how do you think Sasuke's parents would feel about how he has turned out so far?

what would be their reaction?

  • They wouldn't be shocked.....anything to revive the clan

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  • Very disappointed that sasuke went to Oro instead of relying on friends and his own power

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  • Sad that the fate of the clan has come down to a death battle between two brothers

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  • some other emotion

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I don't know. :oh

We didn't really get to know all that much about them, so we can't accurately judge their response to the person Sasuke has become. :nod
If he was my son, I'd be very proud of him.

I think he's turned out to be a lovely person, especially given all the horrible things that he's gone through.

I don't personally believe in revenge, but it's natural to want it and I think we can see that Sasuke really loved his parents very much. And since apparently getting revenge for a loved one's death is acceptable in this book (Shikamaru's revenge), then I guess if I were part of that culture I wouldn't see Sasuke's desire for revenge as unusual.

I'd be proud that he still thinks about me when his teacher pretty much said in so many words that he should forget about me.

I'd be proud that he did what he could, even endangering himself, for my honor and to stop who he believes is a danger to others (this being Itachi. I think Itachi's innocent personally, though).

That he tried to take down someone that Konoha was willing to let run loose (this being Orochimaru).

I'd be glad that he didn't let his friends follow after him blindly when he knew they'd just be in danger.

I'd be glad that he assembled a team he knew would be strong enough to help him. That he freed prisoners of Orochimaru's and helped Juugo control his curse seal issues.

That he spared Naruto's life instead of killing him like he was told to.

That he went out of his way to spare Deidara's life even when Deidara was attacking him.

Yep, there's plenty about Sasuke I'd be proud of if he were my son.:)
IMO, I'd would be ashamed of him. He went and abandoned all his friends and a good life to go and hunt down his brother in cold blood. Itachi wanted to kill people (his best friend and now trying to kill sasuke) to gain power. Sasuke wanted to gain power to kill a certain person (itachi). The truth of the matter is that sasuke is a mirror image of his brother, the only difference is just the way thier goals are arranged. The only thing his parents would be proud of him would be alive right now.
I don't think they would be very proud of havin' their son spending 2 years and a half with a pedo :awesome
I have no idea about Fugaku but I have a feeling that Mikoto would've been upset by her son's choice. He had a good life (excluding the tragedy of course) before he left his friends and Konoha and his mother seemed like the kind of person who would've wanted him to live on in that happiness. But I guess it's still hard to say much about them.
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