Ichigo's Mask Stripes

Parson me if this has been said before, but all the threads I have ever read on it always seemed to say that they mean strong opponents that he has beaten.

Another theory for this could be, how many times Shirosaki has saved Ichigo. Think of all the times during the SS arc that the mask appeared right where he needed it to be to not get immediately killed?

Just a thought.

Oh another thing I recently thought of is, if all hollows have some sort of special ability, does that mean that the vizards and their hollows have a special ability like the shikai of a sword? This can bring a whole new depth to the Vizards and not make them just strong with a mask and making it so we don't have to see 7 new shikai.
I think, like quite alot of other members here, that it maybe some sort of a countdown to something.
But who knows, Bleach got pretty fucked lately. Kubo just retconned a whole arc because he got bored.
I'd like to see a "Phase 2" Viazard form IMO.

Kinda like. Instead of just the mask. Like arms coated with Hallow-like bone structure to increase damage dealt.

Or rather, legs coated with Hallow-Like bone structure to increase speed.

Or even Hallow-like bone structure around the body to increase defenses.... Ya know?
I suspect Ichigo (with training of course), can control his Hollow Form. Imagine ripping off the hollow mask (arrancarisation) then putting it back on (Vizard). Kubo level powerup :zaru
i would love to see him fight in his full hollow form, the one he was in when he was training with the vaizard, he had a tail and long hair, it was awesome.

also he nearly fired a cero from his fingertips.
imagine ichigo shooting off ceros from his mouth that would rock
hell no, finger ceros (like shirosaki made when they were struggling inside his mind) are way cooler

and on topic : ichigo needs no more powerup, he is already on par with espadas, reiatsu wise :
- defeated the number 6
- picked noi's interest (number 5)
- hallibel said she had the feeling to watch a fight between 2 espadas (she is either 1 2 or3)
- ulquiorra (4) said that ichigo+shiraski reiatsu combined > his

and with captains :
- draw with one handed kenpachi
- draw/win vs byakuya (with a little help, but he could have killed him in one sec)
- rapes VCs

no need for anymore power up really.

ichigo needs :
- battle skills/strategy
- the balls to fight dirty (see shirosaki vs byakuya)
- some kidou to create openings

after all these, ok he can learn cero, it's always nice to see, but really NOT his top priority.
Ichigo does need a powerup, namely harnessing shirosaki's power a bit better and he needs vizard training for that, it doesn't make sense that ulqy said that ichigo+shirosaki's reaitsu is greater than his when he was unscathed from a vizard bankai GT, then again kuDo may have retconned that who knows or maybe what it means is that he needs to hone his hollow powers better ( I think this is the case).

Thing is current ichigo may force ulqy to release and thats an if because ulqy was pushed back a bit from a vizard GT and that won't be enough he needs to pierce ulqy and even then we have seen what difference in power an espada release can do

but what he really needs is some kido and battle tactics and creativity, I think if he managed to use his GT right now to fire it off in a small beam instead of a tidal wave of energy it would be a lot of concetrated reaitsu in a small beam and would easily pierce through someone like ulqy
See, I actually enjoy things like the training arcs, cause in the last one we got Vizards fighting, a Hollow Ichigo, and a few insights into what Ichigo's power is like without main-hero restraints. And it was awesome.
I think it would be funny that ichigo has to find his "cero" pose to use it, like everyone has a pose they do when they use cero, lol.

As for the stripes I think it represents the hallows "comming out" its just a way of showing the hallow growing through little indications.
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