Hmmmm can someone explain what just happened to me?

Ok i understand Sasuke lost his sword from the Yata Shield, but what made Sasuke end up on the floor did his sword like twirl and hit him?...Another thing is how did that wall get behind him?? was he in one last genjutsu because the way he looks at it he just seemed completely unaware of its being.
He was exhausted to the point where he couldn't stand anymore (obviously that last attack was everything he had left). About the wall... at least spoilers said it was susanoo but who knows.
well.. if you strike something with great power.. and it repels back equally as powerful then you will probably fall due to the unexpected force.
I will have to agree with LinkDarkSide,when Sasuke was attacking Susanoo with his Ksunagi sword,the barrier sent him flying back to the ground. Since he was scared shitless, he kept backing up from Itachi, but then the Uchiha wall stopped him from going anywhere. Also, I do member that Itachi and Sasuke was fighting in a building of some sorts, because Sasuke blasted open the ceiling for the Kirin attack.
his head stricked a rock...

and the wall, yah, i wonder if that is real...if its not, so itachi is still alive, since the wall is still there?
you just dont get it dont you??? the wall was there beacouse rocks>uchihas!!

so, the rock stoped sasuke before he used the uchiha famous art of run.

why you ask??? becouse whatever happened rocks win. you may ask yourself once again why??

simple: if the rock stoped sasuke, itachi could take his eyes and kill him after. but only becouse the rock let itachi. so the win counts to the rock

the other posibility was to kill itachi. so, being the all powerfull rock, he choose the strongest oponent to kill. thats why itachi died and the rock got behind sasuke


im going to start a thread with this....
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