How do you embed a youtube video in one of these NF posts.


Deux Ex Machina Lolz
I've tried the embed HTML code but it doesn't work, I don't know how to use the You Tube tag.

Please tell me as soon as possible how to embed a YouTube video inside a post, thank you.
because i've never wanted to embed one until now, usually I CAN be do it, but this forum, well my account anyway, HTML has been disabled.
HTML has been disabled for the whole forum, probably because of potential abuse.

Use the [youtube=insert YouTube URL]Video Name[/youtube] method if you want the name of the video to show up in the embedment.
Are you sure you did it right?

Kogepan in Youtube: DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!


To do that, type [YOUTUBE][/.YOUTUBE] , just replace the link with your desired video's YouTube link, and remove the period inside the tag.


To include "Kogepan" in the embedment, use [YOUTUBE=]Kogepan[/.YOUTUBE]

Remove the period and replace the link and title.

Try it again.



I read your PM. You're tring to use this link, right?


Try removing the "uk" from the link.



It's working now ;)
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