How will Kakuzu pick up Hidan's head?

How will Kakuzu pick up Hidan's head?

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If your answer is 'other' , please elaborate!

(first time doing a Poll, bear with me please)..
I voted other because i don't think he will help him.
He reminded him to be careful and Hidan chose to be cocky.

Plus, Asuma is a possible bounty; He must be itching to get to him.
Hmm, Hidan the Talking Skull? O_o. Somehow this makes me think of both Monkey Island 1 & 2...

And for the poll: By the hair. IF he'll pick him up, that's it...
He already picked it up you can clearly see it in the spoiler pics. By the way I believe it's by the hair.
most probably it is gonna be his hair, but i voted for the ears. that would be just too hilarious, i would die from laughing
hes not goin to....

i bet all of us will see that kakuzu's hand changes colour and wham!

pizza anyone?
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