If Sasuke were to take Itachi's eyes what would Sasuke fans think?


I just chose to throw this question out there because I happened to come across another thread in the telegrams that touched on the possibility of the Itachi's last words and actions (flick on the forehead) having to do with Sasuke taking his brother's eyes (I believe it was muishot's thread). In any case, I wished to see what forum members thought about this theory and its possible future implications as they relate to character strength and development.

We've seen throughout the manga that Kishi loves to draw parallels between his two main characters and will eventually want them to even out in abilities so that one isn't too far ahead of the other. In any case, I recall reading a lot of forum threads and responses regarding Naruto's development and got the impression (especially from Sasuke fans) that if Naruto were to get strong by simply receiving the key left by his father it would be an unimpressive power up, regardless if he had to work hard to use it.

So on to my question. If Sasuke were to take Itachi's eyes, assuming that such an action was Itachi's last wish, would Sasuke fans have a problem with a similar power up in Sasuke's abilities (also assuming that in taking his brother's eyes there wouldn't be issues with blindness, etc. only the new better sharingan, MS, ...)? Furthermore, if both Naruto and Sasuke received their powerups as laid out here, would you see a difference in them? Would one better more "impressive", "believable", or "cheap" than the other? I ask only because I tend to get the impression that many die hard Sasuke fans (not all of course) conclude that the ways in which Naruto finds strength are cheap (i.e. the kyuubi essentially does all the work) while Sasuke's achievements are always noteworthy and deserving of praise.

Thanks for your thoughts. :)
I'm not particularly a anybody fan, but if Sasuke takes Itachi's eyes I hope they make him into a total villian. If Sasuke had unlimited broken haxxoring abilities, then the whole thing would become really boring really quick if he were on the side of the 'good' guys.
The question remains how Sasuke himself believes he can ever beat Madara who Itachi himself admitted being superior to him? Sasuke barely "won" against Itachi, he isnt dumb he knows how to add things together.

Especially now with Oro powers gone and CS greatly degraded if not completely vanished...
sasuke was the one that chose to get the cs2 and went to orochimaru for power, since when his fans care about the kind of power that he gets?

i believe that sasuke will probably do that, mainly if itachi says that to him, since, if itachi was after the ems because of madara, even itachi being that strong, sasuke will need to stop and think right now what he should do...

at least to not regret after that...since, he got the risk of loose his own eyes and life to itachi because he denied the uchiha power(ms), and tried the snake powers, this time, sasuke knows that he will have no chance without an especial eye, against madara

and madara is waiting this fight for one reason...something will happen to sasuke, related to his eyes, i believe that
Wait... Your asking Sasuke Fans wether they'd like Sasuke to get a godly Upgrade?! Seriously? As a real question!?
I don't see this happening (why would Sasuke want a pair of blind eyes?), but I would be very upset. Even if it was Itachi's last wish, I really don't want him to have the MS. He's shown that he's perfectly capable without it.
Sasuke would then become a prototype of Itachi who only specialize in eye jutsu and will become incompetent in anything else besides that.
I see where you're coming from. I myself don't really consider myself a die hard Naruto or Sasuke fan and instead appreciate what both bring to the manga. I did however see this development as a possibility given that Sasuke will eventually have to face stronger opponents (more likely sooner than later) and in order to compete with them, he'll need to showcase more than he's done in this last fight (also taking into account that since he's shown us his trump cards, he'll need to develop new abilities for the sake of reader and fan interest). Furthermore, Itachi went through the process of explaining how someone goes about obtaining this higher form of MS, it would seem to be a waste of panel space for Sasuke to not actually take advantage of the circumstances and use Itachi's plan to ultimately obtain the Uchiha's premiere abilities. In any case, I still ask Sasuke and fans of the manga in general, if Sasuke were to go through with it and essentially gain new powerups from taking his brother's eyes, would it be any different from Naruto receiving the key his father left for him?
im a die hard sasuke fan, and im totally expecting (and hoping) that he takes Itachi's eyes and gets the MS. Who doesn't want to see him increase his techniques and power? i do
Also, as itachi mentioned there are 2 things that are attainable with MS eyes, one is inmortality (which would be AWESOME), and then there is the final technique which we don't know of yet of the MS (unless thats the inmortality itself), that madara already has. Who wouldn't want sasuke to have this power as well?

So do we wan't MS Sasuke? HELL YEAH!
My apologies, I feel like a couple of people are missing the true question of the thread, so let me try to clear it up a bit more. This wasn't a question of what fans thought of the powerup itself, but moreso in relation to the type of powerup that Naruto is also perceived to receive. I simply got the impression that many forum members thought the key Naruto is to receive is unimpressive and cheap because it's essentially falling in his lap and will supposedly make him strong enough to take on higher level Aka. members. I wanted to see what Sasuke fans and forum members thought about the potential of Sasuke having a similar upgrade in ability. More specifically whether or not they would draw any differences between the two and whether or not they would like or dislike such development even though some have already argued that Naruto's apparent future upgrade will be "hax".
i dont know if i should believe that sasuke will deny one ems before his eyes :LOS

mainly knowing that perhaps it will cost his defeat to madara
If he took Itachi's eyes, he would no longer be my favourite character. If he wanted Itachi dead, then why take his most likely blind eyes for himself. He wants the entire existence of Itachi gone, like what Pain did with Hanzou.
My mantra is "To the victor the spoils go"

It's only right that he should take them.

he must use his base form and base sharingan to ascend to hawkdom and greatness :hmpf

I agree. What's the point of emphasizing how normal sharingan can overcome MS if he was just going to get MS at the end? Either way, I just don't want it. I've never liked the idea of Sasuke getting MS.
Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this fight, no matter how it ends, but I guess I'll pose a slightly different question since this discussion is all but rapped up.

Given that Sasuke will inevitably need more "power" in order to take on the higher level Aka members and others how do you perceive him developing? I figured that given his potential and the manga foreshadowing him having greater eyes than even Itachi that Sasuke would eventually become the best Uchiha in "Naruto world" history. Moreover, I don't see how he'll achieve such a feat without further developing his sharingan usage, i.e. taking his brothers eyes and gaining the power only obtained by a select few Uchiha's before him.

If Sasuke isn't going to take his brother's eyes, what development do you foresee him going through that will put him on the level of Pein, Madara, etc., especially now that many believe the CS is no longer an ability he has in his arsenal?

Thanks again and keep it coming. This is the first 5 star thread I've started :)
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