How good are you at playing Chess?

Well, I know how to move the pieces and I know the rules of the game, but that's about it. I rarely win a game.
I know the rules, I might take a game..once a year if bored. I have trouble with the computer on other words I suck.
I used to take chess lessons back at school for several weeks. :lmao loooool everyone was starring at me cause I wasn't fitting the chess-fanboi image. :rotfl
I was pretty good in them, but now I rarely ever even see them. =\
Low level, but I've once beaten chessmaster 9000 smile-big
A friend of mine was pretty good so she kinda taught me the basics.
so good that when i beat someone, i slam the board over their head, and shove the pieces down their throat.....i dont get very many opponents

twix wanna play?
No, it's because you're driving me nuts, why don't you stop sticking your butt on my business? Is it because your friends got banned?
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