Hinata and Hinabi Hyuuga fanart


Brillent...but Lazy..very Lazy
Hinata and Hanabi Hyuuga fanart

here is the original sketch i drew.


someone later pointed out to me that hinata grew her hair in the 2nd part, which slipped my mind.

here is my attempt at CGing, which i still have'nt got the hang of it yet

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Good job, it looks like Hinata has become like Naruto. Interesting how you've depicted these two, the faint blush on Hinabi's face tells me that she has a passive expression but is enjoying this. Each of them was well drawn, and I like the Sakura tree that you've included in the picture.
I always thought her younger sister was named Hanabi. Does it come out differently elsewhere?

It doesn't detract from you work. :)
Nice job! Especially like the way Hanabi is drawn and love the colors you used. The cherry blossoms create a very beautiful background.
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