I'm Home: NaruHina


Further Experimentations. Things I don't care about: Naruto's lips, or Naruto's face. I'm totally playing with teh artses :huh har har. anyways, this is a little shoujo like thing with, y'know, two parts. Ferreal, I'm sorry in advance for the weirdness. Because the style is pretty weird for me, and I'm getting used to using it.

Part One:

Part Two: hana-sun

(...BEWARE the Angelina Jolie/JOKER lips! run!)
The second made me laugh, and I don't mean it a bad way it's just...he looks so funny with the huge lips. xD

Anyway, good work!
The first one is flat out gorgeous!

I laughed at the second one.:sweatdrop It's still good, though. I just wasn't expecting it.
Daw, lovely shading as usual. :3 It seems you have gone for a softer look, particularly in the hair. It fits the sweetness of the scene and still looks good. I think their eyes look a little too curved outward, but everything else is very nice. Really like the faint light lines you did to outline the edges of their warm colored skin. What is Naruto saying in his little bubble? As for your second one, what a cute and somewhat mischievous smile. Sure, the lips are rather large, but they are so nicely shaded. :3
hahahaha! I love that the second one made you guys laugh, that's awesome. Me too. He reminds me of Ichimaru Gin. Thanks to you for all of the comments! Love them <3 Yakushi, can I just say that I adore your avatar? It's hilarious. In the first one he's saying, "I'm Home" or "Tadaima" and the little naruto in the bubble is saying "She's really cute!" and the second picture is saying "I really really really like you", which some translate to "I love you" but I think that it might be too western, and I also think that "I love you" is "aishiteru"...lmao, I'm taking Japanese right now :) PS: You're right about the eyes; everything sees something weird about them, and I think that that's it- thank you :D!
Nice, I like your drawing style. The tan color that you've given Naruto is very nice and I like how you have given him a warm smile. It really suits in with his character. Hinata was well drawn also and the blush was a nice touch.
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