I can see it, Ichigo will scream and...

All Ichigo needs to do is try REALLY HARD with everyone (especially Orihime) cheering him on. After all, it worked against Grimmjaw :zaru.
I think they should all click their slippers together and say

"there's no place like home, There's no place like home"

That should work
Ichigo should ,technically, be able to open a Big Vagina. He should also be able to use Cero.
He just lacks the talent :(
Ulqui will come out of the box and say "What the fuck man, they didnt wait for me" and open a portal right there and leave it open. The rest will follow :eek:
Or Kenpachi will pull a Zoro and cut a path to the real world open. Everyone knows u swing harder with your sword when its in your mouth
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