hinata in sharpie

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so, the sharpie was a super pretty color of light lavander. but my scanner killed it. her eyes are too wide set and don't match. to be scraped.
Decent job. The left side of her face is shaped strangely and I believe bigger eyes would make it more resemblant. Other than that it you did a great job.

I think its pretty good. You captured her Innocence but You didn't Capture her eyes just right.. 8/10 rating... very good tho!


That's awesome for sharpie!

I can't even draw a square with a darned Sharpie!
Not to mention it is a pretty color!:kloff
i think it's cute and sweet =O I think the real problem is her face shape; for some reason, her eyes looked fine to me. D:
If you cleaned it up in photoshop or opencanvas I think you could have something really nice. :)
That's pretty good. The proportions of her face are kind of funky, but I do like how her hair looks.
It looks nice especially for a sharpie pen. I just think that you should make Hinata's eyes either a bit bigger or closer together next time.
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