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Yuu is a high school kid who doesn't really fit anywhere. To find a place he can belong, be accepted, he will do anything. However one thing leads to another and he is forced to fight to keep his place, his holyland.

Though im not too fond of the artist's style (eyes kinda creep me out for some reason though not as much as Kishin Taisen's eyes) the manga reminds me of Worst alot however this manga focuses more on the combat rather then the gang rivalry aspect of the story (or in worst's case school rivalry)

What i like most is how the author elaborates more on the ways the traditional fighting styles shown and used in the manga (ala boxing, judo, karate, etc) can be used effectively on the streets (even going so far as explaining how the techniques were effective and what their purpose in the battle was)

Its definitely a good read so i'd check it out

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See for yourself.

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Just started reading it last night. It's a little too realistic for my tastes, but still a good read.

I think the best parts of the manga are the authors various notes on the different fighting styles. Some pretty interesting bits of info there.
I've been reading this for a few days and i'm currently up to date (with the releases). It's very easy to read and is enjoyable so far. Like Kage said, i love how the author outlines certain fighting styles.
yea thats one of the things i liked most about the manga
its nice understanding the technical aspects of the street versions of those fighting styles

Ch 24 is out
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Nope, only illuminati working on this one. I prefer it that way though it's a good series and they are one of the last few HQ groups kicking about also cause of the seinen nature it's harder too trans. Although, on their site they said that if they had just one typesetter willing to work on the series they could release very week. I just pray someone applies I dunno if this is popular though...
I actually like this manga a lot. I've been looking forward to a good street fighting manga where it doesn't go over the top (like characters taking beatings that would kill most people). I think what really hooked me is the author's explanation about breaking someone's arm and that someone who could do that without hesitation was fucked up in the head.
i actually forgot about this manga due to the slow releases. Time to read the last 4 or so releases. xD
yuu's gonna go apeshit on 'em :lmao

tha last few panels with his face were just :hehee that guy in the toilets is gonna get owned :LOS
Yuu needs to finish this hunt or else he' s going to end up doing more damage to himself than his opponents.
Finally some new chapters! I'll admit that I'm a bit worried about where the manga will go after this (now that Yuu has realized his true interest in martial arts...will this move to a more specialized martial art manga?), but I'm really looking forward to this fight.

Can't wait to see what Midorikawa had planned for Katou.
latest scan, 45 i think
katou got his ass handed to him, by kamishiro going apeshit on him for lulz
That revenge scene was epic!

First a Muay Thai move that cuts the opponent at close range, followed by Yuu emulating Midorikawa's style and performing a perfect high kick, and that beatdown afterward...

Just epic.
Searched and didn't find anything

Basically Holyland is this amazing manga about a high school kid who gets caught up in gang fights. It may sound a bit too close to the standard shonen formula but where Holyland shines is the excellent dialogue and characterization.

The dialogue and narration induced emotional responses out of me which not many manga have done for a long time. The motivations which characters have can really be related by most male teenagers.

What really got to me in chapter 31 was, and how the bottom dropped out of my heart when it told me at the end that it wasn't all gonna be gravy for them in the future.

The manga is ongoing with 48 chapters. Be sure to read the first 7-8, I guarantee you'll be hooked.
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Adolescence and Warfare: Growing up in Masashi Kishimoto?s Naruto
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