I find it amazing how

Chakra is not in clothes, it's in the body, and living cells. Of course Jiraiya could have ordered customed made clothes.
I think if its that hot it should take out clothes. Like when Oro got caught a few times, it ripped his clothes, and Kabuto got uber fucked.
Was it really that the chakra was so HOT it burned the skin off? I don't recall that being specified...
Yeah ,remember when Oro touched KN4 and he vaporises in a sec,he had no choice but to switch bodies,the Kyubi chakra burns everytning that comes in contact with.Naruto's clothes are the same like Goku's,witch he had from King Kai :zaru :vegeta
Either the Kyuubi's chakra is unable to affect Naruto's clothing or this was another example of something plot induced.
I don't think it was specified that the chakra was actually hot, I thought it was just the nature of the chakra itself that sorta leaked through his open wounds and kinda took over. In which case, why wasn't there any blood on his clothes?
Reminds me of the VoTE and when Naruto was b*yatchslapping Sasuke with Kyuubi chakra and I was wondering why he wasn't getting burns. We all saw what happened with Sakura when she got a little Kyuubi slapping. Subtle inconsistencies are common in the Naruto universe.
i dont think ppl would like to see a naked naruto0.o
Why not, if it makes sense in the plot? (I know, don't ask for logic in a manga :\)

I thought it was cool how in Guyver the Bioboosted Armor, when Sho transformed to Guyver-mode his clothes got destroyed and then when he transformed back to human form he was naked (at least the first few times).
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