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Naruto How much do characters confidence factor into your placement?


Active Member
This is a bit of a weird question but I will give some examples :

A4 confident that he can kill Bee.

Tsunade confident that she can react to A4:

Jiriaya confident that he can kill Itachi and Kisame :

Jiriaya confident that he can kill Tsunade :

Obito confident he can 1v1 the 5th strongest Hokage at 14 :

Does this reflect on a character's strength that they think that they are capable of doing it or is it just total BS and should just be ignored?

Aegon Targaryen

The Shield That Guards The Realm of Men
We can toss out A thinking he can kill Bee, as the manga later states as a plot point that as underestimated Bee.

The others are more debatable.

Gin Ichimaru

Well-Known Member
Once again, feats >>> statements

Statements by people acting confident is the least reliable. I can tell everyone I have a 9 inch dick when in reality all i have is 3 inches :oldshrug


Well-Known Member
Depends on the character's knowledge and personality.

Some characters are too full of themselves to ever admit inferiority.

Some characters can also be overly humble.

But the first and foremost factor is knowledge of the character.

If the character has intimate knowledge of the other character and says they can win, it's probably the case.
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