Hinata and Sakura Vs Tsunade


Will Rep for Food!! ;)
This is their current selves of course (even though we haven't seen much of hinata just assume like all the others she is stronger).

anything goes.
Deffinitly Tsunade, she could pwn them both with her hands tied behind her back :p

No offence to any Hinata or Sakura lovers.. :sweatdrop
Tsunade would win... Hinata and Sakura aren't strong enough or experienced enough to defeat a Hokage.
Tsunade just needs to use 2 fingers. She would flick Hinata into the next country and considering she trained Sakura...it would just be embarassing.
Hyūga Hinata and Haruno Sakura are chūnin, and while I believe that Sakura could be a jōnin with a little more battle experience there remains a great divide between those two and Senji Tsunade, a legendary jōnin and the Godaime Hokage. Neither of them could come close to challenging Tsunade right now – the best either of them can say is that Sakura can probably escape injury for a little while.

As you said, anything goes. Katsuyu's zesshi nensan is too much for either to handle.
Tsunade not only know every detail of Sakura, Tsunade is superior to Sakura in every way. Sakura is smart, and possibly could stay around a little bit, but she stands no chance.

Hinata is unknown, although Hyuuga's are any Taijutsu fighters worst enemy. It's safe to say though that at best she'd be a mere annoyance to Tsunade.
Tsunade takes them both. Although the Jyuuken system has the potential to be very damaging to her fighting style, Hinata herself is not strong enough to utilize it efficiently against an opponent of Tsunade's caliber, and the Hokage taught Sakura everything she knows. Her pupil still has a ways to go before before she catches up to her master, while Sakura has only shown a powerful punch, Tsunade has used her feet, hands, fingers. You would have to at least take away her summonings and Sozo Saisei to even it up a little, and even then, it wouldn't be enough to over come her experience.
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