How do you think Madara will react/feel?

How will Madara react/feel?

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Seriously if Itachi is dead (I won't say yes until it's confirmed), no doubt Madara will be pleased I assume, but I think the circumstances of his death will matter most. Do you think he will be happy with Sasuke's supposed victory, or do you think he will have expected more from Sasuke? If Madara isn't happy nobody is happy kind of like marriage except this time it's the male playing the must be happy role. :zaru Vote!
I think Madara really wanted to have Sasuke as the victor in his fight with Itachi. I've always thought that he must have some kind of plan that has Sasuke in the equation.
lol I think he will react just like the emperor when dooku and darth maul died :OOO
He'll be happy...things are moving along nicely...Sasuke's ascension to hawk is near.
Madara won't be happy untill sasuke has.......................................... ...........HAWKPOWER!!

(seriously do people still believe in that crazy theory!)
I don't know what the whole hawk thing is really about, but one thing is for sure, Sasuke has "shed his serpentine scales," and Madara will be pleased.
I believe Madara wanted Sasuke to win. Plus, if Itachi won he would have just caused trouble for Madara anyways. Now, we only have to find out what excactly Madara has in store for Sasuke. Though I could care less atm, I wish we can shift focus for a few months to Kakashi or Sakura.
He's probably having his evil villain moment right now. :kukuku

This is a win-win situation for him. Even if Sasuke doesn't develop into the hawk, Itachi's death would mean one less person after his head.
Madara will be pleased for sure. Not because of the circumstance (which, in essence, is irrelevant), but because the victory will make Sasuke more disposed to whatever Madara wants from him.

Poor Itachi was raised for slaughter. :(
Madara has ascended to the ranks of Shinigami, and has come down and given his descendants his death note. Itachi had seemingly failed, so he wrote down his name right before he busted out Susano-O. :LOS
madara will be pleased to find out that sasuke defeated itachi, but he will feel disappointed when he finds out HOW sasuke defeated itachi. first he will think that sasuke's sharingan really is strong but afterwards he will feel that sasuke's sharingan isnt all that... yet
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