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Alright...its on.

Bring yo crap and die for your console :p


Some shit that was already said:

For 360:
Numbers wise the 360 makes the PS3 look a joke as far as units sold.

360 has a huge draw from Halo 3 alone. PS3 doesn't have a large driving game like that. Yes it has some amazing looking games but it's more for serious gamers.

The 360 sells more and will sell more for that reason. More kids have a 360 so more other kids will get a 360 cause that's what most of their friends have so they want to play the same games as them and be able to play online with them.

Also XBL is becoming a huge community.

I'm not saying what is a better system, that's an opinion but as far as sales go, the 360 is winning easy with the Wii in a distant 2nd and the PS3 way in 3rd.

The PS3 has a big dissadvantage with it's later release date and higher selling price...and lack of a big name game. Sure it Gran Tourismo but 360 has Forza but 360 Halo 3 and if you want to play Halo there is no substitute.

For PS3:

Check out clearly shows that wii is smoking the 360. I hate wii. I had one for a couple months and sold it because it is the most childish system ever.

Yes the 360 is killing the ps3 right now, but just wait.

This holiday season is supposed to put ps3 back on the charts. For 399, I bought a 40gig ps3 (better processor, better video card CAPABILITIES (not that they're properly being used yet), wifi (no buying an additional $100 wifi card), bluray player (winning the format battle and doesnt cost an additional $199 like the hd-dvd player), FREE online gaming, and the list goes on...) all that in the console. It also came with 2 controllers and an hdmi cable.

For the same 399, you get the XBOX 360 "Pro Holiday Bundle" which includes a 20gig console with one additional controller with Forza 2 (which ive heard is an excellent game, but will be NO MATCH for GT5) and Ultimate Alliance (terrible game, I know from experience).

Not only does PS3 have a BUNCH of unbelievable exclusives coming out (GT5, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid 4), but it also has most of what XBOX 360 has slated to come out.

Reliability is no contest...PS3 works 360 on this one. Can you say RROD? Im not sure about you but when I pay top dollar for a top of the line system I dont want to have to send my system back to the manufacturer to be fixed because some shmoe didnt glue the heat sink on properly or the design of the thing is flawed.

When the adults start buying blu-ray players, realise that little johnny wants a next gen console, and find out that online play (360's main drive) is free on PS3, no doubt the tables will turn.

Selling price is wayyyyy better for ps3 than it is for 360. Comparatively speaking, even the top of the line models matched up are slanted in ps3's favour. If you want wireless add 100 bones, want hd dvd, another 200 bones, want to play online, another 90 bones.

All that PLUS BETTER CAPABILITIES for something that comes standard in a system for the same price.

Alot of the new titles coming out now are going to better utilize the ps3's power which is going to be NUTS being able to play new, exciting, exclusive titles in the highest possible definition.

360's are now selling for cheaper because people are unloading their 360's to make room for their new PS3's:p
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360 ATM, both are good.

Oh and your gonna get banned, goodbye :) Read rules next time.
HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rules said:
So... let's go over the basic rules of the gaming department again (now with changes) since it's been awhile.

Regarding Next Gen System Threads, System War stuff (i.e. PS3 vs 360 vs Wii vs SHUT UP), and Duplicate Threads

We're all no strangers to next generation versus threads. Nintendo versus Microsoft versus Sony threads in the end do nothing but foster flaming and general hostility. Please avoid making "versus" or "favorite" next generation threads. If you want to talk about the newest systems, please do so here:
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Basically that shit is not tolerated here as it only leads to tardism and flaming. Similar threads will get closed and deleted as soon as they are created (or stickied if the tardism gets really epic).

You will more likely be warned for doing this, but hey we make mistakes here and there. But if it's fucking obvious that there's an official discussion thread and you either...

1) forget to use the search
2) don't even bother searching the first 2 pages before creating a similar thread
3) don't bother using search for something that has been well discussed over and over again while claiming ignorance

you will lose your thread creating privileges for 3 weeks. Happens again? Section ban for an undetermined amount of time. :amazed

This also applies to polls like "ZOMG WHICH SYSTEM IS THE BEST" etc because if you look at the history of this sub-forum, there's shit tons of them in here. We don't need any more, srsly.

And for arguments that lead to trolling, flaming, etc...

Due to frequent outbreaks where arguments step over the line and far too frequent warnings, this new policy will be active immediatedly: If you flame or troll (to delibrately attempt to spark a negative reaction) then you will be banned from the Gaming Department. There is no set number of warnings and you are not excused if someone did it first. Simply Private Message a Moderator and do not react.

We'd like the Gaming Department to be a civil Forum, and not spoiled by certain individuals taking things to a personal level.

Doesn't matter who's right, wrong, a tranny, etc. If you flame or troll for the reasons stated above, it's ban-kai time.


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  • Use the search function before making a thread about a popular subject or just scroll through the first two pages of the sub-forum.
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  • Keep x vs. y system junk away from here.
  • Don't flame or troll.
  • Check gamefaqs for simple tips before making a thread about it.

If you have any questions concerning anything, just PM either myself of Chamcham. Not only are we Super Moderators. we were prior mods of the Gaming Department.

Simple shit to keep this place enjoyable and tard free... well, almost anyway.


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See ya later. =)

Thanks for trying, but say goodbye to your thread making abilities for awhile.
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