Honkai Impact 3rd Feats Catalog (Updated: May 2023--Part I Complete!)

The three main girls: Bronya, Kiana, and Mei.
Honkai Impact 3rd is a spiritual successor to the Gun Girlz series. It is not a sequel. Through the Imaginary Tree, Honkai Impact 3rd is connected to Genshin Impact and the disconnected Rosemary Rita as confirmed . This thread will not be covering Genshin Impact.

This is not going to be a respect thread but rather a catalog to list the feats in the game, comics, and visual novels.

You can search for feats within groups, which are sorted as follows:

[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids]
[Visual Novels]
[Tier Lists]

Progress Report:

Main Story: The Moon's Origin and Finality

Where Dreams Began:
  • Dusk, Girls, Battleship: Finished
  • Voice in the Dreams: Finished
The End of Destiny
  • Poem of the Wind: Finished
  • Betrayal Has a Silvery Smile: Finished
  • Tundra Reunion: Finished: Finished
  • Babylon's Prisoner: Finished
Under the Falling Sky
  • Lift the Sword of Rebellion: Finished
  • Will of the Herrscher: Finished
  • Journey for Tomorrow: Finished
  • Arc Stalker: Finished
From the Deep Ocean
  • Under the Deep: Finished
  • Deep End of the Sea: Finished
  • Void Heavens & Diane's Sojourn: Finished
  • Plain of Vigrid: Finished
A Shooting Star Streaking Across the Night
  • ARC Nocturne: Finished
  • Dispel the Darkness: Finished
Elegy to Yesterday
  • The Prodigal Girl Returns: Finished
  • Imminent Storm: Finished
  • Thunders Over Nagazora: Finished
Here Lies Bellflower
  • From Beds of Everlasting Snow: Finished
  • Into Earth Does the Water Flow: Finished
Taixuan Dreams
  • Immortal Phoenix: Finished
  • Wings of Reawakening: Finished
  • Me and Myself: Finished
Remaining Flames
  • The Solo Stage: Finished
  • The Legion Theater: Finished
  • Set Tomorrow Ablaze: Finished
Thus Spoke Apocalypse: Finished

Elysium Everlasting
  • Tochter aus Elysium: Finished
  • Marcia Funebre: Finished
  • Fur Elysia: Finished
New Journey
  • End of the World: Finished
  • In the Name of the Truth: Finished
  • The Moon's Origin and Finality: Finished
Toward a New Tomorrow
  • Finality of Destiny: Finished
  • The Showdown: Finished
Main Story: Dance of Life and Death

Hailing from Nagazora

Open World:
  • Sakura Samsara: Finished
  • Schicksal HQ: Finished
  • A Post-Honkai Odyssey: Up to Date
  • Elysian Realm: Finished

  • Everlasting Memory: Finished
  • Chapter Xuanyuan: Finished
  • Chapter Chiyou: Finished
  • Dilemma Dreamland: Finished
  • Kallen Fantasy VII: Finished
  • The Forgotten: Finished
  • Dreams of Gemina: Finished

  • Midnight Chronicle: Finished
  • Chaotic Dimension: Finished

  • Volume 0.01: Finished
  • Volume 0.011: Finished
  • Volume 0.02: Finished
  • Volume 0.1: Finished
  • Volume 0.22: Finished
  • Volume 0.3: Finished
  • Volume 0.999: Finished
  • Volume 1: Finished
  • Volume 2: Finished
  • Volume 3: Finished
  • Volume 4: Finished
  • Volume 5: Finished
  • Volume 5.1: Finished
  • Volume 6: Finished
  • Volume 7: Finished
  • Volume 7.1: Finished
  • Volume 8: Finished
  • Volume 9: Finished

Visual Novels:
  • Durandal: Finished
  • Saga of the Shattered Swords: Up To Date
  • Anti-Entropy: Finished

  • Sanguine Nights: Finished
  • Winter Rhapsody: Finished
  • Honkai Kingdoms: Finished
  • Seele's Quantum Diary: Finished
  • Gemina Invasions: Finished
  • Armada Imaginary Maze: Finished
  • Odd Drifter: Finished
  • Stygian Blooms: Finished
  • Sanka Saga:
  • Rita Birthday:
  • Cybernet Havens:
  • Honkai Kingdoms: Zero:
  • Estranged Stars:
  • Gemina Invasions: Deep Paradise:
  • Rosemary's Floriograph:
  • Honkai Quest:
  • New Century:
  • Rosemary Birthday:
  • Arc: Light Bound:
  • Estival Seaside Amusement Park:
  • Shattered Dimensions:

  • Kiana Plays Honkai: Not Included
  • Summer Memories: Not Included
  • Ai-Chan's Facts: Not Included
  • AI Chan Origins: Not Included
  • Spring Festival Trip: Not Included
  • Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou: Not Included
  • Outworld Traveler: Not Included
  • Secret Project Arahato Alpha: Not Included
  • Reburn: Not Included
  • Bronya: Not Included
  • Cooking With Valkyries: Not Included
  • ELF Academy: Not Included
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapters 1 -15
Game Chapter 1
1-3: Kiana is a rookie Valkyrie. She is rank B.
1-7: Time Fracture is the final product of Plan Celine. Kiana as a rank-B Valkyrie uses this easily and regularly in battle.
1-10: Plan Celine is a project to figure out how the second Herrscher manipulated time. The Time Fracture system is the final product of this project. It works due the relationship between the speed of light and time: time observed slows as one approaches lightspeed. It is almost impossible to reach the speed of light. The second Herrscher slows time down by increasing the light particles' damping coefficient. In this same way, Valkyries can reach extremely high speeds.
1-30: Kiana and Mei fight Ganesha, a Honkai that killed two A-rank Valkyries and seriously injured twelve other Valkyries.

Game Chapter 1 Remake
1-4: It's confirmed that Kiana fought an emperor-class Honkai beast and caused it to flee.
1-9: The emperor-class Honkai returns and is too strong for Kiana and Mei, but Mei is able to defeat it by tapping into her Herrscher powers.

Game Chapter 2
2-1: Kiana and Mei are confirmed to have defeated Ganesha. Kiana probably did most of the lifting considering that she has six months of practical experience over dream!Mei.
2-9: Sessiria Sania (Cecilia Schariac) is an S-rank Valkyrie dating from 2000 (fourteen years ago). Her husband is Siegfried Kalsana. Their daughter is Kiana Kalsana.
2-13: The Mysterious Voice used Honkai energy to create the dream world that she trapped Kiana in.
2-16: Mei is claimed by the Mysterious Voice to be a fake Herrscher.
2-16: The second Herrscher had the destructive power of "space." Fourteen years ago, she trapped all of Siberia in "the Imaginary Space" once she appeared. If things had continued in that way, "half of the world would've been destroyed. Sessiria went and fought the second Herrscher and a fierce battle ensued. Before the Herrscher could kill Sessiria, people within Schicsial launched missiles towards Siberia because they believed that Sessiria would lose. The Herrscher did stop after this, much to the surprise of everyone.
2-17: Gem of Hope is a crystal of Honkai energy that was trusted on to determine if it could match the power of a Herrscher.
2-20: Kiana and Mei defeat a corrupted Bronya.

Game Chapter 2 Remake
2-6: Siren creates a world to test Kiana.
2-8: D-rank Valkyries are Support Valkyries. Kiana is currently a B-rank. Only B-rank Valkyries and higher can fight on the frontlines.
2-13: Kiana beats Mei in an exam battle.
2-14: Kiana beats Bronya in an exam battle.
2-15: Kiana impresses Fu Hua in a practice battle.
2-17: Kiana fights and defeats a simulated Ganesha, an emperor-class Honkai.

Sakura Samsara Open World & Asura Raid
- Cecilia is able to defeat Yae Sakura being controlled by the twelfth Herrscher, though Cecilia is assisted by Yae fighting from within.
- In another Samsara, Yae is able to kill Cecilia.

Everlasting Memories
- Theresa is a clone called A-310. Jusy after being born, she defeats a Chariot-level Honkai beast, though she suffers a broken arm in the process. Her arm quickly heals because she is infused with cells of a Honkai namrd Visnu that can regenerate.
- Emperor-level Honkai can easily disptach a team of one A-rank Valkyrie and 5 B-rank Valkyries, according to Otto. Pravati, the emperor-level Honkai, is just a re-color of Ganesha, who Kiana defeats in the dream world.

- Fu Hua is the best student in Kiana's class. She is an A-rank Valkyrie.
- The Xuanyuan sword possesses Himeko and attacks Kiana, Mei, and Bronya, whom are able to defeat her.

Game Chapter 3
3-1: Kiana is confirmed to be a Second Lieutenant.
3-2: If all of the weapons on the mysterious floating battleship were put to use, they would be able to destroy the North American continent. The maximum power of the Honkai Furnace on the Hyperion is 1380 HW. On The Selene, it is 12,000 HW. The most powerful Honkai Furnace that Schicksal can create is 1500 HW. Herrscher Mei used 3200 HW EP to destroy the Hyperion.
3-4: Wendy, a girl confined to a wheelchair, is the Gem of Desire previously mentioned. Before being implanted with the Gem of Desire, Wendy was a Valkyrie with very high potential. Her potential was high enough that people believed that she would become the fourth S-rank Valkyrie in the current generation.
3-7: If the energy of the Gem of Desire was released, it would vaporize several cities in an instant according to Himeko.
3-8: Wendy begins to warp the ground around her using her powers, changing a concrete ground into a field of flowers. Wendy becomes the Wind Herrscher, the fourth Herrscher.
3-10: Wendy defeats Kiana, Mei, and Bronya but spares them due to not wanting to kill Bronya.
3-12: Durandal is an S-rank Valkyrie. She has the reputation of being the strongest S-rank Valkyrie.
3-15: People, according to Wendy, suggest that S-rank Valkyries have the same level of power of Herrschers.
3-18: Bronya is able to remotely controlled by her mother Cocolia (Kakaria). She's able to have her own will overridden to obey her programmed commands. Kiana, Mei, and Bronya fight Wendy to a standstill. They fought her well enough that Anti-Entropy forces were able to neutralize Wendy with one attack.

Game Chapter 4
4-4: Theresa is no longer a Valkyrie. When she was, she was offered an S-rank title but turned it down.
4-17: Cocolia developed technology that would allow mecha to utilize the Gem of Hope properly. The MSR-7 God Father mecha proved to be a difficult battle for Mei, Kiana, Theresa, and Himeko, but they managed to defeat it.

The Forgotten
- Fu Hua's name in the past was Jingwei.
- Nuwa is an ancient goddess of creation.
- Fu Hua has eternal youth.
- Fu Hua defeats Xuanyuan in her memory world.

Game Chapter 5: Note that this is all an illusion crafted by the second Herrscher Sirin.
5-3: In the year 2000, Theresa is injured in a battle against the Second Herrscher. The battle last four minutes and fifty seconds according to Theresa in 5-10.
5-4: Kiana battles Theresa, though the battles is inconclusive.
5-5: During the time of February 7th, 2000, the Second Herrscher is still not at full strength, according to Theresa.
5-9: The Second Herrscher can control machines such as battle suits and helicopters.
5-12: Both the Second Herrscher and the Honkai beast Son of Dawn survived a full-powered attack from the Judgment of Shamash.
S5-6: Siegfried fights the Second Herrscher for longer than Theresa did, and the Herrscher wonders whether he is stronger than Theresa. Siegfried states that even with Theresa, they wouldn't be able to defeat the Herrscher.
5-13: Cecilia used to be the strongest Valkyrie before having her daughter. She has been resting for an entire year since then.
5-14: Theresa says that Cecilia is barely half as strong as she used to be.
5-16: Son of Dawn is defeated in one blow by the special effect of Shadow Orchid, which can de-materialize anything.

Game Chapter 6: Note that besides 6-15, this is all an illusion crafted by the second Herrscher Sirin (Celine).
6-7: Celine (the second Herrscher) quickly kills Cecilia. (Dream Sequence)
6-10: Celine is impressed by Cecilia's "tricks" and comments that she is different from those who came before her. Celine can teleport. (Illusion)
6-14: Celine is tremendously weakened after being distracted by Kiana and getting hit Cecilia's sneak attack. (Illusion)
6-15: Shadow Knight Fu Hua defeats a non-awakened Herrscher Kiana.

Dilemma Dreamland
- Fu Hua enters Bronya's mind.
- HOMU is the best warrior in the HOMU kingdom.

Final HOMU Fantasy

Snowwolf Raid

Kallen's Fantasy

Game Chapter 7
7-1: Kiana is confirmed to be K423. Celine is able to summon Belle even though she is slumbering.
7-3: Himeko battles Benarres. She isn't able to defeat and has trouble putting it down.
7-7: With her Shadow Knight limiters removed, Fu Hua battles Benarres.

Schicksal Open World

Game Chapter 8
8-4: Fu Hua reappears at Schicksal HQ, implying that she successfully defeated Benarres. Later on, Rita Rossweisse confirms that Fu Hua defeated Benarres. Fu Hua and Rita go on to confront Theresa and her companions, though they are not aiming to kill them.
8-6: Fu Hua and Rita defeat Himeko and Tesla.
8-7: Theresa removes the detonation system attached to Mei's heart.
8-8: Mei utilizing her Herrscher powers battles Kiana, who has been possessed by a Herrscher.
8-10: Gameplay indicates that Kiana is fighting against the Herrscher from within as Mei fights. Herrscher Kiana defeats Herrscher Mei, seemingly without much trouble.

Game Chapter 9
9-1: Tesla says that has never seen Honkai energy levels as high as Herrscher Kiana's.
9-2: HW is still the used measurements rather than hW.
9-3: Theresa challenged the Herrscher of the Void but doesn't provide much of a challenge. It's reconfirmed that the Herrscher is possessing Kiana's body rather than Kiana becoming a Herrscher. Mei comments that the Herrscher of the Void is much stronger than Mei's own Herrscher form and Herrscher Wendy. Bronya with Yamabuki armor blocked attacks from Benarres. Theresa and Mei (with Bronya supporting with covering fire) defeat Benarres.
9-4: Theresa (in her Blood Knight suit), Mei, and Bronya battle Celine. They give Celine a tougher fight than expected. Celine breaks the chains from the Oath of Judah. The Gem of Serenity is within Kiana's body, which allowed the Herrscher to awaken.
9-5: The Herrscher absorbs the Gem of Conquest from Mei's body. She battles Theresa, in her Blood Knight suit, and defeats her.
9-7: Fu Hua fights Rita. Rita fights Fu Hua evenly, though Fu Hua realizes that Rita is only trying to delay her. As Fu Hua was going to tap into a Divine Key, Rita commented that she needed to try her best now to fight back.
9-8: Fu Hua surprises the Herrscher with her abilities.
9-9: The Herrscher commends Fu Hua's skills but still defeats her with relative ease. The narrator notes the Herrscher was wounded, but her quick regeneration made them ultimately harmless. Otto confirms that this Herrscher is the same as the one that began the second war. The last time Otto saw Fu Hua injured as badly as she is now was at Heaven's Pinnacle 500 years ago. The body of the Herrscher houses the minds of K433 and Celine, and it is the latter that is the Herrscher.
9-15: C-rank Valkyries exist. Lower levels possibly exist as well.
9-16: Himeko obtains the Vermillion Knight battlesuit, which Otto planned as a trump card to directly fight the Herrscher. This battlesuit has the Gem of Haste within in order to replicate the powers of the Herrscher of Fire. Only S-rank Valkyries were supposed to don it, but Fu Hua believes that Himeko can do it.
9-20: Tesla repeats that she has never seen Honkai energy levels as high as this Herrscher's.
9-21: Himeko fights Celine. Himeko is. strong enough to cause Celine to bleed and make her go all out. The Selene is then used against Celine, which causes her to lose a lot of energy. Himeko is eventually able to trap Siren, though she sacrifices her life to do so.

Game Chapter 1X
1X-1: The awakening of Celine caused a global eruption event, which devastated the planet for four months.
1X-5: Rita battles Mei. Rita is impressed with Mei, but she defeats her without much trouble.
1X-6: Rita is an S-rank Valkyrie.
1X-7: Otto is confident that Rita can defeat Theresa, Mei, and Bronya.

Game Chapter 10
10-4: In the Previous Era, the Ninth Herrscher created a pseudo black hole and destroyed the continent of Mu.
10-5: The Sea of Quanta is the dimension that connects all parallel universes.
10-6: Theresa's Blood Knight suit suppresses her power to only 15% of what she can truly do. Einstein removes the code, but Theresa will have to wait some time to reach her 100% potential.
10-13: Theresa has her third level of restrictions lifted from her Blood Knight armor.
1-14: Theresa defeat Tlaloc.

Eye of the Deep

Game Chapter 11
11-1: Bronya has yet to unlock Project Bunny's full potential.
11-11: Welt fought in the Sea of Quanta but was defeated by an adversary who was far stronger than he was. Welt created the Labyrinth that Bronya currently finds herself in. The Labyrinth is a trial for those seeking to enter the Sea of Quanta. The Labyrinth contains three worlds created by Welt.
11-16: Seele fights Bronya and defeats her.
11-18: After receiving power from Welt, Bronya is able to match Seele, though not defeat her. Bronya also battles and defeats Tlaloc. The energetic force of the First Herrscher's core was able to destroy multiple bubble universes. Bronya becomes the Herrscher of Reason and defeats Tlaloc without much difficulty.

Game Chapter 11 EX
11 EX-6: Kiana masters the powers of the void simply by using the sheer might of her will.

Game Chapter 12
12-5: Theresa confirms that Emperor-class Honkai are no match for S-rank Valkyries
12-7: Thesera lifts the fourth stage of restrictions from her armor.
12-11: Sakura slashes her sword in the air and freezes the fabric of space-time, freezing Seele and Kevin in the process. It lasts for a few seconds.
12-12: Kevin is stated by Seele to have created the universe that they were previously in. It was created from his memories. According to Kevin, Bronya crossed multiple bubble universes to find Seele.

Game Chapter 13

13-5: Void Drifter Kiana is able to evenly match Argent Knight: Artemis Rita in combat.
13-15: Kiana can create portals.

Chapter Chiyou

Dreams of Gemina

Game Chapter 14
14-5: Raven's serum is able weaken Void Walker Kiana to the point of beating able to defeat her

Game Chapter 15
15-5: Durandal defeats Mei.
15-7: Otto believes that Durandal can defeat Kiana if she ends up being unable to control her Herrscher powers. It should be noted that in Rita's report to Durandal, Rita states that Kiana using her Herrscher powers is weaker than Sirin using her Herrscher powers during her second awakening. Durandal and Kiana in her White Comet fight, but it's clear that Kiana is losing. Kiana states that Durandal is stronger than anyone she knows.
15-8: Kiana feels that there is an insurmountable gap between her and Durandal. Kiana is able to focus her Herrscher (she shows two yellow eyes) powers into forming sub-space lances. She is able to destroy a portal connecting to the Quantum Sea with them.
15-10: Kevin is able to sense Honkai energy within 100 miles.
15-11: Kevin cannot be affected by Fenghuang Down.
15-13: Kevin defeats Phoenix Fu Hua. He was impressed by her. Kevin can control ice. Kevin and Durandal fight all of the way to the arctic (or Kevin covers so much the Mediterranean and desert in ice that is resembles the arctic).
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[Comics] Volumes 0 - 7.1
Volume 1
1.11: Monster rushed through large concrete bridge (Wall level)
1.15-16: Bronya's Project Bunny 19C easily cuts through the giant monster that ripped through a concrete bridge.
1.19: Honkai concentration draws monsters. The higher the concentration, the greater the amount of monsters.
1.27-2.1: Monster destroys a apartment complex with one sword swing.
2.3-4: Bronya's Project Bunny parries a strike from the giant monster.
2.4-5: Bronya and Project Bunny get struck through multiple buildings by the monster.
2.10-12: Herrscher Mei blocks a direct swing from the monster with a shield.
2.13-18: Herrscher Mei one-shots the monsters and creates a large column of Honkai energy.
3.5-8: Herrscher Mei creates an energy attack forces the air ship Hyperion to put up its shields at maximum power.
4.2: Himeko Murata is an A-rank Valkyrie. HQ believes that S-rank Valkyries are needed for support.
4.7-14: Himeko uses Nuclear Burst, powered by the Nexus System, to clash an energy beam fired by Herrscher Mei, which causes an explosion that destroys multiple city blocks.

Volume 2

5.8-9: Kiana rips through Herrscher Mei's wings with her bare hands.
6.19: To find her dad, Kiana needs to become an A-rank Valkyrie.
8.8-9: Ji Xuanyuan, the Yellow Emperor, is the first human to have to abilities to fight the Honkai. She defeated them single-handedly.
9.6: Random soldier flash steps and knocks out Kiara in one hit.
10.2-3,11-12: Kiana gains the Knight Moonbeam suit and blocks a punch from a Honkai that could do minor damage to a wall. She one-shots it.
11.7: Kallen Kaslana is the most powerful Valkyrie in history.

Purple Kites (Volume 0.1)
1.4: Schicksal is the largest anti-Honkai organization in the world in 1470.
1.12: Fu Hua (Jingwei) of the Ming defeats Kallen Kaslana at the Battle of the Kipchak Steppe (1475). At this time, Kallen was the strongest Valkyrie.
4.5-6, 11: Kallen steals a bag of gold, which took ten men to carry, without much difficulty in handling it.
7.9-13: Eleanor easily defeats a hesitant Kallen when using her black spear.
8.3-4: Judgment of Shamash reduces its victims to ashes.
11.2-8: Kalsana fights against a Honkai whom she believes is similar in power to the one that killed Francis. She defeats it without much trouble.
11.10: Chains of the Oath of Judah can drain the power of the enemy.
13.5: The archives in the Void Archives, unlocked by the First Divine Key, contain all of the knowledge of the previous era.

Sakura Samsara (Volume 3)
12.6: The Pseudo Herrscher Yuna gives energy readings weaker than Herrscher Mei.
12.9: The Oath of Judah can open up and produce many lances at once.
12.11 and 14: The vines from the Pseudo Herrscher Yuna are poisonous enough to remove Theresa from combat.
13.3: The inner demon within Yae Sakura states that Yae Sakura is too weak to defeat the Pseudo Herrscher.
13.12-13: The Second Herrscher begins to create a "doomsday-level spacetime rift" that the Hyperion would not be able withstand even making contact with. There's then a command to fire 12 fission missiles from Hyperion's weapons bay are launched towards where Cecilia and her team were fighting the Second Herrscher.
14.2: The Oath of Judah is made up of Soulium in order to take hits from Herrschers.
14.10-19: Yae Sakura gives Theresa her stigmata and, as a result, Theresa easily dispatches Pseudo Herrscher Yuna.
15.22: Theresa is an S-rank Valkyrie.

Volume 4
22.2: Mei cannot cut through the fox demon's body. She's can't leave a scratch.
23.1-6: Theresa in her Celestial Hymn garment/form is able to fight and pierce through the body of the fox demon. Kallen Kalsana previously sealed him, and he describes himself as "the twelfth, the destroyer of humanity."
24.1.7-8: Some of the weapons such as the Oath of Judah are made from defeated Herrscher cores. These weapons are called Divine Keys. Some of them include the Oath of Judah (made from the core of the eleventh Herrscher), the Abyss Flower (sixth), Judgment of Shamash (seventh), and Xuanyuan Sword (tenth).
24.1.17: Dr. Mei trapped the twelfth Herrscher in the Black Box.
24.1.21-22: Kallen Kalsana battles the twelfth Herrscherr that was infused within Yae Sakura's body and sealed it within Yae. Once the Herrscher gave in, it became the Divine Key Jizo Mitama.

Volume 5
25.22: The Anti-Entropy sovereign is able to force down the rest of the group without any visible effort. He is also stated to be the First Herrscher, though he is really just a clone.
26.6-10-27.1-2: Anti-Entropy leader blocks a direct hit from Project Bunny with an energy barrier.
26.3-5: The cloned First Herrscher easily defeats Bronya.
28.6-9, 14: The cloned First Herrscher has the ability to manipulate gravity. He can make things lighter or heavier. He doesn't know his other powers, and he can only manipulate things within his sight.
29.11-12: Herrscher Mei can control cloud-to-ground lightning.
33.2: The Judgment of Shahmash: Zweihänder makes use of all of the energy from its core. It has even reduced an entire city to ash before.
33.11-12: Herrscher Mei easily overpowers and defeats the cloned First Herrscher.
34.6-7: Anti-Entropy can package things into a quantum state and summon them in their true size later on.
37.10-12: The cloned First Herrecher creates a black hole and absorbs Kiana's attack.
38.9-14: Kiana's Moonbeam Empress suit one-shots the First Herrscher.
39.5-8: Welt, the true First Herrecher, creates a black hole and kills a clone of himself. He specifically cites that it is at 10,000 G.

Volume 6

40.9-10: A Welt clone kills three Valkyries with one attack.
42.3-10: Fu Hua quickly recovers from a one megavolt shock, which usually leaves A-rank Valkyries unable to move for some time.
43.9: Wraith is an A-rank Valkyrie.
45.9: Fu Hua doesn't think that she would have a good chance at defeating Siegfried.
45.10-12: Siegfried is one of the three most dangerous enemies of Schicksal. He is also said to be as strong as S-rank Valkyries.
47.7: A Welt clone has killed many A-rank Valkyries.
47.14-17: Fu Hua one-shots a Welt clone right after easily breaking through his 100× g attack.
49.1-9: Kiana absorbs the Gem of Serenity.
50.8-9: Sirin (Celene) swiping at Fu Hua released the Vapor of Serenity, which rapidly aged her coat.
51.6: Fu Hua claims that Sirin has enough power to destroy Singapore.
51.10-17: Fu Hua in her Shadow Knight suit is able to easily defeat a limited Sirin in Kiana's Knight Moonbeam.
52.8: Fu Hua lost most of her powers and immortality in her fight against Kallen at the Battle of the Kipchak Steppe (1475). She has not regained any of them since then.

Azure Waters (Volume 0.3)

0.7: Cocolia moves out of Bronya's sniper scope view and next to her so quickly that Bronya is still looking through the scope when Cocolia arrives.
0.12: The second Hokau eruption is confirmed to have destroyed Siberia and most of far-east Russia.
1.1-4: Bronya, Seele, and Sin all learn to manipulate liquid metal.
4.8-10: Seele has a power within her that can posses her. The demon is able to interact with the physical world.
5.1-6: Seele invades Sin's mind and tortures him.
8.6-8: Seele is able to teleport from deep within a sea to the surface.

Second Impact (Volume 0.2)

0.7: Sirin can phase through solid objects.
0.20: Welt is able to take apart missiles after they were fired at him.
1.8: Patricia "Pat" Highsmith is an A-rank Valkyrie.
2.11: Sirin used up almost all of her energy in one night.
2.15-16: Sirin creates a spatial distortion around Patricia. Sirin, even with most of her energy used up, is still easily above A-rank Valkyries.
2.13: Honkai obeys the first law of thermodynamics.
3.12: Salome Jokanaan and Shub-Niggurath are both A-rank Valkyries.
11.9-10: Welt uses a gravity attack to kill hundreds of Honkai and bring both Salome and Niggurath to their knees.
11.17-20: Welt creates a black hole to pull in Siren.
19.38-40: Siren flings meteors from the moon to Earth.
25.2: It takes 48 hours for Arahato to make it to the moon.
25.6-7: Honkai don't appear to need oxygen.
25.8: Bella and Sirin can use telepathy to communicate.
26.4-5: Welt can fly at speeds that Sirin and Bella can't immediately catch up as they chase him.
26.16-18: Welt creates a "Quasi Black Hole," which Sirin describes as being the same thing he had used previously against her. Sirin limits its growth by pressing back on it with her powers.
28.2-8: Einstein describes qualities that Welt's Quasi Black Hole has: time dilation. It also noted as having an event horizon. This supports that the First Herrscher core grants the ability to create real black holes.
29.9-14: Sirin survives inside an increasing weighty situation of a core being raised to 1.4 solar masses.
30.8: Sensors detect that Sirin is far stronger than her initial readings. It's important to note that Bella is not noted as being stronger than Sirin's initial readings even though she is a judgment-class Honkai (30.28).
31.4: Cheng Lixue is noted as being the strongest A-rank Valkyrie.
31.12-13: Oath of Judah: Zeroth Power negates all electrical, bioelecritcal, and Honaki reactions within its field.
32.7-11: Cecilia spars against Niggurath, and despite not having battled in over a year, Celica wins with one hit.
33.12-14: The Fourteenth Herrscher is larger than the distance between the Earth and the moon.
34.16: Agatha's flames are 5000 Kelvin.
35.2: Lewis is a B-rank Valkyrie.
35.4: Kira Shigure is an A-rank Valkyrie.
35.6: Image of Avrora hurricane from space.
35.10-18: Cecilia blocks an attack from Avrora and then defeats her in one attack (likely due to the effects of the Abyss Flower). It's notable that once Avrora dies, the storm disappears, so it's likely that she was maintaining it.
36.10-16: Agatha attacks have no effect on Fu Hua, and Fu Hua ends up blitzing Agatha and using the Fenghuang on her, which manipulates her mind and causes her to see illusions while leaving her in a trance. Fu Hua left her in a trance where she believed that she had been defeated.
37.14: Otto defeats Galina by using an imitation of Fenghuang (37.10-12). He's also able to mimic Abyss Flower (37.4-5). Galina is stated to only have a fraction of the power of the Herrscher of Death. Fu Hua also stated that Agatha didn't compare to the Herrscher of Fire (36.14). It's likely that Avrora isn't as powerful as the Herrscher of Wind. This is further supported by the fact that Galina has a psuedocore (37.16-17).
38.2: Judgment of Shamash is called the most destructive of the Divine Keys.
38.4: The final Herrscher is so powerful that none of the Divine Keys could scratch her.
38.7-8: At 68% of her full power, the final Herrscher still isn't affected by any attack, even though the Judgment of Shamash is being used at full power as well (38.13).
39.16-17: Sirin has an energy level spike greater than the 1952 Berlin Eruption. She is also spreading a wave to destroy Siberia in one attack.
41.8: Avrora, Agatha, and Galina are confirmed to have been pseudo Herrschers.
42.2: Honkai adapt to human technology of the time.
43.5: Otto comments that Fu Hua can use her powers from 500 years ago.
46.2-3, 6: Siren breaks out of Fu Hua's mental manipulation. Fenghuang is also stated to not be able to affect her anymore (according to Fu Hua).
47.2-12: Fu Hua uses the Edge of Taixuan to power through one of Siren's attacks, though Siren's shields ultimately block the move. The attack was able to nullify one of Siren's blasts, but it left Fu Hua unable to fight anymore. Ultimately, God steps in and negates Edge of Taixuan for Siren.
48.6-7: Siren now has Fenghuang feathers to mind control others.
48.12-13: Belle admits that she only survived the attack from the Judgement of Shamash because it hit her wing instead of her body, and Siegfried admits that he only survived using the attack because of the activator that he used.
52.9-10: Welt says that even if he caused his core to go supernova, there would be only less than 1% chance to kill Siren.
54.7: Belle was given a pseudo Herrscher core by Siren.
57.19-20: Siren has lost a Herrscher core, but she still manages to BFR Cecilia and Siegfried.
58.5-9: Theresa uses Oath of Judah: Zeroth Power to negate Siren's power, causing her to lose them.
59.3-6: Siren was able to revive herself despite losing all of her powers and being stabbed through the heart while she was powerless.
59.11: The dimension that Siren made can be compared to a Riemannian Manifold in terms of shape.
60.5-16: Siegfried after activating the second Activator proves to be a challenge for Siren, once she's weakened by removing one of her cores
64.7-8: Siegfried unleashes a full-powered attack and the light can be seen from space as well as clouds having been parted across the planet. This ends up critically injuring Siren.
65.4-5: It's revealed that a lot of the history of the second eruption is a lie made by Otto.

London Holiday (Volume 7.1)
1.3-4: Matilla is a A-rank Valkyrie. Susannah is a B-rank, and Zofia is an A-rank.
1.10-12: Durandal defeats an emperor-class Honkai with the air pressure of her punch.
1.14: Durandal has contained every major Honkai outbreak on the planet without rest for over 30 days. Durandal has been fighting without rest for 30 days.
2.10: Stan senses Rita as a critical threat. Rita underestimated its power and uses Argent Knight: Artemis, but they don't fight.
5.15: Stan and Rita begin to fight again.
6.16: Otto's soulium body allows bullets to harmlessly pass through him. He's also able to regenerate.
7.2-6: Raven has the 3rd Divine Key, which fires shots that can reduce Otto's soulium avatar to nothing in a matter of seconds.
7.9: RIta and Stan have fought to a stand still. Rita uses Argent Knight: Artemis.
7.10-15: Stan tries to fight Durandal while she is in her base form. Durandal smacks him away and defeats him in one hit.
9.4-5: Durandal in her Bright Knight: Excelsis fights ELF Kevin, which contains 1% of Kevin's power. She wins the fight with some scratches.
9.8: Durandal is able to open pathways and traverse the Sea of Quanta, though she is only able to do this for three minutes.

Ancient Era (Volumes .01)
2.8: The two creators installed several programs in Fuxi, including Honkai scanners, GPS, and fire control.

Ancient Shenzhou (Volume .011)
1.9: Yan Shiluo can control fire, an ability granted to him by the Honkai.
1.12: Yan Shiluo has extremely high Honkai levels. His fires have energy to give birth to an Emperor-class Honkai.
1.15: Lin Chaoyu is the first disciple of the School of Taixuan, which is led by Fu Hua.
1.18-19: 50,000 years ago, Fu Hua underwent SWARA treatment as a MANTIS.
1.20-25: Chaoyu easily defeats Shiluo. She is able to break through his shield of fire and fight him in close combat. She's also able to manipulate his flames with her sword.
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[Comics] Volumes 8 - 9
Volume 8
2.18-20: Su blitzes Durandal and breaks her imitation staff.
3.3-4: Su creates an exact copy of Durandal sans her powers to access the Sea of Quanta. He states that he will extract those powers from Durandal herself.
3.5-16: Durandal launches an attack at Su, who casually blocks it with his hand. Su has karmic abilities that reflects attacks in equal magnitude. Durandal blocks the karmic, but it causes her to bleed from her mouth. Durandal also summons two phantoms: King and Queen. They use a lot of energy to control.
10.30: Su implants knowledge into a sleeping Durandal.
13.15-16: Kevin is able tear through the space of the Seed of Sameru with this Judgment of Shamash.
13.18: Su admits to being much weaker than Kevin.
14.3-6: Su creates black hole with the Star of Eden. The diameter seems to be about half his height. He then uses the Abyss Flower, but since Kevin can regenerate the effects were countered.
14.14-16: The First Power of the Second Key is to, effectively, take a section of space and throw it to the other end of the multiverse, in this case the Sea of Quanta. Once the portal closes, even people with the means to cross dimension cannot escape.
16.5-6: Durandal receives a new battlesuit after leaving the bubble universe. Su also gives Durandal the ability to control the bubble universe within her more easily, which gives her the power to leave the Seed of Sumeru on her own.
16.12: The Sea of Quanta is revealed to have infinite parallel universes.

Volume 9
1.10-14: Humanity seems to have created faster-than-light space travel.
2.11: In 2005, Welt was 65% of his power restored to him after second eruption.
3.18-21: A little gray "alien" (known as Peppermint) can eat Fenghuang Down feathers without issue.
4.16: A Vanguard Stone launched by the Sky People crashed into Earth in 1908. This is the Tunguska Event, which produced an impact measuring 20 megatons of TNT equivalent.
5.5: Welt has super hearing.
5.12: Welt feels the presence of Peppermint and states that it is more powerful than a judgement-class Honkai beast.
5.18-6.2: The 4th Divine key creates a storm on the east coast of Texas, targeting Houston. Another image can be seen at 6.4.
6.13: The hurricane created by the 4th Divine Key in, at most, 3 hours.
7.7: Peppermint can manipulate minds.
8.8: Peppermint can create portals.
8.13: Peppermint states that Welt is much stronger than he is.
15: Murata Ryuske uses an Alien Key, a weapon similar to that of the Star of Eden. With the Alien Key, Murata is able to break Imaginary Barriers and manipulate gravity. Moreover, the dimension within the Alien Key acts as a single continuous entity, which includes the user itself. Meaning that the user and the Alien Key itself are one and the same. The users is a high dimensional entity. While the victim only sees a limited 3-dimensional fragment, Murata sees the entirety of the dimension.
17.22: The Sugars, the name of Peppermint's race, turn into Valkyries Kira Shigure and another.
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapters 16 - 19
Game Chapter 16
16-11: Mei is able to fight defensively against Benares.
16-12: Raven is able to fight and wound Benares enough to cause it to retreat.
16-15: Raven states that Benares would be a difficult challenge for herself and Mei to combat. Raven makes it clear that Mei isn't as strong as she is.
16-17: Mei and Raven begin to fight against Benares.
16-18: Mei and Raven have an intense battle against Benares and are eventually able to defeat it.
16-19: Mei battles Raven again. Raven holds the edge in battle. A large release of Mei's Honkai energy melts Raven's soulium claws.

Game Chapter 17
17-10: Benares is impaled by Husk - Nihilus and taken down in one hit. Nihilus can manipulate time with abilities including slowing down time and reversing time. Mei defeats Husk - Nihilus after an intense battle. Mei becomes the Herrscher of Thunder again and easily defeats Husk - Nihilus. She revives Benares, but Benares loses the soul of Bella in the process.
17-12: Mei can teleport and can control cloud-to-ground lightning as a Herrscher. In the Quick Events, Void Walker Kiana is able to break out of Herrscher Mei's telekinesis, throw her sub-space lance and down Mei's dragon, avoid strikes from Mei, and clash melee weapons with Mei. Mei was likely not putting in her greatest effort, though.
17-Epilogue: Base Mei is able to break Kiana's sub-space lances. She can also fly. Herrscher Mei defeats Herrscher Kiana in one hit.

Game Chapter 18

18-2: The Immortal Blades led by Durandal arrive at the southeast Asian city of Coral 30 minutes after a Honkai eruption. This city is located on the border of Southeast Asia and Oceania. At the edge of the city, temperatures dip low enough to cause hypothermia.
18-3: Durandal can fly in her Bright Knight - Excelsis suit.
18-5: Owl (real name Tianwu Chen) states that Herrscher Mei would be an even match for the 5th Herrscher, who controls ice.
18-6: Ana Schariac is the 5th Herrscher.
18-7: In the past, Raven and Owl fought on multiple occasions, and Raven always won the fights.
18-9: Mei fights the Herrscher of Ice. The fight is even.
18-12: Durandal fights on even footing with the Herrscher of Ice. Mei then fights and defeats the Herrschjer of Ice.

Game Chapter 19
19-2: Rita in Argent Knight: Artemis and the Immortal Blades fight Ana Schariac (the Herrscher of Ice). The Immortal Blades are instantly killed, and Rita is eventually worn down due to hypothermia and that Argent Knight: Artemis fares poorly against the Herrscher of Ice (presumably because Argent Knight: Artemis is an ice-type battlesuit).
19-3: According to Mei, the Ana has led to the surrounding area's temperatures lowering so much that the temperature is approaching Absolute Zero. She also states that Ana has not yet mastered her powers.
19-10: Mei fights Ana. Their fight "threatened to tear the fabric of reality apart." Mei wins the fight.
19-11: Owl creates a black hole the begins to break up Coral in its entirety.
19-12: Ana, the Herrscher of Ice, and Owl, the Herrscher of Stars, fuse to create a giant Honkai composed of two Herrschers. In addition to ice powers, this combined Herrscher also has gravity powers similar to that of the Previous Era's 9th Herrscher. Mei states that she can create an EM field that can disrupt the link between a Herrscher's core and the Imaginary Space from which it draws power.
19-13: Honkai intensity in Coral is twice that of an eruption event according to Durandal.
19-14: The new combined Herrscher (Rimestar) creates a gravity well that is large enough to go above the clouds. Mei and Durandal fight Rimestar and win.
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapters 20 - 23
Game Chapter 20
20-1: As it already known, Fu Hua has gone by multiple names including Jingwei, Phoenix, Celestial, and Empyrea. This "Dark Fu Hua" is being pursued by 3 S-rank Valkyries and had a fight with Kevin as well.
20-6: Fu Hua can regenerate from any wound because she is immortal. Her only weakness is that she cannot regenerate head wounds. A head wound allows her to be killed, though she can eventually resurrect herself after some time. In one instance, it took 20 years.
20-9: Fu Hua is able to summon a copy of her will that is manifested from her will to fight the Honkai in order to actually fight the Honkai as she does other things.
20-13: Hua (not the same as Fu Hua), the 8th Herrscher, reveals that she had trapped Kiana and Bronya in a dreamscape.

Game Chapter 21

21-1: Hua had the ability to not be seen by others due to an incomplete Fenghuang Down imitation. AI seems to still be able to detect her. Hua says that she has never fight Kevin Kaslana in a proper duel. She believes that she can win in her present state by "outskilling" him even with an incomplete Fenghuang Down imitation.
21-2: Hua can sense the sentience of other beings to see if the sentience are strong or weak.
21-3: Hua punches the floor so hard that tremors could be felt hundreds of feet below.
21-4: Hua cannot manipulate things that she cannot see.
21-6: Hua fights Kevin Kaslana. She enjoyed the fight and is found relaxing afterward. In chapter 22, Hua states that she defeated Kevin.
21-13: Fu Hua confirms that Hua can create illusions. Hua confirms that Bronya, Kiana, and Mei are Herrschers, but Theresa and Seele are not yet Herrschers.

Game Chapter 22
22-1: Herrscher Bronya and Void Walker Kiana fight Hua. Hua is not impressed with either of them. Hua didn't use any Fenghuang Down in the fight.
22-2: It's made clear by Fu Hua that Hua is stronger than both Void Walker Kiana and Herrscher Bronya. Fu Hua states that Hua is essentially a prime Fu Hua with Herrscher powers. Hua's weakness is that if she begins to doubt her own identity, then her Herrscher power will fail her.
22-4: Hua states that she defeated Kevin in battle.
Shattered Samsara: Hua states that she defeated Otto, Kevin, and Durandal. Void Walker Kiana puts up a good fight against Hua, but this is a weakened Hua due to Hua doubting her identity, and Kiana is losing the fight anyway. In her White Comet suit, Kiana is able to access some of her void powers.

Rosemary's Floriograph

- The manor's defense system which protects Einstein and Tesla can withstands the attacks of Honkai Beats below Emperor-class.
- Kongming states that Rita, this Rita, seems to be different to everyone else on the Hyperion but is most similar in nature to the captain. Rita states that she is not the Rita that Kongming used to know. Captain confirms that Rita and he "are the same" because he can feel "that thing" inside of her.

Game Chapter 23
23-5: The Herrscher of Domination is able to control Honkai beasts across dimensions. The Honkai beats, under the Herrscher's control, have a simple fighting style compared to ordinary Honkai. The Herrscher of Domination is weak on its own and generally avoids direct confrontation.
23-6: The Herrscher of Domination is able to draw Seele into an alternate dimension.
23-12: The Herrscher of Domination notes that Bronya is weaker than either Welt; however it is not known if this is determined from power or because of her many defeats once becoming a Herrscher.
23-13: The Herrscher of Domination is able to prevent Bronya from using her own power. Later on, we see that while Bronya cannot use her own powers, the Herrscher of Domination's puppets are able to use them all while the "costs" of using those powers affect Bronya alone.
Snake Memory: "Seele" makes a deal with the World Serpent in the Sea of Quanta to help herself, Seele, and Bronya escape the Herrscher of Domination's world. The specifics of this deal are unknown. (Play 11-16 for more details.)
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[Visual Novels] Durandal

Can be read in full or summarized . You play the entire VN .

This story takes place roughly five to six years before the present story (Chapter XXI):

Chapter 1 said:
Top Secret Mission: "LONELY PANTHALASSA"
Start Time: February 29th 2012
Location: ██████████ - The Quantum Sea
Target: ██████████
Members: Bianka "Durandal" Atagina (12), Rita Rossweisse (16)
Status: Closed
Reviewed by: Otto Apocalypse

Bianka became a Valkyrie at age 10:

Chapter 1 said:
Miguel [de Cervantes]: It'll make you more motivated once we're out in the sea!
Bianka: Hmph. Your concern is unneeded. There hasn't been a single day I haven't given my everything since I've become a Valkyrie at the age of 10.

The 2nd Relic is able to destroy boulders and is stronger than cannon fire:

Chapter 1 said:
Miguel: Oh right, didn't you two show something to the people on the island? A 「gun」 capable of even destroying boulders—— What was it called again...
Bianka: ...The all-purpose firing weapon of the previous civilization, 「2nd Relic」. Not a hard name to remember.
Miguel: Hahahaha! We old people aren't good with long names.
Miguel: But anyway, we have a weapon stronger than the cannons of the Invincible Armada——
Miguel: ——What we're riding on isn't an unreliable reed boat... but a merciless hunting warship!
Miguel: Remember this——

Schicksal doesn't exist in every world:

Chapter 2 said:
Shakespeare: ——But I know a little about them thanks to what 「Iron Mask」 told me.
Shakespeare: There are many worlds out there who are unusually full of an energy called 「Houkai」——
Shakespeare: Ah~ Is it some kind of magical world?
Shakespeare: Worlds affected by this so called 「Houkai」 are under the constant threat of monsters and calamities——
Shakespeare: ——And the one who rose against it is an organization called 「Destiny」.
Shakespeare: There is no one who hasn't heard of 「Destiny」 in those worlds.

The recovery rate for Valkyries in this world and those that depend on Honkai energy is a hundred times slower than normal;

Chapter 2 said:
Shakespeare: Yes. A very simple advice but of the upmost importance.
Shakespeare: Listen—— If you plan to survive in this world, make sure to not waste your ammunition.
Bianka: .....
Shakespeare: I don't mean you won't be able to refill your energy anymore, but rather the recovery process will be 100 times slower than what you're used to.
Shakespeare: Similar to how the 「Caledonia」 can only carry six torpedoes even after its renovation.

Bianka and Rita fight Shakespeare and Iron Mask respectively. The latter seem to win, though the former didn't use any Honkai energy:

Chapter 2 said:
Bianka: Haa...Haa...!
Rita: So strong...
Shakespeare: That was an excellent fight.
Shakespeare: Lasting that long despite fighting using weapons and techniques you're not familiar with is worthy of respect.
Iron Mask: ...If you keep up your training, I'm sure your martial arts skills will surpass ours.
Shakespeare: Now that we released stress by exercising——

Bianka's and Rita's mission is to enter the Quantum Sea and explore a structure known as the Ether Anchor Point. The Quantum Sea itself isn't a four-dimensional space that belongs to any particular world but contains worlds within it. Across the Sea itself, worlds are unstable due to physical laws being different in different areas of that world. The worlds are unstable like soap bubbles, which is why they are called "bubble universes." Many worlds in the Quantum Sea are stable due to the Ether Anchor Point, and the world they currently are visiting is one of those stable worlds.

Chapter 2 said:
Otto: In simpler terms, your mission is to enter a different dimension called the 「Quantum Sea」 and explore a special structure known as the 「Ether Anchor Point」.
Otto: Mathematically speaking, the 「Quantum Sea」 doesn't belong to the known four dimensional space, instead our “here” is a 「Parallel World」 that exists in parallel to it.
Otto: The 「Ether Anchor Point」 is a topological formation that exists between the 「dimensional manifolds」, and whether its origin is natural or man-made has yet to be discovered.
Otto: Unlike the 「classic dimension」 we live in, the 「Quantum Sea」 is 「fragmented」 on a large scale——
Otto: Basic physical laws change continuously as the coordinates shift, resulting in the worlds being unstable like soap bubbles——
Otto: ——However, in the gap between said fragmented worlds, there are countless 「stable zones」 fixated by the 「Ether Anchor Point」.
Otto: Those worlds, like ours, follow a fixed set of laws.
Otto: This is my conclusion. Listen well, this is very important.
Otto: The 「projection」 of the Solar System in the 「Quantum Sea」 is very close to the 「coordinates」 of an 「Ether Anchor Point」.
Otto: Which means, if someone were to get inside that 「projection」 in the 「Quantum Sea」...
Otto: ...One could possibly observe a 「clone of our Earth」.
Otto: ——There is value in exploring something like that.
Otto: Luckily for us, by using materials left by the previous civilization we were able to create several experimental devices which allow us to move back and forth between the 「Quantum Sea」 and our world——
Otto: ——The name of that device is 「Gnius」.
Otto: In theory, by using the 「Gnius」 a person is able to return from the 「projected worlds」 at any moment——
Otto: But if one were to start from this side, our 「reality」, it can only be used when an extremely rare 「space-time window」 appears due to technical difficulties.
Otto: The next time the 「window」 will appear is on February 29th between 11:15 and 12:15, near the Fjord 1054 in the Northeast Greenland National Park. It will remain open for approximately 100 seconds.
Otto: This event is rarer than the transit of Venus—— It could be centuries until the next 「windows」 appears.
Otto: ——What do you think? Doesn't it make you excited?

The Quantum Sea is basically a multiverse. It is not a three- or four-dimensional structure. Bubble worlds within the Quantum Sea have their own laws. The Quantum Sea is composed of Ether, which create Membrane. Membrane themselves may give rise to universes. These universes are called bubble universes because they are like bubbles in a bathtub within the analogy. The Ether Anchor Point allows these bubble universes to become stable. There are some Membranes that are called Projections. In a Projection, only analogous areas of multiple Membranes are allowed to exist while everything that is dissimilar disappears. The current world that Rita and Bianka are in is a Projection.

Chapter 3 said:
The 「Quantum Sea」 is not a real ocean.
It doesn't belong to any particular planet, nor it's composed of liquid such as water.
It's not the 「cornerstone」 of a 「single universe」 either, but the 「medium」 where many worlds of countless possibilities exist.
Its structure can't be completely described using a third or four dimensional mathematical concept——
Let's imagine for a moment many worlds, each one with their own set of dimensions and laws, being their own separated 「bubble world」——
——Following that metaphor, the 「Quantum Sea」 is an 「ocean」 that houses countless 「bubble worlds」.
...Of course, it doesn't matter if you think of it as a bathtub instead of an ocean.
「Membranes」 are formed in the 「fluctuations」 of the 「Ether」 the 「Quantum Sea」 is composed of, and said 「membranes」 may evolve into a 「bubble world」.
As we all know, a three dimensional bubble has a spherical surface that is close to being two dimensional.
When these 「bubble worlds」 are in the 「Ether Bathtub」, a choice of which of the eleven dimensions are inherited must be made.
For instance, in the 「universe」 we are familiar with humans can recognize four dimension and seven extra dimensions, each one being a constant 「membrane」.
What Bishop Otto referred to as 「Ether Anchor Point」 is the special structure or method that allows those 「membranes」 to turn into 「bubble worlds」.
When the 「analogous distance」 between two 「membranes」 is small enough, they begin to influence each other—— For example, by exchanging matter.
Speaking in general, it's easier for a substance to go from a 「relatively small membrane」 to a 「relatively big membrane」 but doing the opposite is quite difficult——
——As such, the 「relatively small membrane」 is likely to be the one who performs changes to other bigger 「membranes」.
And finally, the special 「membrane」 called 「projection」 is born.
In this 「projection」, only analogous areas of the 「membranes」 continue to exist—— while everything else disappears completely.
For example, the 「world」 where the 「Caledonia」 exists right now is a 「projection」 made out of 「membranes」 which had analogous properties between them.
This is how Bianka and Rita were able to meet 「Captain Shakespeare」 who came from another world.

The average energy density of the Wall of Asgard, the wall that surrounds the entire continent of Europe and is continuously expanding, is 1000 HW per meter:

Chapter 3 said:
Bianka: That 「Wall of Asgard」... is it made of Houkai energy?
Shakespeare: That seems to be the case according to my adjutant's observations.
Shakespeare: 「The average density is approximately 1000HW per meter, touch it and you die」—— I don't understand well the terms she uses, but it sounds horrible.
Rita: ...However there hasn't been any sightings of 「Houkai Beasts」 correct?
Shakespeare: Houkai beast? What's that?

Bianka states that the sword Durindana is on the level of a Divine Key:

Chapter 3 said:
Bianka: And felt some kind of hidden power... that I can't put into words.
Bianka: ...If this sword can really awaken, there is no doubt that it will destroy that 「wall」 easily.
Bianka: But where did you get this 「Durindana」—— A weapon on the level of a 「Divine Key」?
Shakespeare: I stumbled upon it.
Bianka: ...Excuse me?
Shakespeare: I found it by chance.

One cannot fly over the Wall of Asgard:

Chapter 4 said:
Iron Mask: He's a 「Pilot」. Someone who operates machines that fly in the sky.
Shakespeare: Wow! Think we can cross over the wall with one of those?
Lalla: About that... It's best if you don't get your hopes up.
Shakespeare: ...Why?
Iron Mask: We believe his plane was suddenly deviated from its course by a 「mysterious power」 when he tried to fly over the「Wall of Asgard」.
Iron Mask: Going by what we know so far, I speculate there is a spatial distortion above the 「wall」.
Shakespeare: ...I don't get it but——
Shakespeare: Basically, 「flying」 won't get us past the 「wall」, correct?
Iron Mask: Exactly. That said, his plane can still be of use to us for other purposes.

Bianka is an A-rank Valkyrie:

Chapter 4 said:
real Valkyrie.
Bianka: ...You can think of me as a 「child soldier」 but from my perspective the pilot training you've done is nothing impressive.
Bianka: I'm a Rank A Valkyrie, a soldier who has seen hell same as you.
Bianka: ——Though right now you're closer to be a soldier who retired after the death of his comrades.
Manfred: .....

According to legend, the sword "Durandal" is capable of creating the heavens and earth.

Chapter 8 said:
Schrodinger: The name of that sword is 「Durandal」. This sword, capable of creating the heavens and earth, was made by a certain 「God」 to be used by one of its apostles. The seven rainbow colored gems on its hilt are proof of its power.

The Gem of Reason is able to imitate human cognition.

Chapter 8 said:
Schrodinger: ...Among them, the most 「useful」 one is the 「Gem of Reason」 due to its ability to imitate human cognition.

Schrodinger: I realized this after carefully observing your city.
Schrodinger: There is nothing special about its combustion engines and vacuum tubes——
Schrodinger: ——And yet the robots can perform police, guide and household work. Even their artificial intelligence is good enough to simplify the process of legislation and law enforcement.
Schrodinger: These machines aren't simple automatons, they think like people do, and solve problems like people do.
Schrodinger: They posses a genuine artificial intelligence of a level that can pass the Turing Test.

Schordinger hypothesizes that the lifespan of the current universe is much shorter than others:

Chapter 12 said:
Schrodinger: I theorize the 「bubble world」 we are in right now has a life span—— And that it is much shorter than the life span of a 「regular」 world.
Schrodinger: If that's the case, we need to hurry.
Schrodinger: Seeing as how the owner of those 「walls」 don't seem interested in the outside world, it might be possible they don't know about it.
Bianka: You mean...
Schrodinger: Of course, this is just my speculation. There is no evidence to deny it, but neither to confirm it.
Schrodinger: It may even be possible the people inside the 「walls」 are traveling back and forth to the outside world.

Bianka can speak English, German, Russian, and French. Rita can speak more than a dozen major languages.

Chapter 13 said:
Shakespeare: I only know English and Latin... I'm sure Valkyries like you two know a lot more.
Bianka: Hm.
Bianka: I can speak these four—— English, German, Russian and French.
Shakespeare: And Rita-san?
Rita: ...It's not my intention to brag, but I can speak more than a dozen of major languages. However, I'm not sure how useful they will be here in the 「New World」.
Bianka: W-Wait a moment.
Bianka: 「A dozen major languages」... does that include Japanese?
Rita: Of course.
Rita: 「古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音」 (An old pond. A frog jumps in. Sound of water.)
Bianka: What about... Chinese? Can you speak it too?
Rita: 「一曲新词酒一杯,去年天气旧亭台。夕阳西下几时回?」 (I compose a new song and drink a cup of wine, in the bower of last year when weather is as fine. When will you come back like the sun on the decline?)
Bianka: T-Then... Spanish?
Rita: 「Cuando una puerta se cierra, otra se abre.」 (When one door closes, another opens.)
Bianka: ...You really can do anything.

Bianka makes a small crater in the ground.

Despite breathing in anesthetic gas, Rita is able to stand and kill the Serpent King.

Chapter 16 said:
Souls taste like honey.
The insides of a Honey Bee cannot contain the soul of a much bigger plant—— So the Honey Bee turns it into sweeter honey.
...That said, nectar taken straight from a fresh flower is also delicious.

Esther: Now then, the cute children or the elegant adults——
Esther: ——Which one should I devour first?

Esther: ?
Rita: I won't let you... lay a finger... on Bianka-sama...
Esther: Oh my. You breathed a considerable amount of anesthetic gas, yet you are able to stand up?
Esther: Well, it matters not. You will not be able to save your precious 「Bianka-sama」 with that wobbling body of yours.

Rita: You might not know but...
Rita: Weapons that are sharp enough...

Rita: ...Don't need much power behind them to kill someone.

Esther: This... cannot be...
Rita: You must... be surprised...
Rita: But I told you... didn't I...

Rita: I told you...
Rita: I won't let you... lay a finger... on Bianka-sama...
Rita: Goodbye... second... 「Serpent King」...

The Gem of Domination can control energy:

Chapter 17 said:
Du: Ah! But if it isn't my 「Noble」, the 「Gem of Domination」! What are you doing here, you little thing?
Old Dragon: This jewel belongs to you, strange magic sword?
Du: Yeah. It's a long story so let me get it off you first!
Du: No worries, it won't hurt—— This little guy can control the direction of energy—— And that also includes the electric signals of your nerves.

Rita has been Valkyrie for nearly ten years in the present:

Chapter 18 said:
5 years ago there was a Houkai attack in Rita's hometown. It was a small incident with no casualties, people probably don't even remember it by now. That incident gave Rita, who's family ran a flower shop, the motivation to leave the family business and become a Valkyrie. Screams could be heard one after another, people panicked and tried to run away as the Houkai beast chased them. Back then Rita was just an ordinary first year high school student. She could only hide behind the flower stands and pray that the beasts wouldn't notice her. Maybe that prayer worked because in that moment of desperation, an angel-like savior appeared before her.

Bianka is the youngest A-rank Valkyrie ever:

Chapter 18 said:
Bianka fell asleep. She didn't get to hear Ragna's name. Rita remembers the moment Otto assigned her to Bianka. Her job is to secure the "growth" of a certain person at all costs. That person is Bianka Astagina, Rank A Valkyrie, 12 years old. The youngest Rank A Valkyrie ever. When Rita was 13 years old she was recommended by Ragna to work in the headquarters.

Creating worlds in the Sea of Quanta require a lot of energy:

Chapter 20 said:
Schrodinger: ...I have a question.
Caterina: Speak.
Schrodinger: Creating a world from nothing inside the Quantum Sea would require an immeasurable amount of energy.
Schrodinger: Even if somehow the 「unnecessary parts」 are 「folded」, it would still require vast amounts of energy.

The energy to create a microcosm is similar to that of the first or second Herrscher:

Chapter 20 said:
Caterina: That said—— The volume of this world is significantly smaller than the volume of the original world.
Caterina: Maybe if I explain it like this it'll be easier to understand. Upon activation, if one were to rank the Houkai energy used by the 「Ether Anchor」 to build a 「microcosm」, you would get a similar amount to the energy levels the 「First Herrscher」 or 「2nd Herrscher」 possessed.
Schrodinger: I see. But in terms of scale, the Houkai energy later Herrscher are able to manipulate is far higher than that...

A simplified description of the first Herrscher's powers:

Chapter 21 said:
Schrodinger explains it to her. Does she know what the ability of the "First Herrscher" is? He can copy all kinds of mechanical devices, Holy Relics and even Divine Keys. That's an okay summary but to be more specific, he is not copying those things out of thin air. He's reversing the structural order of Houkai energy and those items he creates are the equivalent of "negative entropy".

The Ether Anchor has a similar power. It's only able to "recover" a bit of information from the Quantum Sea and then reproduce it. Bianka and Rita should had experienced being transformed into information and then materialized again on the way here. This "recovery" is done in "present time" so even after crossing to another world the mind and body are still together.

Shakespeare's plan for Bianka is to cut out the "infected" part of the bubble world: the entirety of Europe. With Europe, Bianca will toss is out of the dimension. She will do this using Durandal.

Chapter 27 said:
4 days ago, Quito. The Inca have long prepared an aggressive strategy to deal with the Houkai and save the world. The one thing stopping them was the lack of people who could execute it. Sophia wants Bianka to take that role, the role of "World Slicer". Shakespeare had a plan to destroy the energy wall by using Durandal, what she wants to do is essentially the same thing... Except that the target of destruction goes beyond the wall - it is the "World" itself. Bianka asks her what does she mean by destroying the world. Quite literally that.

First, she needs to use Durandal to cut out the infected part of the bubble world, the European continent. Second, eliminate the residues so they completely disappear from the bubble world. Like she has been explained before, the bubble world is like pieces of a map bound together at certain points. Following this example, the wall and the continent beyond it are a cancerous tumor that is slowly destroying the rest of the map. Bianka only got here recently, but the Inca have been fighting this threat for much longer. The most effective method to destroy them is to completely remove their territory from this world, else the entire world will be filled with monsters eventually. Thankfully for her, this is a bubble world and not a proper planet. Tearing off a piece of the map without damaging the rest is possible. And the "knife" capable of doing that is Bianka's Durandal, the holy sword that has traveled through many worlds before arriving here.

Durandal is that strong because of Bianka.

Chapter 27 said:
Is "Du-chan" really that powerful? It's because she has a great host. In Bianka's hands she is indeed capable of severing any piece of this bubble world. Much like all weapons, their point is to cause destruction and violence, and this so called "Holy Sword" is no exception to that. Bianka knows that. Whether that violence is good or bad depends on who's behind it. Champollion quotes The Analects.

Bianka tears Europe from the bubble universe:

Chapter 28 said:
Bianka took a leap from above the Ether Anchor's entry.
The wind blows strong.
The power of the Holy Sword merged with her and became one.
As if she was diving, the inertia from free fall was helping her to advance in the gap between light and darkness.
It was as if the twilight of noon and the dawn of midnight were blending.
Following the instructions from the radio, she made it to her destination.
The energy was released, enveloping her and the Holy Sword in a hurricane of light.

She began to slice the root of space.

At the core of the Ether Anchor, spaces from different dimensions were cluttered together like tangled vines she must cut through.
She lost count of how many she cut, how many barriers she crossed.
The Houkai energy within her is boiling her blood vessels.
But she knows she can hold on.
She had to hold on.

And then, it was like time was frozen.

A starry sky spread over in the distance. That is the horizon of the bubble world.
The boundary of this dimension, the "background map" of this miniature universe.
Bianka gritted her teeth and smiled. She made it. The slicing operation is complete.
Now it's up to the people in the surface to deal the final blow.


Champollion is talking to Sophia. Bianka and the Holy Sword used too much energy, even with Rita's care she won't wake up in such a short time

Bianka "becomes" Durandal:

Chapter 30 said:
Bianka attacked them but they easily dodged her, and smashed Durandal in two. Rita jumped in and casted an ice attack but it was futile. It wasn't futile, she bought Bianka time. Schrodinger tells her to use her own will to control the Durandal gems. She's her current owner, they will definitely respond to her call.

Roland's Holy Sword...
If you wish to preserve her honor together with me...
If you wish to use my body to destroy our enemy...
Then respond to my call! O Immortal Blade!

And so it did. Bianka has become "Durandal". Soulium can be used to replace the body of a Valkyrie to absorb, control and release Houkai energy more efficiently. In turn, the Valkyrie can gain the unique proprieties of Soulium as well.

Durandal becomes the anchor point for the bubble world to continue existing:

Chapter 30 said:
Her method won't fundamentally solve the problem, it's just a substitute of La Niña's plan, it will only delay the "death" of this world. Also, everyone except them four will be stranded in this dying bubble world they like it or not. The cracks in space-time will be locked from the outside and there won't be a chance to say goodbye to them or even tell them what happened. There won't be a chance to opportunity to fix Durandal either. However Schrodinger can promise her this world will definitely gain more precious time to live. During that time maybe her, Shigure, Otto or someone from Negentropy will find a way to help this world. The final decision is up to Bianka.

Yes, she wants Bianka to replace La Niña. She will occupy the position of "God" and lock the existence of this bubble world to her. As long as she lives, this world will live. If she dies, the disintegration process will begin. She performed even better than Durandal itself as the container of the gems which is what gave her this idea. Although they still can't separate La Niña from the Ether Anchor, they can use the Durandal gems to seal the Ether Anchor, this bubble world and its Houkai energy within her body.

Bianka creates a black hole to store the bubble universe:

Chapter 30 said:
Bianka calls upon the Durandal gems once again to surpass their limits together. She gained a new armor, Durandal has fused with Bianka on a much deeper level. They create a black hole to put the bubble world inside of it. Schrodinger tells Rita to get the Gnius ready and Shigure to wake up Niggurath.

- With 2 gems, Durandal (the sword) is able to manipulate the air around it and become invisible.
- The Genius is able to move land masses from one universe to another.
- Durandal can use its Gem of Domination to control the flow of energy.
- The creation of the current microcosm was due to the will of an unknown "someone." Creating a world from nothing requires an amazing amount of energy. The "someone" was the Moonlight Throne Selene, a weapon. The world itself was formed as a way to dispose of Honkai energy.
- Cecilia is noted, by Bianka, to be one of the strongest S-rank Valkyries ever.
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[Tier Lists] v2
It's been a year since the first iteration, so it's time to update it. The first can be found here:

Not Tiered: Any Previous Era Herrscher besides the 14th, the Space People, Otto Apocalypse, Kallen Kaslana

Will of the Honkai

Previous Era's 14th Herrscher

Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)
Kevin Kaslana

Siegfried Kaslana (2 Activators)

Sirin (Herrscher of Void and Reason)

Mei Raiden (Herrscher of Thunder)
Owl (Herrscher of Stars)
Ana (Herrscher of Ice)
Wendy (Herrscher of Wind)
Kiana (Herrscher of Void)
Sirin (Herrscher of Void)
Welt Young (Herrscher of Reason)
Himeko Murata (Vermillion Knight)
Bronya Zaychik (Herrscher of Reason)

Durandal (Bright Knight: Excelsis)
ELF Kevin Kaslana

Theresa Apocalypse (Blood Knight: Moonlight)
Rita Rossweisse (Argent Knight: Artemis)
Kiana (Void Walker)
Mei Raiden (Base - Post-Herrscher)
Murata Ryuske

Fu Hua (Shadow Knight)
Rita Rossweisse (Umbral Rose)
Kiana (Knight Moonbeam)
Judgment-class Honkai
Cecilia Schariac
Husk - Nihilus

Theresa Apocalypse (Valkyrie Pledge)
Siegfried Kaslana
Fu Hua (Valkyrie Accipiter)
Lin Chaoyu
Mei Raiden (Base - Pre-Herrscher)

Emperor-class Honkai
Welt clone (AE)
Salome Jokanaan
Himeko Murata
Welt clone (Singapore)
Patricia "Pat" Highsmith
Cheng Lixue
Wendy (Valkyrie)
Yan Shiluo

Kiana (White Comet)
Average A-rank Valkyries
Kira Shigure

Bronya Zaychik
Average B-rank Valkyries
Chariot-class Honkai

C-rank Valkyries
D-rank Valkyries

So not many differences from last year:

  • K423 is now just referred to as Kiana.
  • Hua, the Herrscher of Sentience, defeated Kevin (who was using the Might of Utu against her, unlike his battle against Durandal, when he used no weapon at all. Hua, not only has Herrscher power but also had prime Fu Hua's MANTIS body. Siegfried with two Activators was able to treat peak-Sirin like a doll, and his Shamash can only go to Cleaver Mode with a Herrscher gem being implanted within it. Kevin just grabbing Shamash was able to get it to full power and its Might of Utu. She goes right to the top of her tier and is now the 3rd strongest character in the series.
  • Mei in base (Post-Herrscher) is able to break Herrscher of Void Kiana's subspace lances. Void Walker Kiana is able to break out of Herrscher Mei's telekinesis. Mei in base is now probably around VW Kiana's level. Mei in base before becoming a Herrscher was able to defeat Nihilus and fight defensively against Benares. She lost to Durandal. Those are some pretty good feats for a base Valkyrie and should put her around other Emperor-class characters, which is pretty good. Mei is also able to fight against Raven. While the story has characters much stronger than that, Mei is one of the strongest Valkyries of the new millennium.
  • Herrscher of Wind Wendy is finally tiered. In the Durandal visual novel, it's confirmed that Wendy is as strong as Herrscher of Reason Welt and Herrscher of Void Sirin, so Kiana, Mei, and Bronya beating her is just an outlier for them now. This can change if chapters 3 and 4 are ever re-written.
  • Owl, Ana, and RImestar are grouped with the other Herrschers.
  • Yan Shiluo and Lin Chaoyu are around Emperor-class. The former is above, and the later is much more above.
  • Su is able to fight against Durandal, which is pretty impressive.
  • Raven got a fine showing against Benarres.
  • Dusk - Nihilus one-shots Benarres.
  • Ryuske Murata had a good showing against Herrscher of Reason Welt, but it was in his own dimension. Getting the upperhand in a losing effort against any Herrscher is good, but the situation was pretty favorable for Murata.
  • Welt stated that Peppermint is stronger than a Judgment-class Honkai, which is insane.
  • I moved up Herrshcer of Reason Bronya. She was capable of fighting Herrscher of Sentience Fu Hua for a little while in a 1-on-1 fight, which we've seen characters such as Durandal and Kevin able to do. While Void Walker Kiana has also fought the Herrscher of Sentience, she was fighting beyond her normal levels and ended up weakening the Herrscher of Sentience while fighting. Given Herrscher of Reason Bronya's status in the story, it makes sense to scale Bronya to others sharing her title rather than punish her for Kiana going above and beyond her abilities.
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapters 24 - 25 EX, including Blackfrost Blaze
Blackfrost Blaze

- "Seele" creates a chasm through the dimension that the Theater of Domination is located in in order to escape from it to the real world.

Game Chapter 24

[24-1] - The Herrscher of Domination has not fully mastered Bronya's Herrscher core.
[24-2] The 3rd Divine Key, the Key of Sanction, can change its form into other weapons (7 in total). Its power, form, ammo, etc., depends on who is wielding it. Mei, as the third Herrscher, has a natural affinity for it, and the weapon reacts well when she holds it.
[24-5] The different puppets of the Herrscher of Domination are born out of the despair of individual people.
[24-6] Fu Hua cannot fully harness her Herrscher power because her Herrscher personality does not allow her to do so.
[24-8-9] Kiana is able to open a dimensional portal into the Theater's dimension in order to allow the Hyperion to cross. With the death of all puppets of the Herrscher, the dimension begins to collapse.
[24-11] The puppets themselves are not the true state of the Herrscher of Dominance.

Game Chapter 25

[25-1] The Herrscher of Domination has sophisticated tactics and strategies, making it to possibly be the most humanlike Herrscher.
[25-2] It's speculated that the reason that the Herrscher of Domination didn't attempt to take Mei's power is because she is a fully realized Herrscher.
[25-3] The Herrscher of Domination cannot open portals to different dimensions freely. They need to establish an anchor point to do so.
[25 - Act 1] Sirin, the Herrscher of the Void, states that she originally had 6 gems but now only has three of them (including the Gem of Haste). Kiana battles Sirin in their shared mindspace. Kiana eventually takes control of both gems (Haste and Serenity), and she defeats her Herrscher personality.
[25-10] Kiana now thinks that she has a 50-50 chance of defeating Fu Hua in combat training sessions.
[25 - Act 2.] The Herrscher of Domination takes Hua's Herrscher powers once she uses them. The Herrscher of Domination, though, was not able to take away Mei's Herrscher powers because it is much weaker than Mei. The Herrscher of Dominance's minion is able to match and overpower Fu Hua's base punch. Herrscher of Dominance can grab an break Kiana's subspace lances with its puppeteering strings. Kiana uses the power of four gems/cores (Haste, Serenity, Reason, and Sentience) to defeat the Herrscher of Dominance, breaking through all of its attacks and defenses. She kills it in one hit. With this, she becomes the Herrscher of Flamescion.

Game Chapter 25 EX
- Durandal was the youngest Valkyrie in history to earn A rank and S rank.
- The Will of the Honkai controls the link between the universe and the Imaginary Tree.
- The Theater of Domination's dimension is called a "universe" by Otto. It was originally attached to the Imaginary Tree. It was created by the Herrscher of Dominance.
- Physics doesn't mean much in Imaginary Space. Imaginary Space governs the rules that establish the rules of reality.
- According to Niggurath, there are two ways two maintain the existence of a bubble universe: one if brute force and the other is a workaround. Brute force means to continuously pull in energy from the "outside" to counter the natural decay caused by the Sea of Quanta. The bigger the bubble universe, the easier it is to do. The other is the workaround, which means connecting the universe to the Imaginary Tree. This method is more effective for smaller universes.
- Durandal, the blade, has maintained the stability of the bubble universe and it's connection to Durandal (Bianka).
- Only the strongest Valkyries are allowed to wield the Abyss Flower. In the 50s, Reanna was its wielders. Wielders must attain some level of power to wield it.
- Durandal can continue to use the Astral Harness to continue drawing power from the Sea of Quanta. It never relied on any particular universe to draw power from.
- The current year is 2017.
- The Will of the Honkai can't directly intervene in the world.
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapters 26 - 27, A Post-Honkai Odyssey Ch. 2
Game Chapter 26
- Li Shushang is revealed to be an S-rank Valkyrie. The current S-rank Valkyries are confirmed to be limited to Durandal, Rita, and Li.
- Theresa considers a team of herself and Olenyeva against Seele and Bonrya to be an evenly matched sparring session.
- Reanna Brigantia was an S-rank Valkyrie in the 1950s.
- Herrscher cores from the current era have a more flexible relaitonship with Imaginary Space and can do things such as turning people into Herrshcers. Cores from the Previous Era cannot do this and can only operate on fixed power levels when in the form of Divine Keys. Previous Era cores are unable to go through changes once removed from their hosts, and current era cores can continue to undergo changes even after being removed from their hosts.
- Kiana (Radiant Blaze (the new equivalent of Void Drifter)) and Durandal (Bright Knight: Excelsis) spar. Both compliment each other on improving from their previous battle give months ago.
- Bronya (Herrscher of Reason) and Rita (Argent Knight: Artemis) fight Honkai beasts together. They are impressed with the abilities of the other.

A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2
- With a high degree of difficulty, Carole defeats a Code IV - The Emperor.
- Mei is the acting leader of Squad 3. Bronya is the acting leader of Squad 2.
- Bronya's current weapon is Project Bunny 0019.
- Bronya, at this point, is considered "legendary" by some some members of Schicksal.
- Lyle and Timido are promising warriors.

Chapter 27
- Otto was able to absorb the powers of the Herrscher of Dominance.
- To fulfill his plans, Otto plans to sacrifice the "present" in order to erase 500 years of history to return the universe to as it was back then. He plans to do this with assistance from the Will of the Honkai.
- Bronya (Herrscher of Reason) fights Rita (Argent Knight: Artemis). Rita is able to block all of Bronya's attacks, and Bronya resolves not to hold back. Bronya uses the Star of Eden to try and trap Rita, but Rita destroys the imitations before they can affect her. Bronya continues to create simulated Stars of Eden to trap Rita, but Rita continues to outmaneuver her despite the increasing gravitational forces. Bronya then uses the zeroth power of the Star of Eden, creating a black hole that destroyed the entirety of the Theater of Domination and its dimension. By destroying the theater, Rita admits defeat. Bronya observes that Rita wasn't trying to fight Bronya and was more trying to test her abilities. Rita reveals a new power that she didn't use in battle, and it appears to be an augment for her current godsbane suit.
- Li Sushang states that she wouldn't be able to defeat Kiana and Fu Hua at the same time. Fu Hua says that her and Kiana could easily overpower Sushang, but Sushang may also be able to fight enough to defeat Fu Hua and delay Kiana. Fu Hua realizes that she can't defeat Li in a conventional fight, and that the two appear to be, so far, evenly matched. Li can use "Edge of Taizuan - Eminence," and she is better at it than Kiana. Fu Hua, though, was able to block the attack (the attack was only blocked once before by the Will of the Honkai when used against Sirin). Li is able to defeat Fu Hua in a difficult fight. It should be noted that Fu Hua's SWARA was completely broken by the end of the fight, so she should be powered up after she has fully recovered.
- Durandal fights Otto Apocalypse. Durandal wins the fight. Otto, though, begins to transcend and sends Duranadal to Imaginary Space.
- Kiana (Herrscher of Flamescion) fights Otto, but her attacks prove ineffective.
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Elysian Realms Chapters 1 - 2
Chapter 1
- MANTIS have powers that can match Herrscher.
- Elysia is a MANTIS from the Previous Era. Flame-chasers are a subset of MANTIS.
- Listing names of the Flame-Chasers: Elysia, Sakura, Hua, Kevin, Kalpas, Eden, Su, Mobius
- Rankings within the Fice-Chasers is largely meaningless. Elysia decided on everyone's rankings.
- Mei believes that the Fire-Chasers that she's encountered so far would be a match for Kevin.
- Mei confirms that the Herrscher of Dominance of the Current Era is more powerful than the one from the Previous Era.
- Mei fights Elysia. Elysia states that she might be "a little weaker than Kevin." Mei wins the fight, but Mei states that Elysia was holding back to which Elysia states that Mei was also holding back.

Chapter 2
- Mei fights Raven without her Divien Key or scepter. Mei wins the fight.
- Mei fight Mobius in her true MANTIS form. Klein actively engages in battle to assist Mei's escape, and Mei is able to defeat Mobius. Mobious, to Mei's credit, was serious during the battle and did engage with her for some time before Klein stepped in.
- When Mobius dies, she is able to revive herself in a younger form.
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[Tier Lists] v3
Another year, another list. Tiers not in order.

Will of the Honkai

Previous Era's 14th Herrscher

Kevin Kaslana
Fu Hua (Undamaged SWARA)
Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)

Mei Raiden (Herrscher of Thunder)

Kiana (Herrscher of Flamescion)
Kiana (Herrscher of the Void)
Sirin (Herrscher of Void - K423's body)
Siegfried Kaslana (2 Activators)

Sirin (Herrscher of Void and Reason)
Durandal (Dea Anchora)
Rita Rossweisse (Spina Astera)

Owl (Herrscher of Stars)
Ana Schariac (Herrscher of Ice)
Herrscher of Dominance
Sirin (Herrscher of the Void)
Welt Yang (Herrscher of Reason)
Himeko Murata (Vermillion Knight)

Durandal (Bright Knight: Excelsis)
ELF Kevin Kaslana
Bronya Zaychik (Herrscher of Reason)
Wendy (Herrscher of Wind)

Theresa Apocalypse (Blood Knight: Moonlight)
Rita Rossweisse (Argent Knight: Artemis)
Kiana (Void Walker)
Mei Raiden (Base - Post-Herrscher)
Murata Ryuske

Li Sushang
Fu Hua (Shadow Knight)
Rita Rossweisse (Umbral Rose)
Kiana (Knight Moonbeam)
Judgment-class Honkai
Cecilia Schariac
Husk - Nihilus
Reanna Brigantia

Theresa Apocalypse (Valkyrie Pledge)
Siegfried Kaslana
Fu Hua (Damaged SWARA)
Lin Chaoyu
Mei Raiden (Base - Pre-Herrscher)

Emperor-class Honkai
Welt clone (AE)
Salome Jokanaan
Himeko Murata
Welt clone (Singapore)
Patricia "Pat" Highsmith
Cheng Lixue
Wendy (Valkyrie)
Yan Shiluo

Kiana (White Comet)
Average A-rank Valkyries
Kira Shigure

Bronya Zaychik
Average B-rank Valkyries
Chariot-class Honkai

C-rank Valkyries
D-rank Valkyries

  • I re-arranged some placements, most notably Sirin (Herrscher of Void and Reason). I moved her down because Tesla's line about never measuring Honkai levels so high when Sirin (Herrscher of the Void - K423's body) appeared before despite the fact that she was around for Sirin (Herrscher of Void and Reason)'s rampage during the second eruption. Since Sirin (Herrscher of Void and Reason) is what I would consider as an above average CE Herrscher, I placed her around other stronger Herrschers (Durandal (Dea Anchora)) and above what I would consider average CE Herrscher level (Welt Yang, Himeko Murata (Vermillion Knight), Sirin (Herrscher of the Void)).
  • Consequently, Siegfried (2 Activators) was also moved down. His greatest feat is stomping Sirin (Herrscher of Void and Reason), and he was also able to activate Judgment of Shamash's Cleaver Mode, the second highest level for the weapon. That would place above Sirin (Herrscher of Void and Reason)'s tier to higher-end Herrscher level (RImestar, either of Kiana's Herrscher forms). You can't really justify him going any higher since that's where MANTIS reside, and these are the strongest MANTIS too. Kevin grabbing Judgment of Shamash was able to unlock it's strongest form, and Siegfried needed two activators and Welt's core just to activate it. You can't really justify this version of Siegfried going any higher, and I don't feel the need to keep dividing tiers.
  • Mei Raiden (Herrscher of Thunder) is very high up for sparring and fighting against MANTIS in Elysia and Mobius. Other characters could go higher (Kiana (Herrscher of Flamescion), for example), but they don't have the feats. :blobchuu
  • All MANTIS are high up for being MANTIS, though there are tiers within the group (Kevin is much stronger than Su, for example). Elysia is slightly weaker than Kevin.
  • Li Shushang is a strong S-rank, but there's nothing much t o say yet. She defeated Fu Hua and completely broke her SWARA, so we'll see what happens when these two characters fight again.
  • Herrscher of Dominance is pretty strong, perhaps average or somewhat below average. It was embarrassed by Mei (Herrscher of thunder), though.
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapter 28
Chapter 28

- Imaginary Space makes it "almost impossible" to mortals to sustain their existence within it without special precautions, but Durandal was able to survive and make her way outside of it.
- Otto is able to send Durandal into Imaginary Space when she was distracted for a moment after she defeated him in combat.
- Su appears to not have been on the moon during the battle with the PE 14th Herrscher.
- According to the will of the Kaslana stigmata, Siegfried was too wear to truly defeat Honkai.
- Otto states that the power of the Herrscher of the Void would be able to "preserve" the bubble universe within Durandal, but the Herrscher of Reason would never be able to do the same thing.
- According to Kira Shigure, Cecilia was given the title of "strongest Valkyrie in history." This was stated shortly after Siegfried went missing and before Kiana Kaslana (K423) became a Valkyrie. The will of the Kaslana stigmata, which guides Durandal's journey in Imaginary Space, says that Cecilia is not a true benchmark of the "strongest." By defeating this will, Durandal will have enough power to defeat Otto.
- Durandal is revealed to be the real Kiana Kaslana.
- Durandal attempts to fight the will of the stigmata, but she, like Siegfried before her is unable to do so. The will states that the only way for Durandal to defeat it is to unlock the true power of the Kaslana stigmata.
- Durandal is special according to the will. Her Honkai energy resistance grows with the amount of Honkai energy she's exposed to. This gives her the potential to "break the boundary between the Imaginary and the real, to harness Honkai and embrace truth in flesh and blood." For comparison, Herrschers are labeled as "Imaginary," ICHOR is not able to blend the two elements, and ordinary Kaslana and Schariac members are not in tune with the world to be able to do this.
- Unlike other stigmata, Kaslana stigmata is not just a set of genes that is passed down, but it also contains organelles that originally belonged to the Honkai beast from which the stigmata arises.
- The Kevin shadow within the Kaslana stigmata stimulates the Kaslana stigmata that Durandal has.
- Durandal gains a new battlesuit from this awakening: Palatinus Equinox. She masters the stigmata after defeating Husk: Nihilus.
- Otto is confirmed to be wielding the power of the Herrscher of Binding.
- Kiana and Durandal go to confront Otto. Kiana still does not have access to her full power (she states that she is 70% recovered), but she believes that she's recovered enough to fight Otto now that he doesn't have the powers of the Herrscher of Binding.
- According to Nagamistu, if Otto can establish a connection to the Imaginary Tree, he will be able to control nearly infinite Honkai energy. He would be almost impossible to defeat, even if he couldn't unleash all of that energy.
- Imaginary renormalization is a special exchanged defined within Imaginary Space that allows to opposite statuses to switch properties. In a previously measured case, something with the property of being infinite switched its status as being infinite with another thing with the property if being finite, making this finite thing infinite. Theoretically, Kiana with her Herrscher of Void powers can initialize imaginary renormalization.
- Kevin is able to open portals to the Sea of Quanta.
- Mei meets Kiana in a memory space created by the Will of the Honkai and shares some of her Herrscher power with Kiana in order to fight Otto.
- Otto no longer has access to the powers of either the Herrscher of Domination or the Herrscher of Binding.
- Kiana and Durandal fight "False God Otto." Otto during the fight draws his power directly from a Nihilus Seed. Otto can fly. He does get matched by Kiana and Durandal, and then he connects himself to the Imaginary Tree, gaining infinite Honkai energy. Prior to this connection, he claims to have surpassed Herscherrs and stigmata, but the battle seems to contradict his claims. Connected to the tree, Otto was able to regenerate infinitely, but Kiana was able to change his properties from infinite to finite using her Void powers. Kiana and Durandal defeat Otto.
- Otto claims that he had the power to reshape the world, but he did not have the freedom to do so because he was just a slave to the Imaginary Tree.
- When Rita was a young Valkyrie-in-training, her only outstanding attribute was her Honkai adaptability.
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Elysian Realms Chapter 3, A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2
A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2
- With a high degree of difficulty, Carole defeats a Code IV - The Emperor.
- Mei is the acting leader of Squad 3. Bronya is the acting leader of Squad 2.
- Bronya's current weapon is Project Bunny 0019.
- Bronya, at this point, is considered "legendary" by some some members of Schicksal.
- Lyle and Timido are promising warriors.

- The Void Archives have taken the form of Otto Apocalypse.
- Throughout APHO, Bronya and Mei have been known as "great heroes" that everyone in the next generation admire.
- Mei, Bronya, "Adam," Carole. Lyle, and Timido fight the Void Archives. The Void Archives is the First Divine Key, which allows the user to generate any other Divine Key. The Void Archives is still amazed at Mei's strength, and the Void Archives is defeated.
- The Sky People are an alien race. We've seen them before in Volume 9 of the comic (see above posts). They are also known as the "Hunters from the Sea of Stars," "Predators," and "Star Devourers."
- The Void Archives says that Lucheni, one of the Sky People, is too strong for the groups of heroes.
- Code XVI - The Tower: Lucheni is a giant rock monster that seems to be the size of multiple city blocks. The party does such serious damage to Lucheni's physical shell that is traps them in a separate space that they can't leave.
- The solium body that the Void Archives uses is one left by Otto himself.
- The real Lucheni is an energy construct with "quintessential vessel." With regular attacks, no one in the party can harm Lucheni, but the their Moon Rings releasing more power, they can destroy it's true being without much difficulty.

Elysian Realms Chapter 3

- This takes place after Chapter 28 of the game.
- Aponia is a powerful psychic Mantis.
- The Deep End is a prison within the Elysian Realms. Mei is warned to stay far from there because of its dangers.
- Mei, it was said, gave Mobius a good beating, according to what Pardofelis had heard.
- Pardofelis states that she is weaker than Mobius. She also claims to be the weakest of the thirteen Flame-Chasers.
- Pardofelis is impressed with Mei's strength.
- Even Mobius herself states that Mei gave her a beating, or at least, is being called the person that gave her a beating.
- Aponia is able to read Mei's mind. She's also shown the ability to force answers from people, and she can render people unconscious from her abilities.
- Sakura can read ki, and sense subtle changes in one's ki.
- Pardo is scared of Griseo's painted soldiers. Pardo literally can't fight. She claims to be hiding no powerlevel.
- Pardo hides when Mei fights The Great Magician Vill-V's Husk: Nihilus. Mei beats it.
- Mei brings a sword to Vill-V's neck. But Vill-V has a forcefield, which catches the sword. Mei can't actually pull her sword away until Vill-V drops the forcefield.
- According to Elysia, Vill-V can split her mind in two.
- According to Su, Aponia is the best psychic MANTIS.
- Mei plans to challenge Kaplas. Before the challenge is sent, Kaplas goes to punch Mei, and Mei is able to block the attack with her sword. The aftershock of the attack pushes her back, though.
- Mei battles Kaplas. Kaplas is known to be one of the most powerful fighters of the Previous Era, so this is a good test for Mei. Kaplas congratulates Mei for impressing him in his base form. Then he powers up into a Frenzy Mode. Mei is still able to impress him in this mode. Kaplas goes into an overdrive state where his powers temporarily increase even further, and Mei is surprised by how strong he is. Kalpas's flames are so hot, and he is evaporating everything around him. Kalpas says that Mei isn't strong enough to win, and he'll kill her. Kaplas's next attack was surely going to kill Mei if it landed cleanly, but Aponia interrupts their fight. Later, it's revealed that Elysia was ready to jump in at any moment if Mei was in danger of being killed. Mei later admits that she's no match for him just yet.
- Mei challenges Aponia, who had predicted that fate dictated that Mei would be killed by Aponia in ten days. Mei challenges her on the fated day. Mei figures out, though, that Aponia's true purpose is to kill Mei if Mei ever gets to deep into the Deep End. Aponia moves from her base form into another form during the fight. During the fight, Raven and Klein assist Mei in some way, and Mei defeats Aponia! And then Aponia reveals that she was fighting an illusion the entire time.
- Elysia is revealed to be the 13th Herrscher of the Previous Era.
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Being completely unfamiliar with this franchise, I have pretty much no clue what most of these feats even mean.

Can you maybe explain in a way you would to someone who had no idea about the series?
Being completely unfamiliar with this franchise, I have pretty much no clue what most of these feats even mean.

Can you maybe explain in a way you would to someone who had no idea about the series?
Most of this is just context. I can bold the feats for you though.
I placed all of the "feats" in bold typeface. The rest is just context for feats or for scaling.

If you want me to explain something, then you'll have to be more specific however.
I placed all of the "feats" in bold typeface. The rest is just context for feats or for scaling.

If you want me to explain something, then you'll have to be more specific however.
A lot of this sounds impressive, anymore?
A lot of this sounds impressive, anymore?
Chapter 29 of the game hasn't finished, so I haven't posted its feats yet. It finishes in July, I think.

There are two missing visual novels: 7 Swords and Anti-Entropy. 7 Swords isn't in English, so I haven't posted any feats for it. Anti-Entropy is in English, but I just haven't posted any feats for it either.
To assist people sort through the thread, here are some of the relevant feats and statements sorted by estimated energy values as well as some speed feats. To just point out some things:

- I did miss some feats and statements, but I didn't want to dig through any more information. I just decided to grab notable ones.
- ??? means not 100% clear. I think some are, but out of neutrality I placed them in ???.
- The feats and statements are not listed in chronological order.
- This only covers things from the beginning of the series up to Chapter 31 of the game, and it doesn't cover the 7 Swords or Anti-Entropy visual novels.
- I did this all with mental math. Placements may be inaccurate.

I hope this makes things clearer for both @Endless Mike and @Artist and for whoever else the catalog is lost on them because they're not familiar with the series.

Honkai Energy Feats

??? Level

- (feat): Kevin is able to make the ocean around Africa look like the Arctic with hos much ice is around:
- (feat): Herrscher of Ice Ana is able to bring down an area to temperatures close to absolute zero:
- (feat): Herrscher of Stars Owl creates a gravity well that encapsulates all of Coral:
- The energy to create a microcosm is similar to that of the first or second Herrscher:

Caterina: That said—— The volume of this world is significantly smaller than the volume of the original world.
Caterina: Maybe if I explain it like this it'll be easier to understand. Upon activation, if one were to rank the Houkai energy used by the 「Ether Anchor」 to build a 「microcosm」, you would get a similar amount to the energy levels the 「First Herrscher」 or 「2nd Herrscher」 possessed.
Schrodinger: I see. But in terms of scale, the Houkai energy later Herrscher are able to manipulate is far higher than that...
- Honkai Beast shrugs off bullets:
- Agatha's flames are 5000 kelvin:
- Sirin and Welt survive in field where the local mass is increasing to 1.4 solar masses: and and
- Mei's Herrscher personality can control lightning:
- Fu Hua is able to shake off a one megavolt shock:
- Kevin created a bubble universe based on his memories:
- (feat): The energy from the Core of Reason destroys multiple bubble universes in the Sea of Quanta:

Wall Level
- Bianka makes a small crater in the ground (feat):
- The 2nd Relic is able to destroy boulders and is stronger than cannon fire (statement):

Miguel: Oh right, didn't you two show something to the people on the island? A 「gun」 capable of even destroying boulders—— What was it called again...
Bianka: ...The all-purpose firing weapon of the previous civilization, 「2nd Relic」. Not a hard name to remember.
Miguel: Hahahaha! We old people aren't good with long names.
Miguel: But anyway, we have a weapon stronger than the cannons of the Invincible Armada——
Miguel: ——What we're riding on isn't an unreliable reed boat... but a merciless hunting warship!
Miguel: Remember this——

- Bronya cuts through a Honkai Beast that ran through a cement bridge with no problems: and
- Honkai Beast runs through a cement bridge:
- Sirin gets injured after a nuclear explosion: and and
- Honkai Beast hits Kiana and causes some damage to a wall: and
- Moonbeam Knight Kiana blocks a punch from a wall-level beast:
- A Welt clone lifts rocks with gravity:
- Bianka punches the ground and makes a small crater:

Building Level
- (statement): Kevin created the bubble universe that the cast is currently in. It's not very big from the looks of it, but it's size is actually unknown:
- Honkai Beast cuts through a building: and
- Honkai Beast hits Bronya and Project Bunny through multiple buildings:
- Mei's Herrscher personality blocks a strike from a building-buster: and
- Mei's Herrscher personality causes damage to multiple buildings with an indirect lighting attack: and and
- Mei's Herrscher personality does some more building stuff: and
- Bronya's Project Bunny matches the strike of a building-buster:
- (feat): Herrscher of Sentience Fu Hua punches the ground and a tremor can ben felt hundreds of feet below ground:
- Durandal punches a giant beast and sends it flying at supersonic speeds: and and

City Block Level
- (feat): As Wendy awakens as a Herrscher, she is able to reality warp the surrounding area. Apparently, New Zealand was "destroyed," but I never found proof for that claim:
- Avrora creates a hurricane:
- Mei's Herrscher personality makes a blasts that seems to destroy several city blocks: and and
- The 4th Divine Key creates a hurricane: and

City Level
- (statement): The Gem of Desire has enough energy to vaporize several cities:
- Judgment of Shamash: Zweihander once burned a city to ash:
- Sirin states that her Gem has enough power to destroy all of Singapore:

Mountain Level
- (statement): Feima throws his sword with the energy to destroy mountains:

Island Level
- (feat): Herrscher of Stars Owl creates a black hole that is destroying all of the island of Coral:

Country level
- Siegfried uses Judgment of Shamash's Might of An-Utu to make a big shockwave: and and

Continent Level
- (statement): If all of the weapons of the Selene fired, it would be able to destroy North America:
- (statement): The continent of Mu was destroyed by a black hole by the Previous Era's Ninth Herrscher. The feat is later shown in the comics:
- Bianka tears Europe from a bubble universe (feat):

Bianka took a leap from above the Ether Anchor's entry.
The wind blows strong.
The power of the Holy Sword merged with her and became one.
As if she was diving, the inertia from free fall was helping her to advance in the gap between light and darkness.
It was as if the twilight of noon and the dawn of midnight were blending.
Following the instructions from the radio, she made it to her destination.
The energy was released, enveloping her and the Holy Sword in a hurricane of light.

She began to slice the root of space.

At the core of the Ether Anchor, spaces from different dimensions were cluttered together like tangled vines she must cut through.
She lost count of how many she cut, how many barriers she crossed.
The Houkai energy within her is boiling her blood vessels.
But she knows she can hold on.
She had to hold on.

And then, it was like time was frozen.

A starry sky spread over in the distance. That is the horizon of the bubble world.
The boundary of this dimension, the "background map" of this miniature universe.
Bianka gritted her teeth and smiled. She made it. The slicing operation is complete.
Now it's up to the people in the surface to deal the final blow.


Champollion is talking to Sophia. Bianka and the Holy Sword used too much energy, even with Rita's care she won't wake up in such a short time

Stellar Level
- Welt creates a black hole using a fake Star of Eden:
- A Welt clone creates a black hole: and
- Welt creates a black hole: and and
- Kevin slashes through a black hole: and
- Welt traps Sirin in a black hole: and and and
- Welt created worlds where there is a sun in each. The worlds may be universe-sized, but they are simply called "worlds":
- Kevin and the Herrscher of Sentience are inside a black hole (and the Herrscher of Sentience creates one):

Solar System Level
- Elysia creates a space that contains stars in the sky:
- Elysia moves stars at faster-than-light speeds:
- Elysia moves stars in the night sky at faster-than-light speeds:
- There's only a 1% chance that Sirin wouldn't be able to survive a supernova:

Galaxy Level
- The Durandal has been maintaining the stability of the bubble universe within Durandal:
- Bianka creates a "horizon" to store the bubble universe (feat):

Universe Level
- (feat): Herrscher of Reason Bronya destroys a dimension using a blackhole:
- The Herrscher of Domination created a universe:

Honkai Speed Feats
- (feat): Herrscher of Thunder Mei controls cloud to ground lightning:
- Arahato takes 48 hours to fly to the moon:
- Cocolia disappears from the sight of Bronya:
- Sirin throws moon rocks at Earth: and and
- Random guy blitzes a superhuman (Kiana):
- Welt traps Sirin in a black hole, and she her body parts in and out of it: and and and
- Bianka creates a black hole to store the bubble universe (the shrinking is the speed feat):
- Bronya crossed multiple bubble universes to find Welt's power and find Seele:
- Elysia moves stars in the night sky at faster-than-ight speeds:
- Elysia moves stars at faster-than-light speeds:
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Elysian Realms Events
Elysian Realms Events

Kevin states that defeating Herrschers isn't difficult for Flame-Chasers:

Defeating a Herrscher wasn’t hard for us Flame-Chasers, but the successors have all failed. I hope you’re an exception.

Kevin believes that Mei has yet to reach her full potential and believes that she can do everything the PE 3rd Herrscher did:

You’re yet to realize your full potential, Herrscher. I believe you can do everything the 3rd Herrscher once did.

Kevin essentially begins applying some type of force around Mei that made her feel his power:

Mei: Everyone here has an unexpected attitude towards Herrschers. I used to believe it was your personality that led you so, but now…
Kevin: Your coming here was permitted. There is no need for overreactions since everything is under control.
Mei: Under control?
She got her answer right away.
Kevin didn’t even lift a finger, but the world around him suddenly stopped froze and became suffocating.
Mei: Oh… you did exactly the same thing in the outside world.

The CE Herrscher of Dominance is stronger than the PE Herrscher of Dominance:

Mei: I’ve met the Herrscher of Dominance, a more powerful version than in the Previous Era.
Mei: From what I’ve learned… the Herrscher of Binding you were facing was practically invincible.
Mei: I need some experience to prepare myself for the coming of the Herrscher of Binding in our time.

Kevin in the CE is weaker than the Kevin from PE.

Mei: The chill around you… is even stronger than the real one.
Mei: Is he somehow weakened now for reasons unknown, or…
Kevin: You’re trying to find a way to beat me. Why?
Mei: ...You misunderstood.

Mei: Before, I suspected you never recovered your full strength in the real world.
Mei: You wouldn’t comment on it, so I’d say my suspicion stands.

It is common for MANTIS to have Honkai Beast-like forms. Kevin has such a form:

Mei: Despite this, no one could push you to your limits and force you into… your unique form.
Kevin: Who told you about this?
Mei: It’s something you shouldn’t know.
Kevin: …
Mei: How does it feel? Getting riddles for answers?
Kevin: …
Kevin: It’s for the best. If I was put into a position where I had to turn to that…
Kevin: I’m afraid your world would have reached its end and there wouldn’t be any chance for you to come here.
Mei: So that’s your real limit. I don’t have to ask again. Power needs no explanation.
Mei: But there’s one more thing… the Honkai Beast-like form… is it common among the MANTIS soldiers or an exception?
Kevin: It’s not an exception.
Mei: It’s alright if you don’t wish to answer. I’ve already…
Mei: …
Mei: You say it’s not an exception?
Kevin: I don’t think that warrants your surprise.

The other Flame-Chasers are extraordinarily powerful. They all appear to be in Kevin's league:

Mei: Kevin, looks like this facility is a storage space for your memories.
Kevin: What are you getting at?
Mei: I’ve seen some of the Flame-Chasers here. They’re only sims, but extraordinarily strong.
Mei: I believe their powers were a match for yours back then.
Kevin: …

Divine Keys cannot be wielded by normal humans:

Mei: Kevin, I saw another Flame-Chaser wielding a Divine Key.
Mei: Your Judgment of Shamash, Hua’s Fenghuang Down, Eden’s Star of Eden, Su’s Cosmic Juggernaut… 13 keys and 13 Flame-Chasers.
Kevin: They’re not connected. Divine Keys cannot be wielded by normal humans, and MANTIS soldiers happen to be the most capable of doing so.
Kevin: Even I was unable to unleash the full power of the 7th Divine Key before undergoing the surgery.

Elysia once wielded the Abyss Flower:

Mei: But I wonder if there were ever any other Divine Keys once used by Flame-Chasers? Such as Abyss Flower.
Kevin: …
Mei: In our age, it’s wielded by a mighty warrior with whom you’ve fought.
Kevin: So what?
Mei: Nothing. I’m just curious about its previous wielders.
Kevin: …
Kevin: I’m not sure whose hands it fell into. For a long time, it was split into two parts and kept by two individuals.
Kevin: But in the beginning, it belonged to Elysia, and she later returned it to the MOTHs.
Mei: Why?
Mei: …
Mei: She thought it wasn’t cute enough, right?
Kevin: ...Correct.

Elysia states that she's as strong as Kevin:

Come to think of it, I’m a girl with Kevin-level strength and heavenly beauty, so I figure I can be a Valkyrie too.

But on second thought, I’m not a full-time fighter and maybe it’s more appropriate to call me “goddess”.

The Flame-Chaser ranking order has no meaning (it's not indicative of strength):

Mei: So the ranking order has no actual meaning.
Elysia: It’s not meaningful for your purposes. But there had to be some structure for managing the MOTHs.
Elysia: It was tough, but I tried to rank everyone based on my best judgment. Of course, I made it look legit and performance-based.
Elysia: Naturally, I settled on Kevin and I for first and second.
Elysia: Then came Su. Seven is a special number, and suits him just fine.
Elysia: Hua was still too young to be involved in politics, so I picked a safe spot for her - the twelfth.
Elysia: Kalpas was a headache. A lot of eyes were on him.
Elysia: I needed a balanced spot for this one. I thought hard about it and the sixth seemed right.
Elysia: The same with the tenth. I didn’t hate her but I didn’t want to give her too much power, and she was well aware of that.
Elysia: What happened next was a classic tale of girls backstabbing each other… and I won of course.
Elysia: “Discipline” and “Stars” have their stories, but I’ll save them for later since you haven’t met them. The remaining five were easy.
Mei: Seems like that list is just a formality.
Elysia: Don’t say that. I spent a whole afternoon on it.
Elysia: Besides, we can never put a number on someone’s ability and conviction, right?

Elysia takes a swipe at Mei's eyes to see if she's wearing eye shadow. Mei is surprised that she couldn't dodge it:

Elysia: Mei, check this out! I’ve never seen a treasure this beautiful!
Mei: …?
Mei paused a moment and then leaned closer.
But before she could catch a glimpse of anything, she heard the girl chuckle.
Elysia quickly opened her hand and brushed past the corner of Mei’s eye.
Elysia: I did it. This is what I called “a beautiful treasure.”
Her hand had been empty since the beginning.
Mei: Elysia, you…
Mei: (I… couldn’t dodge it?)
Elysia: But I was right all along. You’re not wearing makeup - this gorgy eye shadow comes from your Herrscher powers. Even I envy your natural-born beauty.

About Vipralopa-class Honkai:

Mei: I heard about the Vipralopa-class again. This concept doesn’t exist in my era - at least I’ve never heard of it.
Mei: And in the realm, it’s only connected with you.
Elysia: Oh… Did Kosma tell you that? And you chose to ask me instead of Mobius, who obviously knows better? I’m flattered!
Mei: She won’t tell the truth, so hearing false information is better than nothing.
Elysia: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the latter half.
Elysia: But there’s nothing to explain, really. The Vipralopa-class was invented because these Honkai Beasts cannot be identified.
Elysia: Like Vishnu, it can evolve from the lowest class to a class beyond Judgment… The general identification system doesn’t apply to it very well.
Elysia: This was MEI’s decision… and, until the end, there’s only been three Vipralopas.
Elysia: All in all, it equals super rare and super potent Honkai Beast genes. Vishnu was only moved to the Vipralopa-class after serious discussion triggered by certain events.
Mei: You said… three? There are more Vipralopas?
Elysia: About this… Mobius is the right person to ask.

Elysia is certain that she save Mei from Kaplas if he was going to kill her in combat:

Mei: But, in my original plan… wait.
Mei: Elysia, were you certain you could stop me from dying at the hands of Kalpas?
Elysia: Of course! This kind of thing… haven’t we already done it many times before?
Elysia: I must say, it’s really troublesome. You must never provoke him like this in the future. Although Kalpas is docile most of the time, when provoked, he is straight-forward, stubborn, and hard to persuade.

Pardofelis is not known to be a great fighter:

Elysia: Let’s get down to business. Remember the friend I mentioned? She’s called Pardofelis and she runs the Elysian Shop.
Elysia: She’s not a great fighter, but she’s the best scout among us. Although we don’t know where Natasha is, I’m sure she can help you find her.
Elysia: She should be stocking up on inventory. If you meet her, you can ask for help.

Aponia can read minds and influence the actions of others:

Mei: You’ve finally come out of that place.
Aponia: Is this not what you wanted? Since our first meeting… have I not satisfied your every need?
Mei: While under your control?
Aponia: Your guards are high. Hmm… in order for us to continue communicating…
Aponia: “Please” calm down.
Mei: You…
Aponia: Look, Mei, I do not have to rely on the dark space or the pendant to make a request.
Aponia: I chose to meet you there because… I feel more comfortable at home.
Mei: We aren’t communicating. It’s been one-sided so far.
Aponia: People can only communicate when they are willing to understand each other. It is a lengthy process, so I took the liberty to skip it.
Aponia: I will try to avoid doing so. However, I need to prove something for once.
Mei: So, is this one of your abilities?
Aponia: Hmm? Have you not realized? In your memory, I see Su explained it to you.
Aponia: Before I became a MANTIS, I had discovered my gift for convincing others. Perhaps the Meta-Morph surgery only reinforced this trait.
Mei: I think I see why you’re ranked 3rd. This is a dangerous trait.

Aponia and other psychics such as Su were more valuable away from the frontlines:

Mei: From what I know… you weren’t actively engaged in anti-Honkai warfare?
Aponia: If you mean fighting on the front, then yes. Psychics are vulnerable in combat, and we are more useful elsewhere.
Mei: Like Su?
Aponia: Yes… Su opposed the laissez-faire morality. As a psychic, he managed to confront the Final Herrscher on Earth…
Aponia: Unlike me, who was brooding over… how to die right.

Ellie doesn't have as much battle experience as Kevin or Elysia:

Eden: The Honkai Beast genes I received were powerful, but I didn’t have a lot of battle experience like Kevin or Ellie.
Eden: Some said the battlefield was like a stage for warriors, but for me back then, I thought the surgery was kind of a waste.

Eden's weapon in PE was the Star of Eden:

Eden: Maybe it was just dumb luck, or maybe.. it resonated in a curious way with the Honkai Beast genes in me.
Eden: In my hand, it unleashed power far beyond what the previous test had shown.
Eden: Later, it became my favorite weapon.
Eden: The 9th Divine Key, Cosmic Harmony.

Mei seems to have passed Elysia's combat test a few times:

Eden: Miss Raiden, did something happen between you and Ellie?
Mei: How did you know?
Eden: Ellie visited me and talked nonstop about you.
Mei: She came to me to “test” me, and I think I passed.
Eden: Oh, I see. That’s a relief.
Eden: Don’t be alarmed. It’s just Ellie being Ellie. She doesn’t mean any harm.
Mei: But was the test really necessary?
Eden: In her eyes, yes. But it also means your relationship has reached the next level.
Eden: Congrats, my friend. You’re one step closer to the truth you seek.

Eden: Looks like you’ve beaten Ellie once again, Miss Raiden.
Mei: Can you tell her not to test me anymore?
Eden: Haha, I’m afraid she won’t listen.
Eden: Seems to me she enjoys losing to you.

The technology of the PE was more advanced than that of the CE primarily in regards to weapons to fight Honkai:

Mei: Vinyl records.. even in our era, there are many music fans who prefer them.
Mei: Miss Eden, I noticed something very strange.
Eden: Huh?
Mei: From what I know, the advancement of the Previous Era’s civilization… seems to be different than what I imagined.
Mei: I thought it would be more developed and futuristic compared to our age. Almost like sci-fi.
Mei: But now it seems.. the technological advancement was limited to ways of fighting Honkai.
Mei: And in other areas.. it was a lot more like the age I come from than I expected.
Eden: Uh.. as you can see, Miss Raiden, I’m not a fan of technological achievements.
Eden: But I can understand why you were surprised.
Eden: Honkai.. it brought us never ending war, and we would only be able to build a future after ending the war.

Eden calls Raven an excellent fighter:

Mei: Hey Eden, seems like you talk with Raven quite a bit?
Eden: I do. Is she a friend of yours, Miss Raiden?
Mei: Uh… I guess so.
Eden: Miss Raven.. she’s an excellent fighter, and she’s also funny and charming. A rare combination.
Mei: Yeah, I know.

Vill-V had created technology to defeat the PE 3rd Herrscher:

Vill-V: If I must say, I did try to create something that could go against the third Herrscher. Oh… but it is only an embarrassing prototype now. Are you interested in it?

Vill-V can split her mind into different parts, producing different persons distinct from each other:

Vill-V: How’s it going? Do you need any help? If you do…
Vill-V: I’m sure you can work it out!
Mei: …..
Mei: Splitting the mind - I’ve learned your true ability.
Vill-V: Oh… the situation has gotten quite grim. Don’t sweat it. To keep things fresh, I used to tell every colleague a different version.
Vill-V: When I became a MANTIS, this was the task into which I put the most thought…
Vill-V: The result was… Mobius showed up everywhere during that time. The scariest part was she’d stare at me with glinting eyes.


Vill-V: Splitting the mind into separate partitions… does it sound boring?
Mei: I don’t think so… and they may not be the same in expression as you said.
Mei: Splitting, unlike seizing, should have an upper limit.
Vill-V: You’re acute, I’ll give you that, but you got it wrong. Strictly speaking, I can split it into as many parts as I want.
Vill-V: Of course… then you’d be seeing an assortment of idiots. There’s only so much mind to allocate.
Mei: How many parts did you split it into?
Vill-V: Eight, which is my current limit. I can’t maintain genius-level standard if there’s more.
Vill-V: I take it you’ve met a few?

Vill-V created the Divine Keys:

Mei: Vill-V, someone told me you created the Divine Keys.
Mei: But as far as I know, the Divine Key of Corruption… was never completed in the Previous Era?
Vill-V: Blame them for keeping me out of it. The 1st Divine Key scared them that much.
Mei: Void Archives?
Vill-V: Yep. A weapon that could hardly make a difference due to arriving late.

Kaplas's power seems out of proportion even when compared to his peers:

Kalpas: Your time is boring as hell. Oh… maybe it’s because you’re all too weak.
Mei: That’s exactly what puzzles me, Kalpas. Your power is… out of proportion.
Mei: Where did it come from?
Kalpas: Friendship, hard work, and victory.
Mei: None of these seem to be connected with you.
Kalpas: You’re right. It has nothing to do with you either.
Mei: No, power is never my target, but it can serve as a good means to avoid tragedies.
Kalpas: Oh, then you should receive the surgery too. There’s someone interested in turning a Herrscher into a MANTIS, and you know who.
Mei: You know that’s not the answer I’m looking for - you were already incredibly strong before the surgery.

Only once Kosma became a MANTIS, Kaplas could begin taking him seriously in combat:

Mei: …..
Kalpas: Herrscher, what have you heard?
Mei: Nothing. I accidentally learned that after the Cocoon disbanded, a prisoner associated to it was released.
Mei: About the prisoner… I have some guesses.
Kalpas: You like guessing.
Mei: I saw a boy… or a teengaer, he felt like a typical Cocoon agent, like you and Sakura.
Kalpas: Him? Hmph, he has what it takes to be a Cocoon. Too bad he set his bars too high.
Kalpas: The type of heroes that kid wants to be can only exist as corpses.
Mei: You have a lot of opinions on him.
Kalpas: That boy is likable, heh heh heh heh…
Mei: Are you serious?
Kalpas: The instinct he got is quite amusing. His impulse to devour helped me kill time. He doesn’t even know this was the case.
Kalpas: I couldn’t care less. After that boy reacted to Honkai… I can finally take him seriously.
Mei: (I guess… for Kalpas to like you, you have to be odd in some way.)
Mei: But… devour you? I thought Kosma could only absorb Honkai Beasts. Kalpas, you’re…
Kalpas: What the hell? You think I’m a mutant that can’t take a hit? Hmph, how would I know something that couldn’t be done?
Kalpas: Think about it, he became that pawn for a reason. Ya get it, Herrscher?

Kaplas congratulates Mei for holding her own against Mobius with MANTIS Beast form:

Kalpas: That’s amazing, Herrscher. Somehow you’re still alive.
Mei: Alright.. Coming from you, I consider that a friendly greeting.
Kalpas: Maybe you should feel lucky.. lucky to be alive to hear my compliments.
Mei: …Compliments? When did you compliment me?
Kalpas: You held your own against Mobius in that form. Looks like I underestimated how quickly you’d progress.
Kalpas: Looks like you might be ready to take on the full force of my wrath. Want to try?
Mei: No need. I don’t want to engage in unnecessary combat with Flame-Chasers.
Kalpas: Then what is it you want? To hang around here and annoy people with your questions?

Elysia considers Mei the best successor that she's fought:

Kalpas: That’s it? Looks like there’s no need for me to get involved.
Elysia: Not enough for you? She’s the first Herrscher to come here. I thought you’d be thrilled.
Elysia: Among all the successors I fought, she’s definitely one of the best.
Elysia: Even if you were stronger back then, you couldn’t have ended the fight easily.

Kaplas has lost twice and a half: against Kevin and Elysia. He drew against Sakura:

Mei: I have to say you’re an unusually tough opponent.
Mei: But I’ve also heard it’s the good swimmers that are most likely to drown.
Mei: Have you ever been cornered in a fight? Has anyone ever beaten you?
Kalpas: …Yes. It’s happened.. two and a half times.
Mei: Two… and a half?
Kalpas: Kevin, Elysia…
Kalpas: And Sakura. It was a draw, so she only counted as a half.

Kaplas was stabbed in the heart by Sakura and still survived:

Mei: Sakura has a very high opinion of you.
Kalpas: Hmph… if your blade went through someone’s heart and they survived, you’d be impressed too.
Mei: Oh, I didn’t know about that.
Mei: But you seem to get along just fine.

Mobius is able to recover from severe beatings from Kaplas using her regeneration:

Kalpas: Of course not. She hung around and said some extremely..
Kalpas: …
Elysia: What did she say?
Kalpas: I don’t want to be reminded of it.
Elysia: Oh, okay. What then?
Kalpas: And then I took action.
Elysia: Hmm!?
Elysia: What do you mean… you took action?
Kalpas: If she wasn’t a MANTIS, she would have been reduced to dust.
Elysia: …Ah, I think I get it. You’re really cruel to your colleagues, Kalpas.
Elysia: So, when someone swore that they saw a girl who looked like Mobius happily coming out of your room, that was…
Kalpas: Just what you’re thinking.
Elysia: Wow, these are some disturbing truths.
Kalpas: This was the reason that woman came to visit me.
Kalpas: She wanted to know to what extent she could shed her old skin.. and she was pleased by the result.

Su can read minds. Su is unable to read Elysia's mind. Even Aponia cannot affect her:

Su: Hi, visitor. You seem to be accustomed to everything here.
Mei: More or less, except for a certain unpredictable friend of yours.
Su: Elysia? Sorry, I don’t know what’s been on her mind either.
Mei: Aren’t you a psychic MANTIS? You’re good at reading minds, right?
Su: I can’t do it on her. Elysia is special - even the Flame-Chaser bearing the Signets of Disciple can’t restrain her.
Mei: After seeing so many different members of the Flame-Chasers, I think you’re the odd one out in the group.

Every psychic MANTIS can invade and manipulate minds but cannot do so against non-humans:

Su: As for why.. maybe it was the fact that we didn’t prove ourselves very useful against Honkai, unlike other MANTIS soldiers.
Mei: Useful?
Su: Every psychic MANTIS soldier has the ability to intrude on or manipulate someone else’s mind.
Su: It can be a deciding factor when fighting our own kind - a moment of hesitation can be the difference between life and death.
Su: But when facing Honkai Beasts or other non-human enemies, we were unable to contribute to the fight in a meaningful way.

Su and other psychic MANTIS weren't a super effective combatants:

Mei: Even so, there aren’t many psychic type Flame-Chasers in general.
Su: Indeed.
Mei: …Why? Technical issues? Or… is there something special about you?
Su: Both.
Su: As you can see, we made no breakthrough in the psychic world until the demise of our civilization.
Su: Scalpels couldn’t reveal the secrets of the mind, and that’s why I chose the way of Bodhi in the first place.
Mei: Which is to say… psychic MANTIS soldiers were more like an accident.
Su: Yes. Although it wasn’t hard to observe brain activity, even Dr. Mobius had given up her research on the topic.
Su: As for why.. maybe it was the fact that we didn’t prove ourselves very useful against Honkai, unlike other MANTIS soldiers.
Mei: Useful?
Su: Every psychic MANTIS soldier has the ability to intrude on or manipulate someone else’s mind.
Su: It can be a deciding factor when fighting our own kind - a moment of hesitation can be the difference between life and death.
Su: But when facing Honkai Beasts or other non-human enemies, we were unable to contribute to the fight in a meaningful way.
Mei: Sounds like engaging enemies head-on wasn’t your strong suit.
Su: Indeed. When the war wasn’t at its height, we were usually operating at the back lines, save for a handful of mutants.

Signets contains real power:

Su: Visitor, you seem confused.
Mei: You said you were only illusions, but these Signets.. they have real power.
Su: The power was always yours. What we did was no more than awakening it from the stigma.

Before Kaplas became a MANTIS, he was still strong enough to fight Sakura in direct combat:

Mei: Elysia told me you brought Kalpas into the MOTHs.
Sakura: Yes, but that wasn’t my intention.
Mei: Huh?
Sakura: I met him in the middle of a mission, and we had a kind of.. conflict.
Mei: Back then, he wasn’t a MANTIS yet.
Sakura: Yeah, but he was still strong enough to fight me, a MANTIS, head-to-head.
Sakura: That’s why the higher-ups ordered me to take him back to the MOTHs base and keep him detained in the deep end.

In battle, Kaplas can't even touch Elysia:

Mei: Kalpas… he couldn’t even touch Elysia when fighting her.
Mei: To be honest, that contradicts my impressions of those two.
Sakura: It’s nothing. It’s the same as anyone. We all have our things happen to us, whether we like it or not.
Mei: That said, what happened to Elysia was quite positive. Even the side effects of the surgery seemed like a blessing.

Herrschers do not need to eat:

Sakura: You’ve been here for a long time, but I never saw you eat. Is everything alright?
Mei: I’m a Herrscher.
Sakura: Oh, right.
Sakura: I once taught some successors how to make some simple food. You can come to me if you need.
Mei: Never took you for a chef.
Sakura: Not exactly. I had family to care for, and cooking is an essential skill.
Mei: So… you are going to teach me how to cook.
Sakura: Uh, is there a problem?
Mei: No, just some old memories coming up.
Sakura: I know food is unnecessary for Herrschers, but in case you have the same needs as Eden, you can always come to me.

Kosma is among the strongest of the Flame-Chasers:

Mei: My friends and I were driven by fate to take up arms and fight.
Kosma: So were we in our time. Honkai never gives you too many choices.
Mei: But from the words of other Flame-Chasers, you’re one of the strongest among them.
Mei: I even doubted just like Mobius, your physical age didn’t match your real age.
Kosma: …..
Kosma: (How much does she know, really?)
Kosma: (Indeed… with just a few exceptions, I have the confidence to beat any Flame-Chasers before my mind collapses.)
Kosma: (If I give everything I have, I can maybe also hold off Kevin in Active Honkai Reaction for a while…)
Kosma: (But this is only raw strength. Talking about win or loss requires more calculation.)
Kosma: (Strength, mind, stamina, speed… based on the model established by Elysia and I, there are 12 attributes at work.)
Kosma: (On top of this, there’s the influence of personal growth and luck… Oh, and also adaptivity and countering…)
Kosma: (Not to mention a Flame-Chaser can have different forms. In Active Honkai Reaction, there are normal Kevin, demon Kevin, and deliverer Kevin…)

In order to sustain his sanity, Kosma must continue to eat Honkai genes:

Kosma: I’m not suited to the new era. Devouring Honkai Beasts, and absorbing their traits and strength… this is my ability, and the price I must pay.
Mei: You’re saying… the only way for you to sustain your sanity is to keep absorbing Honkai Beast genes?
Kosma: Pretty much. The moment I can’t maintain this state, everything I’ve gained from fusion will lash out at humanity.
Kosma: However, the decay slows down dramatically at a low temperature. And due to some accidents, the MOTHs discovered that Honkai Beast genes weren’t the only thing keeping me sane.
Kosma: …..

Mobius can only resurrect a finite number of times:

Mei: Replacing, reconstructing, restoring.. Though I’m not capable of these, I at least understand the principles behind them.
Mei: But you.. To others, your resurrection is more like an inexplicable miracle.
Mobius: A miracle? You have a point…
Mobius: This is the side effect that the Meta-Morph surgery had on me. Even I don’t know how to reproduce it in others.
Mobius: But to a snake, shedding a decaying skin to start over.. is part of its life.
Mobius: Do you understand now? The side effects of the Meta-Morph surgery.. are not inherently adverse.
Mei: …
Mei: I remember you once said… you shrunk due to the Meta-Morph surgery’s side effect.
Mobius: …
Mei: I’ll assume you didn’t lie to me either time, which means…
Mei: The Meta-Morph surgery gave you the ability of resurrection, but not without a price.
Mei: Every time you come back from the dead, your body degenerates… You become younger, or in other words.. smaller.
Mobius: Heheh… You’re quite a thinker, lab rat. From whom did you hear about my deaths?
Mobius: Indeed, my resurrection… is not unlike snake molting.
Mei: Snake molting? I don’t think it’s an accurate analogy.
Mei: As far as I know, snake molting represents the growth of a snake. That is, each molt brings it closer to the end of its life.
Mei: But you.. Mobius, your snake molting, at each death, brings you closer to the start of your life.
Mei: This is a decisive difference.
Mobius: …
Mei: I heard you’re one of the founding members of the MOTHs… Even in the end times, I doubt they’d let a child join them.
Mei: So… Mobius, how many times have you died to become who you are now?
Mobius: …
Mobius: Is this the question you wanted to ask?
Mobius: If so, then you can leave with your puerile question… I’m not interested in answering.
Mobius: Goodbye.
Mei: …
Mei: (Her tone…)
Mei: (I think my presumption is correct. Mobius’s resurrections.. have a limit.)
Mei: (However, if this is really the case… Why do the other Flame-Chasers believe she’s actually immortal?)

No Flame-Chaser is a non-combatant, and even the weakest is formidable in power:

Mei: It appears that no Flame-Chaser qualifies as a non-combatant in strict terms.
Mei: They may be more accomplished in other fields, but when it comes to fighting… Even the worst of them shows formidable strength.
Mei: Eden, Su, and you… Mobius, are no exception.
Mobius: Huh? Herrscher lady, what are you talking about? I don’t even have a weapon.. Do I look like I can fight?
Mobius: C’mon, I’m just an average researcher. I’ve never set foot on a battlefield, to be honest.
Mei: …
Mei: A researcher who can subdue Hua and Su simultaneously? Then the Previous Era’s Honkai is less dangerous than I thought.
Mobius: …

Griseo has never been in combat:

Mei: Griseo, I remember you said that you’re almost always painting.
Griseo: Yup. That’s right.
Mei: So… have you ever been in a “battle” against Honkai?
Griseo: …?
Griseo: You mean like what Uncle Kevin did and what you’re doing now?
Mei: Yes, I suppose so. Have you ever fought those monsters that hurt everybody?
Griseo: Hmm… I don’t think so. I like painting quietly more.

Not all MANTIS are at the level of the Flame-Chasers:

Mei: Hua, I have another question.
Hua: Go ahead.
Mei: Project Ember doesn’t seem to include the tech to create a MANTIS. Why?
Hua: …
Hua: I don’t know, but if you ask me, this tech shouldn’t even exist.
Hua: You haven’t met all of the MANTIS soldiers, and that’s a good thing.
Hua: Some of them would be of no use to you… Not all of MANTIS is at the level of the Flame-Chasers.
Hua: Those who died without a name… they were the strongest among all those who sacrificed themselves.
Hua: But in the end… they could only match the strength of a gifted individual who didn’t go through the mutation.
Hua: ...No, sorry, that was just a single case. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.
Mei: Making an ordinary soldier a super fighter sounds like a giant leap to me already.
Hua: But still, it falls short of people’s expectations for a hero.
Hua: In terms of results, the MANTIS program wasn’t a success. It only stalled Honkai slightly at the cost of many lives.

Mei has reservations about Mobius having unleashed her true power in their fight:

Hua: Impressive. Though I don’t know why you fought Mobius…
Hua: If a successor’s defeated her in that form, I’d definitely have recorded it in my backup.
Hua: This means you should be the first person to have done it.
Mei: Thank you, Hua. But like Elysia, I don’t think Mobius has exerted herself.
Mei: After all… Fighting isn’t her expertise.
Mei: And judging from everyone’s version of the First Institute incident, Mobius in the Elysian Realm…
Mei: Has likely never displayed the level of power that the real Mobius once had.
Hua: ...The First Institute?
Mei: That’s right, Hua. You mentioned an incident that took place there to me.
Mei: It was in that incident that Mobius revealed her serpentine form.
Mei: Maybe I’m speaking too soon, but since she was able to resist multiple Flame-Chasers, I doubt she’s an opponent whom I could defeat.
Hua: Don’t underestimate yourself, Mei. You’ve beaten opponents like that before.

Kevin in the Elysian Realm is not his "full form" due to physical limitations of the Elysian Realm:

Mei: Are there some kind of restrictions on you here in the Elysian Realm?
Hua: No, but the foundation of the Elysian Realm had a lot to do with Elysia, so I doubt she’d hurt any visitors.
Hua: But if you were referring to physical limitations, yes, there are some.
Mei: Hmm?
Hua: The Elysian Realm is a simulation facility after all, therefore it’s naturally subject to certain limitations.
Hua: Take Kevin for example… the Kevin sim here is by no means his full form due to the Elysian Realm’s limited capacity.

Hue believes that the only Flame-Chasers that can defeat Kaplas are Kevin and Elysia:

Hua: It didn’t end for Kalpas when I left my sim here. At that time, he was making impressive progress every day.
Hua: Even among the Flame-Chasers, I believe only Kevin and Elysia can best him.
Mei: Elysia?
Hua: She can harness Honkai energy in unimaginable ways, and the Honkai Beast she integrated with was the strongest of all.
Hua: I saw her suppressing Kalpas effortlessly throughout an entire training session, which was quite a feat.
Hua: You must have seen Kalpas at his wildest in battle, but… he couldn’t even touch Elysia while training.
Mei: I see. Thanks for the info.

The purpose of the succession of Signets is to grant the successor the power of the Flame-Chasers:

ua: The succession of Signets is done in the Elysian Realm, but the succession tech is flawed.
Hua: Receiving the power of all 13 MANTIS soldiers is more than ordinary humans can withstand.

Kevin is slowly recovering his strength in the CE by devouring Honkai beasts:

Raven: Growing up in the organization, I saw some things that maybe I shouldn’t have, including his other side.
Mei: You only saw the records, right? After all, it was just months ago when Kevin returned from the Sea of Quanta.
Raven: Yeah, but what difference does that make?
Raven: And it wasn’t just records that I saw.
Mei: What do you mean?
Raven: After Sire’s return, Gray Serpent offered him Chiyou’s body to hasten his recovery.
Raven: It was only for a brief moment, but the surge in power… overwhelmed him.
Mei: ...You saw him transform?
Raven: It was only for a short time, and only part of this body changed, but…
Raven: You’ll never see anything more dangerous or horrifying.
Mei: That doesn’t sound like the usual Kevin.
Raven: Maybe, but back then, I only felt lucky.
Raven: That I turned down the bounty of the Flame-Chasers. If I crossed the line, I’d never be the same.
Mei: …
Mei: (Recovering his strength using Honkai Beasts… How much has he recovered then?)
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[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Elysian Realm Recollections
Elysian Realm Recollections

Sakura once fought Kevin, and she sent him to be hospitalized. It's unknown how she fared, but it appears that she was captured:


“Uh-huh, you better stay in bed, Kevin. You’re in a hospital for a reason.”
“Oof… how did a veteran like you get hurt this bad?”

“What do you want now?”

“Listen to yourself… Can’t I come here just to visit an injured old friend? I even brought you a fruit basket!”
“Besides, this old friend of mine might need something from me.”


“Kevin, I heard… that pink-haired killer, her weapon… was it that blade?”
“It belongs to The MOTHs… That killer shouldn’t have had any means to get her hands on it… right?”


By the time of the First Institute incident, Kevin is the strongest human:

“I don’t want to burden MEI with more troubles.”
“Though I wasn’t there, judging by Hua and Su’s reaction in the report… I think it’d be best for MEI to step back from this indefinitely.”

“Even the mention of her name smartens you up.”
“But… is this really necessary for you?”

“It might come in handy one day. Better safe than sorry.”

“Fine. If this is what you want… then come with me.”
“To be honest, I’m quite curious about… whether the strongest human can be made even stronger.”

The PE 8th Herrscher can perform some kind of mental attacks, which leaves its victims mentally broken. Kevin obtained a Discipline to resist it:

- Is anyone still standing?
The man walking fast in the passage had to doubt that.
He had covered quite a distance, but everyone he saw was in a deep slumber.
Lying on the ground in varying positions, they were all murmuring dream words that cannot be comprehended.

“Ah, that’s why I always say you’re now the least romantic man on earth, Kevin.”
“Roaming through one dream after another. How wonderful and romantic♪”
- At a future date, one of his partners commented such on this experience.

But he himself never viewed this situation in such a romantic light.

Those who had fallen were drowned in an everlasting false dream that led them to death.
And those who were sober fell victim to another endless nightmare.

He fastened his steps.
His heart had always remained strong and resolute, but not this moment.

He shouldn’t have been so worried, as she was guarded by his most trusted comrade.

But the enemy they were faced with can never be hurt by any blade.

“Hi, Kevin.”
A familiar voice dragged him back to reality. At the end of the corridor, the pink-haired girl was leaning against the wall.
“You’re finally back.”

“Elysia? Why are you here?”
“How is MEI?”

“Relax, she’s safe in the lab.”
“But I can’t say the same for Sakura.”

“Did she fall for the 8th Herrscher’s trick?”

“Yeah, fortunately, she only fell asleep.”
“Good thing I arrived on time, or…”

“Or what?”

“Anyway, I’ve taken care of things on this side. Sakura and MEI are both fine.”
“But Kevin, how are things looking on your side?”
“I’ve always felt you’re the one who’d be most likely trapped in dreams.”

He fell silent. He thought the same about himself.
That’s why he returned in a hurry after such a short departure.
He had obtained the Discipline to resist the corruption and put on shackles that could free him of nightmares.
He had become different.
“Maybe, Elysia.”
“But the 8th Herrscher’s mental tricks won’t work on me anymore.”
“Time to strike back.”

Aponia impressed the Discipline of "never harm innocents" onto Kaplas:

The masked man was dropping corpse after corpse right at her feet.
53… 54… that was it.

“They were all present when Rin died.”
“—They all have the same discipline. Tell me, what actually happened?”

“What if… you get no answer?”

He pointed to the ground.
“You’ll be next.”

“You should know… I’ve never feared death. And anyway… who says you could?”
“But if you insist on me paying a price for this, I won’t refuse.”
“The discipline I gave them was simple… ‘Never give up hope against Honkai’. I don’t know why this would make them hate Herrschers… they’re unhinged.”

He laughed coldly.
“It’s just like everything you do.”

“Kalpas, just because I know about everything doesn’t mean I can control it. I… make mistakes, too.”
“Same for the discipline I gave you. ‘Never harm innocents’... you’ve never let that get in the way of your indiscriminate murder.”

Aponia once tried to force the minds of 600 people into a single body, but she failed at that:

“Did you try to force the thoughts of 600 staff at this site into one single body; and have you caused nearly 40 incidents of vicious malice?”

“They were all so close to death, I just… wanted them to live,” she thought.
Instead, she said aloud: “I plead guilty.”

According to Eden, Hua has greatest potential of all Flame-Chasers:

“Hua, this Project Ember… may seem to be imparting the knowledge of the past… of our era to the next generation, but in essence, it’s opening up a new era.”
“And I… The era that belongs to me is now. My stage is right here.”
“No matter how bright the future is, it’s not where I should be, there’s… no place for me there.”

“But why, Eden… why me?”

“If you entrust it to someone else… surely they’ll be able to handle it better than me.”

“No, Hua… you mustn’t keep belittling yourself.”
“You are the brightest morning star among us. In terms of potential, none of us is your equal.”
“You’re only too young and need more experience… yet we’re always short of time.”
“And… as I see it, Project Ember is less of a mission or a duty, but more of a…”
“Gift from me to you.”

A third party backs the assertion that Kaplas could fight Sakura evenly even before he became a MANTIS. IN this text, Elysia states that Kaplas wounded her though he lost the fight:

“Well, Elysia, I think you owe everyone sitting here an explanation.”
“Did you seriously pluck him out of the Abyss Lab on your own initiative without making him face any consequences for his prior actions just because he could fight a member of Cocoon on an even keel?”

“Eh? And here I thought that this video would speak for itself.”
“He was up against a MANTIS. He didn’t win, sure, but he was able to wound his opponent. I don’t think that any of you seated here could claim to do the same, right?”

Hua is weaker than Kaplas:

“Kalpas, I feel equally sorry for that incident. But… you should take responsibility for what you’ve done.”

“Then bring it on!”

“No, not yet. You misunderstand where I’m coming from, Kalpas.”
“If I came to hold you accountable, I wouldn’t be alone.”
“It’s not something I can do by myself.”

“Heh, you’re a sensible one.”
“Ah, wait… I remember who you are, your name… is it Hua?”
Mihoyo usually includes a lot of tragedy for backstories and during the plot. I think Sakura usually has a tragedy involving her sister in her iterations (Gun Girls Z and Honkai Impact 3rd but not in Genshin though I don't play Genshin). I think Sakura and Rin are currently in a stigmata space and will probably stay there forever, so it's a bit of happy ending for them.
Well, that's Current Era Sakura Yae. Previous Era Sakura and Rin are dead. And Previous Era Sakura will be gone forever whenever her simulation is destroyed in the upcoming story, so those guys aren't getting a happy ending since they don't have a happy ending in the first place.
[Visual Novels] Anti-Entropy

- Einstein is the person who gave Omega One the name "Welt."
- Welt knows German, English, Russian, Latin, Japanese, and Chinese.
- Back in he 1950s, the Riemann Hypothesis and Goldbach's Conjecture were beyond Einstein's ability to solve.
- Some manifestations of Honkai through history include "The black death, the ice age, and the World Wars" according to Tesla.
- Reanna Brigantia is a Valkyrie, and her weapon is the Abyss Flower. According to Otto, she is currently the strongest Valkyrie, which makes sense since she gets to wield Abyss Flower.
- The Star of Eden is about 10 centimeters in diameter.
- Reanna can run over 1 kilometer in a minute.
- The Star of Eden is a Divine Key created by using the core of the Herrscher of Earth (Previous Era).
- Einstein is able to block an attack from a Honkai-fied Schrodinger with the Star of Eden.
- Welt Joyce is confirmed to be a herrscher, the first herscherr of the Current Era.
- Schrodinger fights Welt Joyce. She seems to be fighting him evenly. If he took her seriously, though, he would've killed her without much issue. He was reserved the entire fight.
- Edison is able to giver herself powers by using something called an "Interferometer." We don't know what that is.
- Edison is able to hold a ball of Honkai energy equal to a "20,000 TNT bomb." I'm not sure if it's supposed to be pounds or tons or whatever.
- Reanna was the strongest Valkyrie for over 100 years because Otto gave her a new body and because of her lineage, which is connected to an ancient civilization. Reanna at the present time is completely robotic, but Otto is able to take control of her body and shape it to match his form since he put a backdoor into her parts.
- Schrodinger can make clones of herself. There seems to be at least 6 clones.
- Welt Joyce uses the Star of Eden to create a black hole. It is a hole of unknown size.
[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Sanguine Nights
- We have a character that is supposed to represent the player. They will be referred to as "The Captain."
- People bitten by Theresa (A-872) will have their memories deteriorate and turn into vampires within 48 hours of being bitten.
- Theresa and Kallen fight to a stalemate.
[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapter 30
Game Chapter 30
- Eden states that Kevin and Elysia are the strongest Flame-Chasers, reinforcing a strongly supported claim.
- "Great Magician" Vill-V says that if she tried to stop Sakura, Sakura would kill her.
- Griseo is confirmed to be the Flame-Chaser currently on the Ark.
- Kaplas fights and holds advantage in battle against both Su and Hua. Su focused on retraining Kaplas by using his psychic powers as Hua fought Kaplas directly.
- Hua confirms that Sakura can freeze space. Sakura did this in Chapter 12 of the game's storyline.
- Emile, Kaplas's adjutant, was the 10th Herrscher of the Previous Era.
- Kaplas fell from the sky when he arrived to Earth, and he was uninjured from the fall. He is not a human.
- Kaplas is stated to be the third strongest humanity-sided character in the Previous Era, only following Kevin and Elysia.
- Eden is able to fight a sort of side-effect of Aponia influencing the Elysian Realm. This side-effect takes the shape of Aponia, but Eden can tell that it isn't really Aponia. Eden isn't tired or anything afterwards.
- Mobius' sim is revealed to have died.
- Mei witnesses (through Vill-V's memories) the Tragedy of the Binding. Vill-V found some sort of weakness in it, but she was still in pain and her personas were all revealing themselves at once. Mei shared Vill-V's physical experiences, and she felt a lot of pain.
- Prior to Vill-V becoming a MOTH, her machines transcended the era's machines according to Mobius.
- Pardofelis's sim dies.
- Once Mei had begun investigating Vill-V's memories, Mei's powers had begun diminishing.
- Vill-V has stated that the only way she think sshe can beat Kevin is to destroy the entire Elysian Realm.
- Vill-V's hidden personality is known as "Pure Evil" Vill-V. A better name than "Villain" Vill-V, I think.
- "Pure Evil" Vill-V has killed almost all other Vill-V personalities.
- Mei, in her weakened state, fights "Pure Evil" Vill-V. She's so weakened that Vill-V asks if she still has enough power to use her powers at all. Vill-V decides to go all-out against Mei in order to kill her. Vill-V gives empty praise to Mei's strength, suggesting that she's not at the level of a Herrscher from the Previous Era, though Mei is weakened at the moment. Vill-V then begins fighting with the Herrscher of Corruption, and Mei seems to no longer be able to hurt Vill-V. Working with the Herrscher of Corruption, Vill-V has been eliminating other Flame-Chasers. Working with the Herrscher, Vill-V can obtain power equal to Mei or any other Flame-Chaser.
- Later on, "Pure Evil" Vill-V encounters Mei's dragon Kurikara, and the battle seemed to be an easy win for Vill-V.
- Mei later encounters the original Vill-V. Vill-V states that Mei is a challenge for "Pure Evil" Vill-V, and that "Pure Evil" Vill-V would love the opportunity to beat Mei.
- Vill-V's true age is around 20.
- Mei and Vill-V fight "Pure Evil" Vill-V again. The fight seems to end in a draw with both of them still standing. Vill-V then partitions her mind again to bring back her old personalities, weaken "Pure Evil" Vill-V, and then "Pure Evil Vill-V" is defeated.
- Mei struggles in battle in part because she's not used the the Signet of Helix, which she received from Vill-V. The Herrscher of Corruption is revealed to have taken Elysia's form.
So next chapter is the last chapter of the Elysian Realm arc. So I guess it'll finish up in the middle of fall.

This section of the latest tier list looks crazy in retrospect.

Previous Era's 14th Herrscher

Kevin Kaslana
Fu Hua (Undamaged SWARA)
Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)

Mei Raiden (Herrscher of Thunder)

Since we know that Elysia was a Herrscher (the 13th), the very top of the list will probably go like:

Previous Era's 14th Herrscher
Elysia (Herrscher of ???)

I think Herrscher Elysia is supposed to be a group win, but we'll get confirmation (maybe) in Chapter 31. Based on what we know more or less. The next highest tier should start with Kevin and Elysia.


If any should join them isn't a difficult question. Kaplas is the next strongest fighter. He can 2v1 Su and Hua, and prior to becoming a MANTIS he can could Sakura, whom was already a MANTIS at that time. While he lost to Sakura, it was still noted to be a good fight for her. However, it was stated that Kaplas can't touch Elysia in a fight, and Elysia is one of the two fights Kaplas has ever lost (he's lost to Kevin, Elysia, the PE Herrscher of the End, and technically to Sakura though). However, we can't put Kaplas, who apparently isn't close to Elysia, in Elysia's tier, so he goes into the next tier.


Now does anyone join Kaplas? There are only two possible inclusions. Sakura and Kosma. Hua states that the only Flame-Chasers capable of defeating Kaplas are Kevin and Elysia, so Kosma and Sakura are weaker than Kaplas to some extent. Kosma is someone that Kaplas stated he can take seriously in a fight, and Sakura still seems to be a respected fighter for Kaplas. There's nothing stating that Kaplas is out of either Sakura's or Kosma's leagues. And despite Sakura merely tying pre-MANTIS Kaplas, that was an unknown amount of time before Sakura's death. Sakura also put Kevin in the hospital. So the two can both go in Kaplas's tier.

Sakura (Previous Era)

So there are these Flame-Chasers left:


Psychic Flame-Chasers are not good fighters. They have hax that allows them punch up. Aponia is noted to be the strongest psychic Flame-Chaser. This means that she's stronger than Su and Hua. Hua we trusted as the combatant when she partners with Su against Kaplas. So we have this order.


Pardofelis is noted to be the weakest Flame-Chaser, and Griseo has no combat experience, so they are the weakest.


That leaves Eden, Vill-V, and Mobius. Mobius in the Previous Era was a very difficult fight for Su at the First Institute. They're close in power. Eden is able to snap away Aponia's psychic attacks in the Deep End, and she had no trouble fending off some of Aponia's automatic defenses, so it seems that Eden is around Aponia's level if not a bit above it. It should also be noted that psychic MANTIS were not good fighters.

Vill-V is difficult. She has no direct comparison to anyone. "Pure Evil" Vill-V has fought a weakened Mei, so we can now compare these characters to figure out Vill-V:

Mei (Herrscher of Thunder)
Kevin (Current Era)
Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)

Let's look at our current order:

Previous Era's 14th Herrscher
Elysia (Herrscher of ???)


Sakura (Previous Era)



Okay, Hua stated that Herrscher Hua has "everything I had in my prime," and Hua also has the Herrscher boost, though the current era's Herrscher boost is smaller than the previous era's. Herrscher Hua was able to draw Current Era Kevin to a draw. So strong is Herrscher Hua. She has to be at least as strong as herself in the previous era. However, does the Herrscher boost get her into the the tier above? I'm not certain that it does. The fight between Kaplas against Su and Hua made it seem as if there was a canyon between them, and there's nothing that indicates that either Herrscher Hua or Current Era Kevin are at the level of Kaplas, Sakura, or Kosma. They can go to the near top of Tier 5 though.

Mei is difficult. She is a direct comparison, and Vill-V weakened Mei prior to confronting her. And it seems that they drew twice. Wherever Mei goes, Vill-V goes. But where does Mei go? She lost to Kaplas. Neither Mei nor Elysia tried their best against one another (but Elysia would have no issues with Mei). Aponia battled Mei, but Mei was trapped in a psychic attack. Does that mean that Aponia didn't want to confront Mei head on? Pardofelis relies on Mei to fight for her. And "Pure Evil" Vill-V sees Mei as a challenge to her. Mei could hold off Mobius for a bit too, but she couldn't defeat her without assistance. So I think Mei also slots into 5 pretty well.

Previous Era's 14th Herrscher
Elysia (Herrscher of ???)

Kevin (Previous Era)

Sakura (Previous Era)

Kevin (Current Era)
Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)
Hua (Previous Era)
Mei (Herrscher of Thunder)


So what about Kiana (Herrscher of Flamescion), Durandal (Platinus Equinox), Durandal (Dea Anchora), Otto (Imaginary Tree), Rita (Spina Astera), etc? Well, there's no point of comparison. Herrscher Hua was too strong, but that was before the power ups. Durandal (Bright Knight Excelis) fought Kevin, but Kevin clearly wasn't trying. Durandal had a difficult battle with ELF Kevin after all. And none of these characters have fought Mei since Mei one-shot Kiana (Herrscher of Void). Mei has also clearly been portrayed as stronger than Kiana for a long time now. So for now, these characters will go below Tier 6 until there's a point of comparison, and that may come soon!

I'll update the tier list in full after Chapter 31 ends since that's the end of the Elysian Realm arc. We'll also be able to place the Herrscher of Corruption (Current Era) too.
[Game Chapters, Events, and Raids] Chapter 31
Game Chapter 31

- The Herrscher of Corruption takes the form of Elysia. The Herrscher of Corruption itself is a being made of data.
- When the Herrscher of Corruption deletes something, that which they deleted becomes a part of them. This is why it can take the form of Elysia, and it's why it can summon other Flame-Chasers that it had corrupted.
- Mei fights the Herrscher of Corruption. While the Herrscher is using the data of the Flame-Chasers, the power that they have belongs to the Herrscher. Mei seems to struggle a bit with the battle. The Herrscher summons Mobius, Kalpas, and Vill-V. The Herrscher is so strong that Mei wonders if it's invincible within the realm.
- The Herrscher of Corruption outright says that it's stronger than Mei, and Mei doesn't disagree with that statement.
- Sakura calls the Herrscher of Corruption as something "beyond the Flame-Chasers." She also says that if her, Mei, and all of the other remaining Flame-Chasers (Griseo, Kosma, Eden, and Hua; whether Sakura knows of Aponia's death or the death of Kalpas is unknown, but it seems neither Sakura nor Mei are aware of Aponia's death) came to assist, they still wouldn't be able to defeat the Herrscher of Corruption. It would "crush" them all.
- Sakura confirmed that she can freeze space with her sword.
- The Herrscher of Corruption praises Sakura's speed in combat.
- Su says that the only way to defeat the Herrscher of Corruption is to destroy the Elysian Realm.
- The Herrscher of Corruption kills Sakura.
- Kosma acknowledges that he can't beat the Herrscher of Corruption. Kosma uses his Meta-morph against the Herrscher. The Herrscher deletes Kosma's data rather than corrupt it. It decides not to corrupt it because Kosma is using the Vishnu genes that he has to slow down the corruption to such an extent that it would take too long for the Herrscher to wait it out considering all of the current events going on. So Kosma is just deleted instead.
- Griseo can re-create Kosma through her paintings. It's as strong as the real Kosma and has the benefits of not losing its own sanity. Griseo also painted herself into the painting. The Herrscher of Corruption kills Griseo too.
- Hua can enter the minds of Honkai with the Key of Sentience.
- The narrator states that the Herrscher of Corruption would be able to defeat Hua in one blow if it wanted to.
- Elysia is confirmed to have been born a Herrscher.
- It's stated that Elysia was born in a world without light or darkness. She was born in a void. Elysia was born a Herrscher. She was never human.
- Elysia's power seems to be just being a human-like Herrscher. That's it. Her title is "Herrscher of Human." She later calls herself the "Herrscher of Origin." She has three "forms": base, Herrscher of Human, and Herrscher of Origin.
- Elysia, in a conversation with Dr. Mei, confirms that she cannot and that there isn't a "Will of the Honkai" that other Herrschers seem to speak about. At least, it doesn't exist in the sense that it exists in the Current Era.
- Elysia and Mei have a sparring match. Mei is in her base form, and Elysia is in her Herrscher of Human form. Elysia uses a bow and has ice powers in this form. During the battle, other Flame-Chasers lend their power to Mei to fight Elysia. Pardofelis gives me some power first. Then Hua, Mobius, and Griseo. Then Kosma and Sakura. Then Su, Kalpas, and Vill-V. Then Aponia and Eden. Then Kevin. Mei's signets are fusing and giving her power. Afterwards, it becomes Mei in her Herrscher of Thunder form against Elysia in her Herrscher of Origin form. Elysia, in this form, seems to create a dimension. The dimension seems to have a sky and stars in the sky (this is reminiscent of a scene with her during PE where she also moves the stars in the night sky). Elysia primarily fights using a staff and has ice powers in this form. She later seems to cause the stars to orbit around the dimension. There were clouds and water in the dimension as well. Elysia has her own beast under her control as well.
- Elysia fights the Herrscher of Corruption. Within the Elysian Realm, which the Herrscher of Corruption completely controls, the Herrscher can reverse the flow of time and delete things from existence. Apart from her bow, Elysia has a shield as a weapon. Elysia is deleted from existence by the Herrscher of Corruption, but she brings herself back. In her Herrscher of Human form, Elysia is also unaffected by time reversal and force time to move forward. Elysia defeats the Herrscher of Corruption by using the blowing up the entire Elysian Realm.
- The Herrscher of the End is the next Herrscher according to Kevin.
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