I see nightmares ~for lovers of horror~


The Sasuke Destroyer
Do not speak to me,
for I do not wish to hear.
All I can say is one,
one more word without cause,
and it will sum up to fear.

Now fear is a panicing thought.
It even causes I to shake and mumer,
causing shivers to the strongest man
and the weakest soul of another.

Now if blood does not stir,
break such a fragile heart,
then the maggots feasting on dead corpse;
will cause vomit to spew,
fear is a posion
and it has about run its course.

Even some insects don't wreath the soul.
Not even a shake
or mingle or even that slightest of moans.
Take for a size skeletal reapers,
with teeth stained of red
and grey hair laced through their skull;
if they can not fear you,
oh indeed, what a sight to behold.

But every man and hideous beast
but come to their knees.
It has happened in several incidents.
At least, that is what we've known to believe.

Oh Great God of War,
even he had fallen.
To the sight of a hatchet,
there is his wife,
minced to pieces.

Yes he to had soon fell,
because of one fatal mistake
now his heart lay stapled,
to an enormous mangle of hard steel.
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