Honestly Rock lee vs Gaara


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is the best part of Naruto.
There are so epic "moments" or " fights" but Rock lee vs Gaara just OMG!
Rock lee should have won :(
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It's definitely one of the highlights. The tension. The escalation throughout the fight. Lee exceeding expectations, Gaara showing that he's even scarier than he already seemed.
And dat animation quality :bury And it works without having to know any of the ongoing plot or characters. It's just a three episode piece of perfection. Not my favourite bit of Naruto, but it's damned good regardless.

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Oh, yes, one of my favorite moments as well. :iria

The way Lee without a second thought gives the fight his all and shows some impressive moves. Then when he removes the weights and lands a hit on Gaara - amazing! :gar

It made me cry when Lee lost, and still he stands up to fight, despite being unconscious! :scry He really is quite something. No one can come and say he lacks determination. :thumbs

To Lee :beer
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