Hiraishin is a bloodline limit

Okay so yondaime was famous for creating 3 jutsus-rasengan, shikki fujjin and hirashin. The rasengan was learned by jiraya and later naruto and shikki fujjin was learned by sandaime. However after the fourth died no one was able to learn hirashin and thus it became a legend, even sandaime who was known as the Professor and knew every konoha jutsu could not perform it. The only explanation is that hirashin is a blood line limit which only yondaimes linneage can perform which means that Naruto is the only one capable of learning this jutsu and its secret might be hidden in the "key".
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1) Sounds like a theory so it should have been posted in the theory section.
2) You need more facts than that, in my opinion.
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I don't necessarily think it is a bloodline limit. I mean, it doesn't seem to require more than extreme skill and special seals.
That would be cool if it was a bloodline. Then we don't have to worry about anyone else having it and trying to act better than the 4th; until Naruto gets it.
its confusing. sabaturi was known to know all of the jutsus in kohona (except bloodline traits). one of those should have been hirashin but we havent seen sabaturi preform it, even though he should be able to. so the only explaination i can think of is that its a jutsu that requires MASSIVE amounts of chakra. We all know minato's chakra capacity is huge. He was able to summon gamabunta, and use death god and than separate the MASSSIVE (we've only seen 4 tails and we see how much that is) chakra of kyuubi into ying and yand and than place it in his child
It's not a bloodline trait, as I said.

And I wouldn't look too much into the Sandaime knowing all the Jutsus. It's one thing to know them, it's another to perform them. Afterall Kakashi is the infamous "copy ninja", and yet we never seen him do a Fuuton or Katon Jutsu (in the manga that is).
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