...If Itachi is dead...


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does that mean Zetsu will eat him? :cry

Personally I don't think he's dead. If he is dead, then I have a feeling Orochimaru or some other person interphere with the match and caused Itachi to die or it was because of his MS jutsus.

But I thought the MS jutsus will only make you blind, not kill you o.0
....Zetsu wouldn't dare >:O

I think using Susanoo caused internal damage (like something ruptured or bled) for Itachi...
zetsu eating him would be very nice

but perhaps the white snake will try taking him over? or madara/kabuto may show up and do something
I definitely hope Orochimaru won't return. This has just gotha be it for this match. I'd like to know what Zetsu will do now, though. And what Itachi said to Sasuke.
If Itachi died now, Kishi failed even fucking harder than he has the entire battle.
An ending like that was the worst fucking possible for that fight.
I'd imagine Sasuke to give him a proper burial or something, if Itachi is indeed a good guy in the end.
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