I came about the situation the wrong way!

Shunsuke kiba

Fucker'd Up
Hey Guys remember i was talking about Naruto beating or killing Itachi well i just thought of something that makes more sense! Well the last one didnt make alot of sense but this is better!smile-big
You know when i said its like Dragon Ball Z how Kishi-Sama does some of his things, well i found it this way according to the Frieza verses Goku or what not.
Okay Vegeta wanted to kill Frieza for destroying his planet and he worked for this man all his life the killer of his family and friends, do you catch it now. If not its like Itachi under Madara's wing working with/for him and Madara killed off the Uchiha clan with Itachi's help but this event is still shady but so far thats just like DBZ. Itachi wants sasuke power to get rid of Madara to become the strongest. Ok as of now sasuke plays as Goku (Just becuase you use DBZ as an influence dont mean you cant warp or wrap characters personality and what they do, i came about the whole situation the wrong way!) :nuts he will kill or help Naruto kill Madara off. Plus it goes with the defeat of Vegeta by Frieza he told Goku that Frieza must die by Saiyan hands an Itachi is related to Sasuke so it kinda works out.:)

So right now Itachi can take his eyes and become a fighting force against madara or he ask Sasuke to team up or something. But idk its really open right now so im not really going on the endless oppurtunities of what could happen but what do you think.:nod
He won't ask Sasuke for help. He thinks once he has the necessary power he can take on Madara alone.

Itachi is going for the eyes.
no matter what writing repeats it self. themes are allways constantly being reused; the same characters like protaginist and the antagonist are used

u cant blame or proclaim the writer for getting these ideas from someone else. there universal.

anyways the teaming up of two peopel for the greater good or to defeat a greater evil has been used before in the marvel comics. alsmost every superhero has done it.
if its like that u can say, when ever a character is teaming up with another to stop someone stronger, there copying marvel. but we dont, cause its a idea thats so basic and its just interesting to read about.
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