How good are you at playing Chess?

I'm average. Pretty good at making strategies and changing them while playing, so I win most of the time. Though I would lose againts an expert, just because I don't plan anything and I like to think while am playing.
I used to be pretty good and could beat my grandfather every now and then.

Haven't played for years though.
I'm fucking amazing. Two years ago I was, anyway. People refused to play me since I never lost. Since then my skills have waned. If I had a good opponent and some practice I could get it back though.
I learned it but I never really played much. Noob level?
I'm horrendous , my lack of insight on the battle board has proved to be disastrous on numerous occasions
haha i used to be a nerd back in the day, used to play alot in lunch break when i was a kid. :p and good too.

now im just ok. not great but not bad
I am an okay player at the game. I still lose a lot, but at least I can drag the game out for a bit, but sometimes I do win. :amuse
There should be aNF chess championship, I cannot imagine getting very far in it though! I play once every 2-3 years.
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