if the mugiwara crew goes to impel down


if they get captured i would like to see them team up with the captured baroque works and break out. it would be very interesting. they could also see smoker and tashigi, possibly get smoker to help them escape and join. or it could be a combination of the two. so many possibilities! :woo
Well, from the Baroque Works side-story, Crocodile doesn't seem to want to escape from Impel Down, nor does Mr. 1 (Daz Bones). I would prefer a mini-arc, were the strawhats & baroque works either fight each other or escape togeter. But who knows, I'm hoping the strawhats go to Impel Down eventually, any kind of reunion is good.
why you steal my theory bout this? this is garbage man i post this here, eastblue and arlong park. dont do it gain!!!!:mad the strawhats will go along with FF because FF fall down waterfall that leads to emper down.
good theory WEALLEATFOOD.
I can see it happening already with this arc coming to a conculsion..
No! I want some relaxion time for the Straw Hats. I mean, it's been 2 years... they just need to get their new ship and sail in peace for a few panels.

But I kinda the idea. >.>
sorry wealleatfood. please forgive me xp. but didn't they say that impel down was past the gates of justice?

EDIT: oh and i couldn't find any thread like mine when i looked
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