn't that what sakura and chiyo did?)
deidara was not immortal, as a matter of fact deidara was suicidal.(EMO)
Orochimaru can switch bodies but he can be killed, also he needs to find bodies and if it wasn't for sasuke oro would have probably died.(stated by kabuto who said oro needed to transfer or he was gonna die after fighting naruto 4 tails.)
we don't know if zetsu is immortal.
danzou is old but he's probably not immortal.
we're not sure about pain.
Itachi is almost dead now.
we don't know anything about kisame and it seems you don't know either.
how could kakuzu repair a crushed almost liquid body?
tobi's right eye was crushed (and trust me an eye becomes almost liquid when it's crushed (I have done it))so how could kakuzu repair it? and tobi's left eye was given to kakashi.
theory fails.
maybe you can do a better one that actually makes sense.
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