How good are you at playing Chess?


How good are you at playing that game?:LOS Me? I just beat a lot of ace chess player at my school before:LOS
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I have actually never played chess before. :facepalm
No one in my family likes to play it, and none of my friends do, either, to my knowledge... so...
I'd like to learn, though. But I'd like to do it with another person rather than a computer program...
On a scale from 1-10, 1 being you do not know how the pieces move and 10 being a super-genius computer beating chess star... I'd rank myself a 2. Better make that a 1.5.
We used to play it all the time in 6th grade. I was so-so, but I didn't play it as often as the guys.
I'm terrible at chess. To me it's too strategic and analatical for me. I'm more decisive and free thinking and chess just doesn't hold my interest. I'm bad at strategy and thinking ahead sometimes....that may be why I suck so bad. >.<
I can beat everyone in my household, but I've never played against a pro before. Seriously, I go in those online chess rooms thinking I'm decent and get my ass handed to me.

In Jr. High, we (my friends and I) used to play in tournaments and the like. I would say that I'm above average, but far from great.
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