How many Tails does it take...?

We all know that kyuubi is the strongest bijuu around in Narutoverse. My question is, here, how many Kyuuby tails does Naruto has to use to beat some noteworthy characters. Let us begin?

OK. First. How many tails does it take to Naruto frighten/beat jounin-level ninjas like Kakashi and Kabuto?

Answer: 2 or 3. Manga proof:


How many tails does it take to beat kage-level ninjas like Jiraiya, Orochimaru?

Answer: 4. Manga proof:


Now, how many tails does it take to even being able to compare to a bijuu level true shinobi?


Answer: You bet.... it's 9! Manga proof:

If you want to, just count them, it's really nine! Nine tails to beat a 13 years old shinobi, that in further years would increase his power much more. And even so, Kyuubi could just beat him with his byakugan off! 13 years old Neji was already above bijuu-level!

Kyuubi had to show up himself. He sensed the threat that this still-genin but already supreme genius posed:

You know, as well as I do, that if kyuubi was pitied against a mere chuunin level, he would just give naruto some 3 of 4 tails. But that was Neji Hyuuga. The moment Naruto entered the fight against that Hyuuga genius, Kyuubi entered the list of endangered species.

And there you have it. Now you know what is the power of the clan that far surpasses bijuu =D
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Heheh, I have nothing to do with the GB. I'm quite new to this forums, even though I heard about Ando theories and I like them, even though most of them are farfetched. Neji was my favorite character, but now there's probably no room for him in te manga.

I just find it funny that kishimoto brought out of nowhere this talk about how many tails Naruto is using and all, when he has displayed all of the 9 tails against Neji. Retcon error, I guess =)
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