How do you think Sasuke's parents would feel about how he's turned out so far?

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they would be not happy which parent would be happy that their son has been away for 2 and a half years and has been receiving grueling buttsecks in that time :huh

huh tell which parent would be pleased
No poll man..

But I honestly think Sasuke is an absolute discrace to his parents, especially his father. He was hell bent on protecting Konoha and keeping order as the police cheif of Konoha. Sasuke claimes to be an avenger and want's to honor his dead clan by killing their killers. Sure his actions led to Itachi's defeat, but what he also acomplished was giving Oro the opertunity to take his body and DESTROY KONOHA! He's doing the exact opposite of what his father expected and is basically stomping/spitting/puking/shitting/pissing on his dreams. Real honorable :zaru
they would be not happy which parent would be happy that their son has been away for 2 and a half years and has been receiving grueling buttsecks in that time :huh

huh tell which parent would be pleased

Michael jackson for one:p

MJ: "As are my child"
I don't think they would approve of the path he has taken at all. They may understand why he's done what he's done, but there is always another way of doing things. He betrayed his home and turned his back on everyone who cared about him in order to get revenge.
His dad might. Sasuke is getting hella strong, after all, which was what always impressed him. His mom would most likely disapprove.

Doesn't matter tho, cause they're dead.
His reasons are justified. I think given the circumstances they would probably disagree with what he is doing. But, from his point of view, everything he is doing is another stepping stone in his journey. Not everything he has done is morally right of course, but it's the only route.
The only route?!? You kidden me?! There are always FAR more than one route, and Sasuke's parents definatly wouldn't aprove of his.

Sure there is, but if I put you in his perspective, I'm certain you would've done the same thing. Konoha definitely weren't doing anything to help him, and at the rate they were addressing Sasuke's revenge, Itachi would likely die of old age beforehand.
Disappointed. Angry. Sad.. And, um, really fucking guilty for ever, ever consummating a marriage that resulted in those two.
Both would be ashamed that he's had to stoop to such lows to get "power" to avenge their death.

His mom because she's...well...a mom, no mother would want their child to undergo such bullshit just to achieve a goal. Especially since he's got his own brother targeted for death. She's want reconsiliation.

His dad would be ashamed due to the stated above. And then proud for wanting to bring justice back to the Uchiha name IMO.
They'd be pissed he turned his back on Konoha in order to achieve his revenge. That is the way of Madara, not Fugaku.
Well Sasuke's dad would really congratulate Sasuke for becoming so powerful, but yet ashamed for becoming evil....
Would they not maybe be proud that he is going to such lengths to protect the honour of his fallen village by going after Itachi? That he would give up his friends, leave his village, all for the sake of upholding the honour of his fallen parents (etc)?

Doesn't that show true love to his parents? To give up all for them..
Maybe Sasuke isn't the good all round achiever that most parents hope for but I still think they would be proud in their own way.
His parents would be very ashamed because of how evil he has become to kill is own brother none the less. I don't think Sasuke's parents would want him to take the avenger path, but I guess it's to late now.
Sasuke's parents would be sad and angry at the same time to see their son have a thirst for power and revenge against another family member.
They wouldn't be happy to see him destroying himself to avenge them, but I don't think they'd necessarily disapprove of the avenging part.

Doubt they'd like the whole Orochimaru thing.
Both Sasuke's parents will be deeply dissapointed in Sasuke and Itachi. They both deeply care for their sons,and to see them try to kill each other in a all out fight,pains them both.
This is going off-topic but,I also think that Itachi didn't really kill his parents,it must've been just a coverup for Sasuke to begin his hatred,Itachi will never do such a thing I can imagine. It must've been Uchiha Madara.
They'd be turning in their graves right about now. Poor parents T___T. Sasuke's father was trying to warn the kid long before the massacre to stop obsessing over his brother but did he listen? NO!
if sasuke had a family, he wont go anywhere.....there are people that he loved the most beside him...who cares about itachi....uchiha police force will arrest him ....give him death punishment
proud for how the uchiha blood has made him god :LOS

and find him somewhat arrogant :sun
but that's filler :hehee
Lets see.

- Betray your village
- Betray your friends
- Go to to work with Orochimaru
- Never surpass his big brother

Cant say there is much there that they would be proud of.
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