HOW DO THEY KNOW!?!?!?!?!?


death god:

the victim is locked in the belly of the death god and is forced to battle in pain for eternity


the victim is locked in a dream like state for all of eternity

how does anyone actually know this? Is there an instruction manual that comes with these jutsu or something?
Well since Minato invented the jutsu he would know. Then for Susanoo Madara might know since i'm guessing he was the first to activate MS.
Probably involves making a pact somewhere with conditional agreements such as "God will lock receiver of Jutsu into eternal pain." Naruverse likes pacts.

Or maybe when summoned, the gods just chill for a little while after being summoned and chat a bit with whoever is still around. A little hard for the Death God, but who knows, there might be bystanders?
Yeah because it would be so much better if Kishi left it to our imaginations :S

Sometimes the writer needs to break the rules a little, so we can understand what's going on. But in Minato's case, it's likely that he had to make some sort of deal with the Death God to be able to create such a powerfull justu.
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